Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday outdoors...Red, White and blue

Wednesday is REDnesday! WHERE?Outdoor Wednesday logo[5]

~White Wednesday

Colorado Outdoors....
a mountain lake..
with snow capped mountains..
against a clear blue cloudless sky..
add something red..
scatter a few Indian Paintbrush against a dark sky..
or maybe an entire field blue and white Columbines..
Toss in a few more daisies..
combine them for just a simple bouquet of wildflowers...
however you choose..make a this day of memories..
Colorado Camping
perhaps camping by a mountain stream..
Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers and Lakes
or fly fishing for dinner..
Kayak Colorado Rivers
Kayaking the wild rivers..
Or maybe enjoying the luxury of a stately Hotel..
Exploring the purple mountain majesties..

remembering to thank our Creator..

Soar..beyond your wildest dreams..

enjoy a beautiful moonrise..
.Celebrate Liberty...

Enjoying the freedom to just be!

Have a beautiful, happy and safe holiday!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friends..the flowers of my Garden..

As I sit here..reading blogs..catching up on the latest happenings in your worlds..
it was an intriguing thought..
how each of your names immediately bring forth an image..
uniquely given you by me..
take for instance..
immediately the image of PINK tropical flowers..
on the beach..
Plumeria or Frangipani..which she adores..
or Southern Laginappe..
Janie reminds me of the wonderful old southern charmer..
the beautiful yet delicate Magnolia..

so evocative of gracious, genteel  Southerness..
Dorothy of Counting My Blessings./
Zinnias and butterflies..

and Becky from holiday in the sun..I think of  Hibiscus.

reds , yellows, pinks ..all a colorful mix of fun, fiesta and frolic..
and Jen..from Muddy Boot Dreams..
I picture her in the mud with Sunflower yellow boots potting seedlings at the nursery..

or @  Blu oom, chilling with blue flowers of every description and shade in blue and white pots.
Then Smiling Sally enters my reverie with her love of all things blue..

and my dear sweet friend Kat.. all bubbly and sunshiny golden..
I think of sweet daisies with their summery attire of sun hats..

Kat is definitely a  beach child and lover of sunshine..
and Red  Rancullas immediately brings to mind Brenda.

so cheerful in her Cozy Little House extending the warmest of welcomes to all..
and we cannot forget Purple...

Irises remind me of .Barb at the Purple Goat Lady.
and DJ..Barrier Island Girl..
Knockout Roses for her Island home.. much like myself..

a beach lover, shell seeker..all things coastal

and of course Kat at Low Tide High style..
who introduced me to Hartwood Roses..

I know there are many I have not specifically mentioned..
but each of you bring so much laughter joy and color to my world..
Know my garden is rich beyond compare for the flowers of friendship you each bring!
warmest sandy hugs..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pensacola Beach Florida Update

After seeing photos posted on Face Book earlier today,
I, like everyone who has connections to the Emerald Coast of Florida, 
was at first horrified..then I simply cried! 
My heart is broken  at the images of my /our beloved sugary white sands..
forever tainted by this B P MESS..
So I went to the best official source in the area, Pensacola News Journal, the local newspaper.
Sure enough,photos showing oil-tainted sands were there.
Seems the oil started washing ashore early Wednesday morning, accompanied by the foul smell of oil. 
No more clean fresh salt air. 
No more sparkling emerald water..
No more Paradise.. gone forever..
Governor Crist  with his entourage, was there surveying the damage.
This is simply the tip of the iceberg...
It can and will only get worse..
As for my feelings, an earlier post on  Thursday June 17,2010 entitled:
  Swan song-Paradise Lost  expressed them all..
from outrage, to utter I'm just totally numb..
They say a picture says a thousand words..
the pictures I saw today speak volumes..
and I am totally heartsick. 


Jimmy Buffett announced a free concert on July 1, 2010 in Gulf Shores, Alabama to promote awareness and tourism in the Gulf area. 
Special guests will include Sonny Landreth, Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Jesse Winchester and Allen Toussaint. A special souvenir tee shirt will also be designed for the concert and sold onlne and at the show.
Well onto the FREE concert...WOW...I'm still pinching myself...just can't believe all these people want to help us here on the gulf coast. 
I'm not so surprised that Jimmy Buffet is doing this...if you didn't know...Jimmy grew up in Mobile (my hometown...located on the Alabama coast) and get this...he went to high school with Mr.CC! Jimmy and his sister Lucy both went to school with him...Mr.CC didn't know Jimmy, but he does know Lucy (they went on double dates back then). This is an awesome line up...sooooo many wonderful musicians! THANK YOU...THANK YOU!

Now let's get down to this COASTAL GIVEAWAY! I'm a huge fan of the magazine "COASTAL LIVING" and I thought I would give one LUCKY follower a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION...if you WIN...I'm sure you will fall in love with it too! The GIVEAWAY will end on Wednesday July 6!
Please visit Linda at Coastal Charm for all the details for entering this wonderful Giveaway!
warm sandy hugs..
with great sadness..

Wednesday..Colorful Colorado outdoors, wordless and watery

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