Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy anniversary...

Years ago,   during a blizzard,  right after Christmas in Denver Colorado,   I married my best friend.
It was just  the Judge..  him and me..
with our 3 felines as witnesses..
Since that day, we have weathered many a storm..
faced seemingly un-surmountable odds..
nearly losing him to death..
the exact same day I lost my job!
and with God, we continue to bounce back stronger than ever..

We met way back in 1975..
I worked on base in the O Club..
he was there fresh out of medical school and ready to become a flight surgeon.
when I first laid eyes on him, I thought Gosh he is soo tall!
and he is... 6'6"..
back in those days I worked in very tall heels..
even so my 5'2" was still way shorter than him..
he was married..I was in a relationship..
but there was a spark of magic...
a friendship began..
Our paths crossed frequently..
but soon with his wings of gold he headed to a new duty station..
and so was I.. a globe trotting Navy spouse..
after 25 years later..,eventually retiring, and becoming a banker..
until one day I was tired of the mental and verbal abuse..
of living the lie of a happily married couple..
Divorce..nasty..but necessary..
while living in Florida, I looked him up on the internet..
saw where he was in private practice..
sent him a card with my contact info..
very innocent message..
two weeks passed..
and then the phone rang..
did I recognize his voice..absolutely!
I learned he had been divorced for 20 years!
thus began a renewed friendship...
via phone... letters and email!
after joining him in Las Vegas. 
he asked if I would consider coming to Denver..
yes.. I would..
and I did..
we were married a year later..
and are happier than ever..

So when a blizzard is blowing in Denver, I recall the one  on our wedding day...
and the yellow roses he always sends to mark the occasion.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas...

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
The magic of Christmas...
as experienced through the eyes of a child..
May we all become children again?
to experience the peaceful beauty..
the reason for the season...
Merry Christmas..
from our house ..
to yours..
Loui♥, Dr B and the felines 3

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Good dreary Monday morning from the humid upper gulf coast..
with that said, there is no curtailing my joy  this morning!
despite the horror presented continuously via the media..
I chose to say my prayers..
to continue living life as laid out in the grand scheme via my Maker.
In doing so, I am thankful for my less than 20-20 eyesight to view his beauty..
especially  during this holy season!
so follow along  joyfully to see what I see:

(thanks to my friend Michael Padilla for sharing these photos!)
a beautifully decorated house in nearby Defuniak Springs really puts one in the mood..
Santa awaits...
while his backup  sleigh is also ready and waiting...Christmas parades were Saturday agendas in many small neighboring towns..
Love blue marching band uniforms!
always.. a part of every parade..beautiful horses..
moving on out to the beach..
Ornaments.typical beachy..but what a delightfully wonderful idea..
Beach-side treasures left behind..
remaining as memories of December days on the beach..
My own gift  translated to you from the Master Artiste himself.. 
last evening's sunset!

and far away in Denver,Colorado..
my little guy celebrated his eleventh month in style..
How  awesome  to discover the beauty of the season..
as seen through the eyes of a child!
wishing you and yours beautiful memories in the making..

Monday, December 10, 2012


Good morning world!
from my perspective, my glass is more than half full..

more like overflowing with abundant blessings..
for example..
this is the view which greets me every single morning..
just after leaving the toasty warmth of snuggly bed covers,,
awaking to the sounds of meeoows from BeBe with soft taps on my cheek..
she waits patiently til my eyes open..
then leaps off the bed heading towards my destination..

where sounds of singing in the shower are bursting forth..
next stop..padding out to the kitchen..
following the aroma of freshly perked coffee..

aaaahh! definitely one of the best parts of waking up..
looking out the patio doors....
my heart skips a beat at the Masterpiece unfolding before my very eyes:
who can NOT BELIEVE when this is a daily occurrence?
grabbing my Nikon, I click away..preserving for posterity PROOF.
if a picture paints a thousand words..then surely mine must speak volumes!
the colors rapidly change from soft blue gray lavenders, 
to rosy reds of glowing embers..everywhere exploding firey colors across the blue sky...
such miracles to behold..
what a way to start a day, a week..a Monday!
definitely far from the mundane...
now here we are .. later..
BeBe , my executive assistant is busily checking for light leaks while reposing on the Blue rocker.
while...Bubba is  really gets into the act of measuring shipping materials...
Ballou oversees operations.....
While we all are busy this beautiful December Monday morning...
we are thankful for the many wonderful blessings both over and under our roof here in paradise..

When we know this is the season, and we could be experiencing THIS...
In the meantime, think I'll head out to my errands and pick up a few flowers...
too early for Poinsettias for me..but I will admit, this is a beauty!
I'll have cheery yellow mums for now........
or if I can find one..maybe this!
wishing everyone a  beautiful and colorful Monday..
from start to finish!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wednesday thoughts..

Today just did not feel like December..much less  three weeks before Christmas!
with temps in the upper 70's, palm trees swaying in the balmy breeze..
even with Christmas music playing.. I could not get into my usual Christmas mode..
Instead..I was thinking about my sis Di..
her birthday is this weekend..
Our custom is to celebrate her birthday first as she was shortchanged as a child..
gifts were to be for your birthday AND Christmas..not seperately!
So Di..happy's to the sweet memories..

altho she is younger and we are older,,
it still seems like we are kids..
we are so different..yet so alike..

Myself,David, and Di..they had just become a couple..
David and Di on their wedding day..1975..In the park..perfect setting!
Aaron,on his first birthday..her pride and joy!
All set for Halloween..such a great mom!
At Mardi Gras, New Orleans..
At 40, tap dancing..just because she wanted to!
fast forward many years..Di and me aboard her sailboat!
a favorite photo of Di, aboard her boat, at the helm!
Di and I playing tourist at Cape San Blas  lighthouse..
On a breezy evening at sundown.. playing in the surf!
In Colorado for Bran's wedding..
Hosting her famous Low Country Boil..everyone is always welcome!
I could go on and on..
with pictures and memories..
my baby sister, 
my best friend!
love you dearly..
always have.. 
always will..♥

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Monday Colors..

Hello Monday..
hope you are as beautiful as was Sunday..

pretty blue skies..
with white puffy clouds...
sailing by...
looking like Snoopy and Woodstock on a bobsled...
really is hard believing this is December!

colorful flowers blooming..
with Christmas decorations everywhere...
Sadly? Can you believe I miss the snow of Denver Decembers?
Yes.. I do...
but not quite enough to give up this...

enjoy your Monday..
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello December..

Wow! We are now in the 12th month of 2012!
where has the year gone?
for me personally..both awesome and bittersweet!

In January, we welcomed Grandson..Braxden!

in March, daughter Heather graduated from Nursing School with a BS in Nursing!
We also learned Dr B had been accepted for employment with the VA...

in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida..
Which meant come April 1st..he would head to Florida..
leaving the felines 3 and me behind in Denver to sell the house!
which was put on the market in May..

had a buyer in June..
but could not close until August 3..
Sis Di flew out, helping me finish packing for the move..

and then we drove for three days across country..
felines traveled beautifully..
finally we reunited with Dr B..

JOYOUS reunion..
In October, Dr B met daughter Heather and hubby Jody in Las Vegas..

a celebratory reunion because Heather PASSED her Nursing Licensing Exam just days before!!
In November my three siblings and I celebrated Thanksgiving together..

a first in 20 years! 
We are hoping for a repeat  this December for Christmas..
and now.. we are welcoming December, in a home far away from Denver..

the beauty of  Rocky Mountain winter..
and Our Denver Family..
but we also appreciate being near our Florida family..

with the Tennessee connection even closer than ever before..
So..hello December!

Welcome! bring it on says Brax and family from Denver!