Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New 2

As is often done while enjoying my morning cuppas of jolting javajuice..I peruse my favorite blogs.. multitasking right!
This morning was no differnent as my explorations  followed a path much like a game of Dominoes..  or connecting to another..and another..
In doing so, my linking led me to a delightful blog called The Junk Nest.. 
The first entry I read was a 
play by play DIY project,  of painting her bathroom ceramic tile a chevron pattern!  Her style immediately caught my attention! so I kept reading older posts..smiling and laughing along the way.. Then , as is my usual exploration continued, another post on her list of favorites caught my eye..and I clicked the link..Linda-It all Started With Paint
The photo above is taken from today's post.. a beautifully written piece regarding Blogging.. called The Year of The Blog. She touches on some of the same reasons as to why I started blogging in 2009.. and pitfalls and achievements encountered along the way.
If you've not read either of these blogs, mosey on over and linger awhile..
I'm hooked! Will be returning with my morning coffee to see what she's up too!
Thanks to Someday Crafts for the introduction!
(ps..i'm one of your biggest fans! )