Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday... Blue and Mellow Yellow..

San Juan Mountain Beauty

With more horrendously frigid weather descending upon us once again..
Tomorrow will be barely in the 20's as new snow comes blowing in with a vengance..
But Tuesday if we are lucky, the mercury might ascend the thermometer to a high of 0!
You are seeing correctly.. ZERO will be our high..
Temps  this severe and low was last seen in the mid 1990's.
By midweek we will again be languishing in normal temps of 35-40 degrees!..
I for one have had enough of the roller coaster of Winter..
As long as there is NO snow or cold,
Any of these destinations will suit me just fine..

To bury my toes in the sand while soaking the warm sun rays...

the most beautiful views in the world..

The water mesmerizes with continuous changes of the colors..

the sun creates  sparkling diamonds..

The only white stuff I want to be shoveling is sugary white beach sand on the Emerald Coast of Florida!

Natural beauty abounds..

And when day is done,
the curtain falls..
another lovely sunset....

I'll sleep and dream ..

Please join Smiling Sally for Blue Monday
and Drowsy Monkey for Mellow Yellow Monday

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Prayers..!!

The weather is gorgeous out!

bright sunshine..
brilliant blue skies..
Red Rocks Amphitheater
55 degrees!..

and I awoke with a  nasty Migraine headache..

so ..
went back to bed  for a few more winks..

and now am preparing for a busy afternoon..
Could this be the proverbial January thaw?
Cherry Creek rapids..
maybe for us..
but NOT for friends and family on the Eastern Seaboard..
they are the unhappy recipients of yet another dumpage,

from my niece Alicia in New Jersey..

From Matt in North Carolina

inundating EVERYTHING in sight!
Prayers for each and everyone..
prayers for continued heat and electricity..

prayers for warm temps and rapid melting of the snow..
prayers they too soon will be back to normal..
with  a blue sky, warm temp January thaw of their own!
my thoughts tho..
are of the beachy kind!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday blue, mellow yellow

Morning wake up..
 overcast again..
I need:
The sea..
but first..
What is the color of your world?
What jump starts you on a cold gray morning?
what will you do on a day like today?
Me.. inside projects..
Enjoy your Monday..
find beauty..

Full Moon Rise over Shasta
From a friend in the Pacific Northwest..just a wonderful photo!
Cypress knees covered in snow..
Icy fog shrouds the pier...
Thundering Waves (ii)
Pacific ocean....wind driven waves.. beyond the shore.. perfect sailing weather..
Greek coffee
Greece.. a place I long for.. and will return to someday..
Kos  cafe
Greece.. ahhhhh COLORFUL Greece!
High-end: Providentiales, Turks and Caicos (iStock)
If given my druthers, I'd much rather be on MY beach at home!!!!...
More blue fun..Smiling Sally Blue Monday
Drowsy Monkey Mellow Yellow Monday

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Want to meet my newest friend?

As a blogger, comments are an important  tool.
Comments are indicative as to how appealing  a post was to the readers.
I try my very best to acknowledge comments in a timely manner..
this shows my appreciation for the viewer 
for taking their time to read,
to feel ,
and to express their opinion of my subject matter. 
By no means am I an expert on the myriad of blogging topics .
One thing for sure though, 
blogging has a way of connecting the dots which form friendships.
Tonite I received  a beautiful comment which aroused my curiosity. 
She invited me to check out her blog.. which I did! 
What a treat for the eyes..and the soul of this Mermaid..
First  her comment:  
Great pictures! I think you and I have a bit in common. 
I grew up in Florida and then moved to Colorado. 
I lived there for about 8 years ,
before returning to Florida to be with my family.
If you are feeling home sick you can check out my blog, 
I'm trying really hard to boost my number of followers. :)
By Jessica 

"Swimming in January? You bet cha! This is Florida.
 While I do occasionally miss the snow in Colorado,
 you just can't beat 60-70 degrees in January. "

This is Jessica relaxing after her swimming adventure..
smiling and enjoying a cup of HOT Chocolate..
Just hop on over to  see for yourself one impressive lady ..
having the adventures of a lifetime!!
Pleased to make your acquaintance Jessica!!
Prepare  to be meeting LOTS of fine folks ..
ALL who love escaping to Florida for fun and friendship!!
and folks.. Let's give Jessica a warm welcome to Blogland!!
Warmest sandy hugs..

Wednesday,White, Outdoors, Watery, Wordless,Rednesday

Being a beach girl,  I love the variety of seabirds on any beach..
but my favorite of all  is the brown Pelican..
Ungainly, so outrageously put together, this clown steals my heart..
Big webbed feet,
a long sac beak which can catch  fish as he skims across the water,
his crested topknot and blue eyes..
ready for a handout..
yep.. a favorite of photographers and  artists everywhere.
synonymous.. beach  and Pelican.. FUN!

Sprucin' Up!
Pelican on the Beam
"My eyes adore you..and your treats"
Brown Pelican
"Okay, what are you waiting for,, you got your shot!"
When is Valentines I am almost ready
 You like my profile better  from this side?
Non-breeding Brown Pelican
I'll be keeping an eye on you!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday! blue, mellow yellow

Today, instead of focusing on beaches..altho that subject is constantly in my every waking thought..I'm sharing  photos of some of the most wonderful houses in historical Romeo, Michigan and nearby Owasso. All photos  were taken by  this  dear friend in Michigan and posted on her Weather Underground site.
"I'm a hobby photographer, wanting to be artist, free spirit and dreamer.Photography is a time consuming hobby that often keeps me from paying attention to my list of chores.But, life is short, photography is a lot of fun! My camera is my constant companion.I see the world as one big photo, everything is fun to take a picture of. As a graphics artist I've learned to compose images with and from whatever I see. 
My real passion, though, is nature. We're entering the cold season, so being outdoors takes a greater effort and cold hands more often while photographing. But, whatever the season, I still always enjoy holding my camera to take yet another shot, whether I will keep it or not."
Never have I seen such an array of historical homes..
all of which have been so lovingly restored..
To me, these photos are just pure eye candy!!
Her photos encompass a variety of subjects.In my opinion, architectural photography is definitely her forte!
To see more of her beautiful work..please go here ichbinheir
Now prepare to enjoy  sheer  jaw-dropping exciting beauty!
Historical Village

Historical Village

Decked out

Michigan Architecture

American Architecture

American Architecture

Fall has arrived

Owosso, Michigan Architecture

Historic Romeo

Beautiful Water in Blue Mountain Beach FL
Sorry.. just couldn't resist the pull of the tide..
the song of the siren..
Mermaids are like that... you know?!!

Please join Smiling Sally for Blue Monday
and Drowsy Monkey for Mellow Yellow Monday