Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday..
dreary..drab..overcast.. my mood..
still trying to come to grips..
after the demise of  my 6+ year old,
much used and well loved computer..

I NEED a NEW one..!

went online last nite to
finally figured out exactly what I NEED..
all the bells and whistles..
a middle of the road variety..
necessary for my particular usage..
after plugging in all the info..
$569.00 sounded reasonable..
or so I thought..
but then when it came to ordering..
reading the fine print..
no monitor..
no new keyboard..
just the TOWER..

basics installed..
actual programs to be downloaded from internet..
no recovery cd's..
(use backup on your computer!)
no "media"..
(whatever that means!)
various ones could be ordered..
upgraded ..
at about $200 each!!
so.. what would I be getting for the $569.00 ?
a faster operating system with mega memory!!!???
have not a clue..whatsoever!!
what's a girl to do?

gotta have something here..
hubs is taking the laptop with him..

 gonna call and talk to Dell in a few..
in the meantime..
another cup of caffeine..

my final and LAST cup of the day!
hopefully jolting!!
and eye-opening!!
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pink Saturday

Picture perfect day
Magnolia Portrait
Easter Colors
My dogwood tree
RedBuds Down in the Hollar
Tennessee backwoods....
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin   Washington DC..
Spring has certainly sprung in many parts of the country..
softest pastels..
Happy Spring everyone!!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Another First!

Goodwill does it again! 
Now you all know how much I enjoy my treks for treasure-hunting at Goodwill..
Here's the latest happening from Denver...
Located in the Famous Cherry Creek  shopping area..
Deja Blue opens tomorrow at 9! 
Check out the 9NEWS (KUSA)story here!
(there is a video of the store interior..beautiful!)

Deja Blue is not a donation center, Goodwill has 15 drop off locations..
and 24 stores statewide. 
To find out more about Deja Blue or Goodwill

See You There!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Giveaway $50 Gift card

Tracie from Beneath My Heart
is having a wonderful Giveaway today..

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Home {and a $50 AmEx Gift Card Giveaway!!!} 
Please click the link to check it out!
she has several ways to enter..
don't waste a single minute!
so.. what are you waiting for?
I've already got my dibs on the card..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


from earliest blogging days..
til current..
you choose..
like Lays Potato Chips..
I can't pick just one!!

Linking to : A Haven for Vee

Wednesday Wanderings

Altho Spring has officially "arrived"..
the only signs I've seen of her presence here in my part of the world..

are  a few swollen buds,

emergence of tiny leaves..
and full fledged pussy willow "kits"..


What a far cry from Springtime in my other "home" state;where, by now Dogwoods and Azaleas are either blooming profusely..
or have started their decline..
that is such a favorite season of mine..
a dreamy cluster..
 whether enjoying a picnic in the woods..

or lazily strolling the beach of my choice...
Springtime is always beautiful...
I'm on my way out the door with Nikon..
so why not get out and enjoy the beauty around you?!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Someone popped by...Guess Who?

Brax,,thats who!!
just had to share this..
after all..
it's the grandmotherly thing to do ..
isn't that big smile just adorable?
He's  now 11 lbs,6oz..
doing all the things happy , healthy little fellas do!
such a happy ,smiling fella..
steals my heart every time I see him!
he's got me smiling too!!!
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Tell Me Tuesday with Suzanne

What is the best part of your average day?  

On an average day, the best part would either be when I sit down with hubby to have the first cup of coffee while he has a light breakfast before he heads out the door to work. It is during this time, altho brief, that we touch base on plans for our day. This sharing sets both the tone  and mood for our respective day.

I lay claim to that time afterwards as mine..
my time to savor a second cup while checking in via computer to my email, my blog and to Facebook. This is my winter schedule..but when weather is nice (warm) enough, I usually head out for my exercise..walking..often accompanied by my trusty companion Nikon (my camera!)
Afterwards, unless other events/appointments have been scheduled,I resume the computer time.

On another note, not on an average day,but the one WE together most enjoy is our Saturday mornings! Following our routine..we sleep in until ready to get up! Translated.. I sleep until the felines grow restless and decide it is time to be fed..they begin by tapping my face until my eyes are open, once my feet hit the floor, the olympics begin! Off they race to the kitchen to sit by their empty bowls,meeoowing loudly, until each bowl is filled..
When food and water are ready for them, the coffee is ready for me. I grab the paper, after pouring that first cup...ahhh! Delicious!..
Finally.. we hear stirrings from the bedroom as daddy makes his appearance..dispensing good morning kisses..pats, cuddles...smiles...more coffee.. conversation, laughter, review scheduled calendar plans ..til the coffee pot is empty.. 
all are covered during this relaxed warm and cozy time shared by two adults who are very much in love..
Sunday mornings are a repeat of the same..

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mania

It's official..
Peyton Manning has selected the Broncos as his next team..contract details are still being finalized.. supposedly $90 million dollars?
Denver will be his new home..
Tim Tebow is now on the trading block..
with some saying he has little if no value..
I for one have mixed emotions..
seems not so long ago Tim Tebow..
— people either love him or hate him. Son of missionaries who worked in the Philippines, Tim Tebow speaks loud and clear of his faith. Whether it be after games or on late-night TV interviews, Tim Tebow professes his belief in Jesus Christ. 
 ..was being heralded as the next best thing to restore health and wealth to the  ailing Broncos.. (who were then DEAD LAST in the NFL)..which he did ..after finally being allowed off the bench to prove himself...bringing them to playoff position for the Superbowl..
 with this action, Denver fans flocked to the games, supported him in every way possible..even while his faith was being mocked by the "Tebow/praying" after every game..
Manning brings with him his legendary feats of football skills.

"Despite his loss to the Saints in the 2010 Super Bowl, we are going to stick our necks out here just a bit and pick Peyton Manning as the best all-time professional football player. There are many players you could pick of course. We select Manning largely because even if he’s not the best ever right at the moment; he is still in the prime of his career and we are confident that when all is said and done – everyone will recognize Peyton Manning as the greatest player in football history. And, we don’t want to re-write this article then."
Read more: 
Also, he brings with him an old injury which has been ruled out as a detractor to his ability to perform.
so here we have the classic battle between two (gentlemanly) stars,
both with every right in their own to shine, but room for only one in the galaxy dominated and ruled by the almighty..
the dollar sign..

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day


If ever there was a reason for Irish Eyes to smile..
surely they had met my very bestest Irish friend..Margo.delightful,playful..
together we have so much fun!
whether it be a photo shoot..
out sampling delicious cusine..
or hoisting a brew or two..
she always has a ready smile..
is mischievious as I..
has such a generous loving heart!
so glad to have met her..
this beautiful sister of my heart!
look out Florida's Emerald Coast..
here I come..
Once there, we'll be a force to be reckoned with!
Top'o the Quaff to you Lady M~!!!

The preceding photos all were self portraits..
Below is one I took while we were "investigating"/(up to no good) an upcoming photo shoot..
thanks for all the fun times we've shared..and here's to many more to come!!

 St Patricks Day Happy Maxine Cartoon Funny Corned Beef and Cabbage
Joining Beverly for another
Pink Saturday Party on St.Patrick's Day..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday woes continues..

About my computer..
Nothing resolved as of yet..
heading back to Office Dept ,
will have them uninstall everything....
cancel order,,
Will order product from Dell..
who will walk me through the installation process..
Now that I've learned how  to open PC..
how to install Memory Cards..
and have also learned a very valuable lesson..

sometimes generics will work..
or maybe will.. just not at required optimum!
But for something as important as my computer,,
the value of which is immeasurable..
in so many ways..
when in need of repair/fix..
ALWAYS go to the original source..
for they do KNOW what is Best for their product,,
to be continued..

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Terrible thoughts on a terrific Tuesday..

Good Morning friends,,
this will be a quickie as I am furious..
spent a whole lotta $$$ yesterday to upgrade the memory in my Dell PC... 
as had been recommended by Dell Concierge service.. which by the way.. I LOVE..
computer worked fine last nite..
turned it on this morning, 
proceeded to do my morning ritual..
First cuppa of the morning..
started up fine.. 
checked e-mail..
checked for comments here on Blog..
checked FB..
checked /was browsing Pinterest..
outta who knows where..
my screen is eeeeK!!!

THE Blue Screen of Death error message..

ok,following directions..I turn it off.. restart..
AGAIN!  the same result!!
tried pressing the F8 key to start it in safe luck!
call Dell Support because I cannot get into computer to access Dell Concierge Tech Support!.
 everything is going fine until they ask what kind of memory was installed.. and by whom .. and where.
Brand name,Office Depot, Office Depot. 
they, Dell, can no longer assist me ..
because  a DELL brand was not installed..
I am livid!! 
called Office Depot to tell them what has happened..
they said bring it in..
Pray for me please..
pray they can fix my computer..
pray the computer IS fixable..
pray that i can..
and will control my temper ..
if the results are less than favorable..
or especially if MORE dollars  are involved..
to be continued...