Monday, February 27, 2012

Moody Monday Motivations

Mondays seem to be my downfall of late!
with so much on my agenda, I'm having great difficulty in actually accomplishing much of anything! Perhaps it is the Domino Effect.. where each step of a project is contingent upon either the one before it..or the next one on the list.. one glitch and all goes haywire! 
Then in frustration, I take a break..grabbing another cup of coffee..which lingers much too long..
For all started with the computer..and an e-mail from a dear friend..up in Maine..she sent the following pics..
and I simply drooled..
well after the first one.. 
see for yourself!
Snowy Dawn..
Her Place..look at that GLORIOUS sunrise..isn't it simply magnificent?and to imagine..she sees it 2 hours before I do!
Then she had the audacity to share vacation pics in the same e-mail..
Show Off?   Not This Guy!
I've seen peacocks many times..but this fella against such a vivid green backdrop..let's just say I am so hungry for color!
this truly fits the bill as a sight for sore eyes!
These waters are beautiful with iridescent blues and greens..everchanging..depending on the time of day..and light from above. They sleep aboard as well as sail  frequently on the boat pictured..(envy..BEGONE!)
Bouganvilla..always a favorite in the tropics,look at the yellowish centers..I can just FEEL the warm sunshine from above..
coral hibiscus flower in the heritage garden,Botanic Park cayman picture
Have you EVER seen such a DRAMATIC Hibiscus? I haven't. At least not yet!.

How about the sunshiny delight of this awesome yellow hibiscus? love it!!
A nice warm tropical sunset there...
and here I stare out the window seeing bare limbs on the trees of my wintery home ..seeing the Cheshire Cat moon smiling back at me.. promising soon..daffodils and tulips will be shouting bright, cheery colorful welcome hellos to Spring!

okay..break time over.. 
back to the tasks at hand..
as coffee is now COLD!...
check out the happenings in their colorful worlds with these delightful folks!
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Mellow Yellow Monday

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts..

Moving 101..or Decisions, Decisions!

Good snowy morning from Denver!
sitting here, enjoying second cup of hot delicious coffee.. nearby.. cats are asleep.. Ballou at my feet,, Bubba in the other chair, and BeBe snuggled in the chair behind me..
Outside, snow continues to fall..big floppy wet beautiful.. floating against the gray sky..
this beauty speaks to me..
making me want to grab brushes.. and canvas.. and paint..
to lose my artistic self in the moment.. thoughts are running rampant!
While I SHOULD be up sorting the guest room STUFF, deciding which books to take or donate..
and jillions of other THINGS TO DO, 
I am not forgetting, most importantly and much needed:
taking a bit of time for myself..
In my many years as a Military wife, with as many moves, some across the big pond, others simple door-to-door moves, all required careful planning and execution to insure a hopefully smooth and trouble free move. 
(Trust me..I've had my share of moving nightmares!)
Military moves were inevitable..just part of the big picture careerwise..
In my case, only two duty stations afforded the luxury of a three year tour...others were as short as one year! BUT.. the military was in charge..they assigned a pack date, a moving date.. all the rest (preparation) was up to me. I knew we had a weight allowance, also items which were classified as  "professional items" were not counted in this category.  
I could prepare for a move in my sleep..and upon arrival at the new location, have my home back in order and ready for entertaining in just a few days.. and I was so much younger in those days..
In the here and now.. 
I am almost overwhelmed..not quite..but getting close..
I've interviewed Realtors..
down to two now, a choice will be made tomorrow.
Also interviewing painters.. 
the last one today.. decision tomorrow. In the past, I would have simply bought the paint and equipment, and done it myself! ( I love to paint!) ,, again.. age and arthritis are my enemies..unfortunately, I do not have a large group of folks to assist me (for free or a homecooked meal).. so to profe$$ional$ I must turn.
I've chosen my mover..
now to decide whether to put everything in storage either here or there, or to wait a bit longer here..then do a door to door move  to the new home.(at present, still looking!)
Sis will fly out and help me drive  (with the furbabies) back to Florida. They present minor problems..but those can be re$olved..
I've secured temporary lodging for Hubby..
so a big check mark for that one! 
A separate list of things (for survival) to pack for him is ready.
A new atlas for the car.. with routes clearly marked.
Plus info on  location of new bank, nearby grocery and pharmacy.  Directions and requirements for establishing residency in Florida.. DMV requirements for vehicle registration, Driver's License.. voter registration..
plus, a place for all expenses/receipts incurred/notes while making the trip.
these are all in a folder..with instructions for him.. 
By now you must be wondering.. "how on earth is she keeping everything straight and running smoothly?"
A list-maker I have never been..until now! 
I found the neatest  spiral bound binder while shopping Goodwill is perfect with "to do" sheets, dividers, and plenty of pages/sheets for notes..diagrams etc. 
This will also serve as our TAX RECORD for job related moving expenses, house sale, and eventually the purchase of a new home in Florida before years end...
okay.. back to is now cold..
time to get up... get sweats today..and get busy!
I see the sunshine peeking through the grayness..
an omen.. a light at the end of the tunnel!!
Enjoy your shall I!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits!

                   ~   Happy Fat Tuesday!~
FYI..Just in case you didn't know, Mardi Gras season begins on January 6th, the Twelfth Night, Epiphany or Kings Day and ends on Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of the 40-day (not counting the 6 Sundays) season of Lent (or 46 days before Easter).

So sorry for not Posting yesterday..
Hope everyone enjoyed the three-day weekend.. Ours was spent preparing for and having done,a medical procedure..
I know everyone was waiting with baited breath for the solution/explanation to my puzzle of last week..
the comments were quite comical and far reaching..I did try to respond as they were posted..
without further ado..
1..The white Doctor coat.. represents my husband the physician. He was a Flight Surgeon in the Navy when we first met eons ago.. in Pensacola!
2..The paintbrush..obviously some painting either being or to be done..
3..Sugary white sands and turquoise waters..represents my native home.. Pensacola Florida..
4..Beachy message..someone wishes we were there..
5..Denver..snowy skyline.. our current home..
6..Bunny..Easter Bunny.. Easter this year April 8,2012 
Now.. for The REST of the story..

My hubby, Dr B.. has been on oxygen 24/7 since March 2008 as a direct result of a catastrophic illness.  During recent extended trips home to Florida, we discovered he was able to function normally without the additional required oxygen needed here in high altitude Denver, Colorado!  He does sleep with his C-pap machine  at night ensuring he is fully oxygenated  upon waking. While in Florida, his oxygen saturation levels were constantly monitored, maintaining  92% or higher! After much discussion with his doctor and medical team, he was given the okay /advice that quality of life for him would be better at sea level...
So the quest began to make that dream for him become a reality..In January  we received a call of an opening at the new VA Clinic in Pensacola, FL! 
(This was one of the places we visited to inquire about possible job openings/availability.) 
The time frame for submitting all documentation was exactly one week!  Many nights were spent  filling out and submitting forms online after having scanned the supporting documents. I joking laughed about  this redundancy as every page seemed to have a message regarding the Paperwork Reduction Act !
Finally, the phone call came that he was one  of 30 applicants. We talked it over at home as well as prayed for the answer to be US!.. more phone calls daily, more requests for additional information followed by restless nights.  At last, the results were in! We were the winners..Now how soon could we be there? First, he had to submit his notice to current employer who was not the least bit empathetic even tho he was totally aware of the medical necessity for the transfer. 
Reporting date in Pensacola will be April 8, 2012, which also happens to be Easter Sunday... hence the  bunny!
Now I am madly scampering, making lists for everything, trying to secure a painter to get the house ready to put on the market! and de-cluttering!  
This is far from  the moving experiences  I've had (enjoyed) in the past where I'm given a date, packers appear, then Movers come and load the truck and I watch my life reduced to mere boxed possessions which hopefully will be greeting me at the destination. 
Gosh.. so many decisions to be made..bottom all revolves around the almighty dollar.. which at present, we possess very little!
Then comes the his patients get word he is leaving, they all have stated in one way or another that this move is all my fault..taking him away from them who have enjoyed both Dr B and his dad, Dr Sr. as their primary physicians for  30+ years..
The children.. both kids are very supportive of this move and are viewing it as  A DESTINATION for them to visit in FLORIDA.. they're already planning a joint invasion  umm uh VISIT for the fall..using us as a stepping stone on their quest for the ultimate destination: DISNEY!!!
The grands.. we will miss them, terribly,especially the newest Brax. but with communication via internet, that should not present too much of a problem.. We do plan to return to Denver at least twice a year for visits with the family. While here , he will be evaluated  by  his doctors.
Of course, I'll have my trusty Nikon at the ready for anything and everything in my line of vision..and in my heart!
Now.. you know as much as I do!.

 Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

Cj LoCicero

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday..Brax and a puzzle

Hope you had/enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day!

First things first!
Back by popular request..
ta da..drum roll please! one month and two pounds more..
really looking  alert and ready for anything!
(this was a forwarded cell phone photo so is not the best!)
Look at those feet!
I forgot to ask Mommy if he could wear his tiny sneakers yet..♥ 
he is just so adorable!!!

                                                       ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥     ♥
The next series of photos represent a puzzle..
well, rather the parts of a puzzle..
I'm wondering..
if any of you would like to attempt solving it?
I could  do a first ever?
I have several items in mind..
what do you ,dear friends, think of this idea?
let me know....
let the guessing commence!
Just leave me a comment with your answer..
The answer will appear  on Monday's post..

Joining  these Wednesday parties..
see you there!!!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday thoughts and colors..

Hi..I'm baaack!
did you miss me..even just a little bit?
long story.. 
let me bring you up to date..
have a seat..
but I insist!

care to join me for Coffee? Tea?
want me to pour.. 
or would you like to help yourself?
we've all the sweeteners.. 
and creamers..plain and fancy!
Now..Where do I begin?
let's start with my computer!
It has been the center of my attention span here recently..
we share so much time together, always humming along in perfect harmony until just recently...
I noticed a very strange sluggishness had settled in..
until finally, I could hardly log on without a total shut down..
talk about exasperation!!! and expletives!!! 
yep! I'm guilty of uttering a "few" choice ones!
even the felines declined to be near me or the dratted computer..guess they sensed my hostilities?

I was so afraid the thing would  crash and poof..away would go all my well as important  documents and yes.. my blog!
like an omen..there appeared in an email a message about a new Concierge Tech Service..offered by Dell.
the first month would be FREE..
any make or model of computer would be serviced and brought back to life if at all possible..
thereafter,only $19.00 a month!! sounds pretty reasonable for back-up service, keeping you computer running smoothly and safely!
I did NOT hesitate to click the link!!

For the past week, Dell techs have  de-bugged, reprogrammed, cleaned , de-cluttered, removed junk, transferred all 53,000 photos to my external hard drive, cleared the desktop.. reprogrammed my printer which had lost the ability to scan and fax.. now works beautifully!
My computer, altho purchased in 2005, is running and purring just like the first time  it was turned on!! 
speed is awesome.. 
no problem with navigation, 
and finally NO more lock ups!..
I am just a very happy  computer owner/user!
so.. if you are having problems, or would like a free's your chance!
Due to the aforementioned computer problems.. 

I have been unable to download nor edit  my memory cards full of Braxden's photos!! I will not go into detail..but I am staring at 6 cards all with 8GB of unprocessed photos!!!...
Today, he is 1 month old!! such a cutie!!
has gained weight and length!! 
hopefully  I can get the photos uploaded, edited and shared before his next milestone is reached!

On Monday,I do have Dr. appointments early in the day..

(those annual girly things that MUST be done!).. 
again snow is being forecast  along with continued frigid temps!!
Once back home, before editing can commence, there is MUCH to be done in the house.. 
have started the de-cluttering process already..
but I have another early appointment here at the house  Tuesday..
I will have some long awaited answers.. 
stay tuned for some very exciting news..

til then..
Raven in the wind
please join these hostesses for even more fun!!
Blue Monday
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sounds like an awesome read!!)
Mellow Yellow Monday

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monday Monday!

Snowfall records BROKEN!
More than a foot of snow pummeled the metro area on Friday, part of a winter storm that shattered three Denver snowfall records before moving east this afternoon. The brunt of the storm, which began Thursday evening, is over, and temperatures will start to climb today and tomorrow, said Jim Kalina, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Boulder. Not much more than flurries will fall through the rest of the day. The previous record for heaviest snowfall in one day in February was 9 ½ inches, set on Feb. 22, 1909, Kalina said. Friday’s total snowfall of 12 ½ inches broke the 103-year-old record by 3 inches. While some residents were digging out, others were having fun playing in the fresh snow.


(all Photos courtesy Denver Post)
And that is what was happening in MY corner of the world!
joining these fun parties!

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