Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday..out and about

The photos below were taken recently at Inlet Beach,Camp Helen State park in Florida by locals who saw the buck struggling in the surf. Deer in that area, which is surrounded by VERY upscale homes, are not wary of people.. thus the seemingly endless posing for the camera..
Although the deer is NOT of the Reindeer Variety, this does bring thoughts of Christmas to our minds..
Just think of the cards these images will grace this season!!

                                                       courtesy Craig Carper
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday...colorful feathers

Outdoors is so windy..
leaves are being blown and tossed everywhere..
the wind has a definite bite coming down from high country..
snow is in the forecast for Thursday..
definitely not looking forward to that at all..
especially since I do have to be out and about that day..
Soup and hot tea are on my agenda for lunch today..

The colors in the feathers of this bird are just amazing!!
almost as if they had been PAINTED!
the photo was shot by a friend  in Tampa, Florida at Busch Gardens..
seemed perfect for sharing today..
Feather Painting
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving thoughts

..the mere word instantly brings images to mind of the very first Thanksgiving celebrated so long ago. I see Pilgrims with clothes of homespun alongside  leather clad Indians , combining the bounties of fields and forests on a cold November day.  A celebration of survival  after a very harsh year in a new world,freedom from persecution, freedom of religion. On this day, two very different peoples came together, respecting their unique differences, to celebrate as one,, grateful Americans..

The tradition has continued  with each succeeding  generation adding it's own special touch to the time honored traditions. Although  different  foods combine to make the meal,the basics remain the same.. a food laden table, family and friends gathering together to express their thanks for yet another year of survival in this often strange world..

Growing up in the south, Turkey was not on our menu..Ham was the center of attention, complemented by garden vegetables, crowned by scrumptious pies of Pecan and Sweet Potato.. there was ALWAYS plenty  food for any and everyone.

I recall Daddy bought our first television in 1955,
New Television Antenna by Norman Rockwell
 but cannot remember the exact date of seeing  the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Vivid memories of watching it while helping Mom prepare the dinner are quite strong.

After becoming a young married,we began our own traditions..which set of parents did we host..or whether to go to their homes to celebrate. Eventually, after the birth of our son,a solution worked itself out. leaving us a day to begin by watching the parade in the morning, and football games in the afternoon.culminating with an evening dinner at  one of the parents homes.
Later , as a military spouse, I found myself far from home and very nostalgic. Holidays became even more important as they signified the link of love to home and family. On Thanksgiving, single service members were invited to join us to celebrate. 
Food or drink could be contributed to our meal..

The one constant in this day was the joining of hands as we offered our prayer of thanks for another year of survival..and remembering loved ones no longer in our circle of hands..

Thanksgiving was also THE DATE to have Christmas cards and packages ready for mailing ..Shopping for me was done on the local economy, by CATALOG, or simply handmade..

Personally, I have no idea when and where the Black Friday shopping  frenzy began, nor do I like the  crass commercialization of the holidays beginning with Halloween, continuing through Christmas..
At our house, we celebrate each holiday for itself, no combining or overlapping.
(my sis Di,has a birthday on December 7,and as a child was given one gift " for her birthday AND Christmas" so we do NOT do any Christmas until after her birthday)
I much prefer the simpler times ,

 and traditions..begun by family ..
Where experiencing the excitement of the season,and  joy in the children's eyes and the peal of their they truly believe..

from our house to yours..
we wish you the bounties of the season,blessings from above..
and the love of friends and family.. both near and far.
Happy Thanksgiving!
(all images courtesy Google/Norman Rockwell)
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday colors..of winter

 Altho sunny out, It is still quite chilly to me..
the thermometer says 30ish..
and a forecasted high of maybe 50ish ..
give or take a few plusses or minuses..
When I saw these pics on Weather Underground..
just knew they filled the bill for a blue Monday post..
~Autumn's End~
this tiny log cabin says  snug as a bug on a typical wintery day..
there are a few remaining golden leaves glittering in the sunlight..
Tiny Elegance
These beautifully intricate designs are frost between the glasses in a double paned door..
Tiny Elegance
reminds me of fighting Cocks/Roosters..
Tiny Elegance
and again..
Tiny Elegance
this looks like angry Japanese writing?

This could be me  ^.. in my element of course..
and below.. my idea of sleeping in...all tucked in fast asleep...
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warmest hugs!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Psssst!!! Pottery Barn Giveaway!

Could you use a bit of extra jingle in your pocket?

how  about a little something for a Stocking Stuffer..
well.. here is the answer to both questions...
From B & B's Nest...

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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Day 2..
Yesterday, my first night and day back in Denver..
sure was wishing  for Florida..
especially those 80 degrees on the shore..
kinda rough waking up to 12 degrees, 
knowing the high MIGHT reach 40!!
It did NOT!
don't want to complain..
but darn.. my hands hurt..
as do all the other arthritic aches.. so very thankful..
for being able to go home to Florida for TWO whole weeks!!
also, for having a home in Denver to return to!
thoroughly enjoyed my time with family and friends..
put a TON of miles on the little red rental car!!
still have not been able to retrieve my pics from the laptop..
nor have I downloaded the other 4  FULL memory cards to the desktop..
so busy wading through correspondence..
but hopefully will be able to begin posting pics again over the weekend..
my thoughts exactly!!...

Or maybe..preferably  this?....
Colorado - Collegiate Peaks
Buena Vista, CO ..(courtesy..Weather Underground (madrebel)
as opposed to this!
which happened just hours after departing Denver,
heading to Florida ..

Enjoy your day!!!
called the present..
because it is a gift from God...♥

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Colors.

From Florida with Love..
my last day at "home" in Florida..
have enjoyed each and every moment of being here the past two weeks.
It is always such a "high " experience for me..
seeing family of course..
and friends who really are family, just from different parents...
I've so many stories to relate..
some will bring tears to your eyes from sheer joy..
others, the tears will be from sorrows..
interspersed throughout is the joy I find/found in each new day/moment!
I have not posted many photos or posts because of technical problems with the computer,,
(It ATE my downloaded/uploaded photos and has not yet regurgitated them..a rather hefty heaping helping! NO MORE pics will be given this greedy monster until I return to Denver and consult techie Guru!)
Now I have several memory cards..all FULL... to download and edit!!
am headed out to Seaside on Beautiful 30A for a bit of play with my trusty Nikon..will meet up with Beachkat from Destin for a late lunch..
My dear sweet friend Margo is under the weather,, so no meet up this time..unless?
here are a few pics to whet your beachy appetite..
warmest sandy hugs..

The sand  REALLY is like sugar!

and.. the water..see for yourself!
Saturday Serenity
Blue Angels
Blue Angels Homecoming Show..

twilight,,Cowan's Cove..

road trip to north central Alabama..

Maddie Fred....

goodbye beachyness...
Down and East
Hello Denver!!
Honey..I'm home!!!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The pumpkin house in Kenova, WV, this morning. 
There was about 15-20 minutes of fog, which gave it a different look from other years.
Courtesy...Steven Wayne Rotsch