Friday, January 18, 2013

happy Friday..

where has time gone?

January nearly half over..
January 2013 Calendar wallpaper picture (click to view)
the preceding days have been hectic, busy, busy and busier!

We've had several January birthdays..
Brandon and Jamie..parents of Brax!

the biggest being my sweet fella Brax turning ONE!
however.I have no photos of the big event!
(both Mommy and Daddy have been under the weather..
thankfully not at the same time!)
hopefully pics soon!

please sit and grab a cup of coffee or liquid refreshment..
remember the move from hell back in August..
the three day cross country trip  towing a Uhaul trailer..

with three caged felines?
well..we are preparing to do it all over again!
No..NOT back to Denver..
Just a short three hour move this time..
thank goodness  most of our boxes were never unpacked!

so now.. I'm trying to find us a new home..
hopefully with a waterview!

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to rent? or to purchase?
both options require credit checks..
ours contained a surprise..derogatory misinformation!

trying to get that corrected/removed has not been  easy!
I wont go into details..but offer this advice instead:
by law, you are allowed one free credit report per year from each of the three agencies.
you should take advantage of this at:

Free Credit Reports | Consumer Information

Our problem occured due to HUMAN error..
Not ours..Theirs!

the reporting business was not diligent in submitting their info..
but as in the past, it has cost us big time by lowering our credit score..
thankfully, that can be corrected ..
in time..
however,my time which is equally valuable,
means NOTHING to the credit bureaus..
so while waiting, I peruse homes for sale..
homes for rent.felines accepted..

would love to purchase..
but in my heart, feel we will be renting..
which means deposits again..
most non-refundable..

non-deductible expenses..
so.. just suck it up..go with the flow..

Are you wondering where the rambling is headed?
and why?

An opportunity arose with my hubby's employment..
A physician was needed at a nearby VA clinic..
and because they knew he has realtives nearby..

he was given first choice..
with the stipulation he report on the 28th..
of January!
are you ready...

Panama City, Florida
Until I can get the housing situation resolved..
he will stay with my sis Di..
that is the reason for all my busy-ness..
so now you know..
the rest of MY story..
Color me Happy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Living Life...

I saw this earlier today..
It has stuck in my mind as I busily clean my house on this dark dreary  damp second day in January 2013..
On a daily basis, I try pretty much to practice each and every one of the points listed.
Each of you know how much I miss my Grands back in Colorado.
Last evening, through the magic of technology, we shortened the distance!
Through Skype, we were thrilled to actually see and hear Brax and his parents from the comfort of our respective homes so many miles apart!.

How thrilling to watch our little guy "sing" twinkle, twinkle little star, show us his nose..
(promptly inserting finger into nostril)

..showed  us his front bottom teeth and stuck out his tongue!
When prompted, he could show  us his ears, eyes and even his bare toes!!
Hearing  him giggle,,delightful!
He also said Mama, Dada , bye bye!
When he spied  BeBe jump up onto my shoulder..he shrieked with delight..Kitty!! while pointing to the screen!

To hear his sweet baby voice trying to say Gamma was the most awesome music to our ears..
As we chatted, discussing all sorts of news and views plans for the future, the fact that technology is evolving so fast is mind boggling..
and as fast as time is flying..I say...
whoa....slow down..let me savor the moment each. and every. day..
let me live life..
and be a blessing in all that I do
so...altho the day is gray and damp..
I am warm and toasty savoring the sweet memory of Brax last night..

blowing kisses..
knowing he is just a click away..
and for that, I am ever so grateful!

For the year 2013, Live Life will be my Mantra!
Have you decided on a mantra or a word for the year?

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