Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday...packed full of wonderful!

Good morning world!!
Lots of wonders today..
you can just imagine my delight at seeing these in my inbox this morning! 

My precious Brax is eight months old today..
his mommy says he is trying to talk..
says a lot of mamamamama and dadadada's..
has begun to wave bye-bye..
when not chewing on his fingers from teething!
and loves to rock back and forth on all fours..
Mostly tho, she says he is simply a happy little fella..
They are truly blessed having him in their lives..
I could not agree more!
I miss him terribly!
My friend Margo sent these gorgeous photos of the beach..
We both enjoy exploring the coastal areas which are very diverse...

This is an inland FRESHwater lake..
just a short distance from the sandy beach and salty Gulf of Mexico! well as  the critters who frequent them..

such as the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly on the coastal Yellow Buttons.

our beautiful Gulf of Mexico's Emerald waters on a cloudy day..
now back to the regularly scheduled parties happening around Blogland!
White Wednesday
Outdoors Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

reflecting and remembering 9/11

The United States Navy Blue Angels (U.S. Navy Photo by Lt. Mike Blankenship ...

We all remember that morning, when time seemingly stood still..
as unbelievable  images unfolded before our very eyes..
each more horrific than  the preceding..
We stood glued to our televisions..
as the gamut of emotions swirled..
ranging from stunned disbelief..
to abject horror..
to anger ..
to raging fury!
We are America..The could this be happening? 
To us?
and why?
Each year on this anniversary, we once again unite as a nation..
upholding our vow to "Never Forget".. never forget the lives lost.. never forget the brave heroes who gave their final actions..
by preventing even more deaths..
while taking their last breaths in a field in rural Pennsylvania...
Remembering the brave firefighters and rescuers..

simply remembering ..
and praying..
praying this shall never ever happen again..
Let us all unite...

remembering the price we pay for freedom is very costly..
Let us renew that feeling of unity..and purpose..and hope..
as Americans...
One nation under GOD....
Let us pray....

and pray..
and PRAY!

photo by Gary Hershorn

                                                                                                  File:Black ribbon.png

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Valuable Lesson Well Learned..

Today, as always, I checked to see if I had any new comments..
waiting to be published..
and I did.
I've posted them below to share,
I've also complied with the author of those posts..
removed her photos as she requested.
You see,in my earliest days of  blogging ignorance..
I often "Googled" for photos to illustrate my blogs..
Before removing the photos, I did want to apologize..

and give her full credit..because the photos were beautiful!

but upon following back by clicking on her name..
I hit a dead end..
there was no way to contact her..
So Bonnie Woodson , if you are reading this..

I do apologize for using your photos without your expressed or written permission.
I also apologize for sharing with my readers wonderful photos ...

which so perfectly depicted the beautiful Landmarks on our Emerald Coast..
which so perfectly conveyed the emotions I feel about my native soil.
And dear readers..a valuable lesson has been learned..
when using Google Images..
there are only two right choices from which to choose:
always either give credit to the owner..
or do not use..
Finally, when leaving a comment..whether good or bad..
ALWAYS have an email listed..
Duh! so the recipient will be able to contact you!

                                                    Actually, now that I read your "about me" section. 
You are representing these are your photos. I am no longer flattered. Remove my photography from your blog. Bonnie Woodson on Sunday, Sunday memories..

I'm happy you like my photos of the Pensacola Beach Island Cross. They are both my photos, but I don't see where you gave the photographer credit..Will you be adding credit to my photos? Bonnie Woodson on Sunday, Sunday memories..

I'm glad you like my photos from Pensacola Beach of The Island Cross. But where is the credit to the photographer, who would be me..Bonnie Woodson on Sunday, Sunday memories..

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fun stuff for Monday

Have been working on several posts..
the continuation of the Mermaid Journey..
(editing Pics)
another about coming home..
(editing those pics)
in addition to the above, am still UNpacking boxes..
(repacking as I go this is a temporary home)
yesterday, no power from 1:30ish til way after 8pm!!!
too long to be away from my computer..
but did manage to get this gorgeous sunset..
which won an AC award on WeatherUnderground
Today, was a beautiful hot 95 degree sunshiny day..
so my sis Di brought me much needed tables and chairs..
(surplus from her home which is on the market)..
my brother and nephew came..
his daughter Jen and hubby Steve came to lend a hand..
as did Aaron (Di's son) my other nephew..
how wonderful to have impromptu FAMILY reunions..
accomplished with a simple phone call..
nope.. no pics of that..
but am sharing pics from a dear friend who is across the big pond..
in Greece..
picking grapes!
Yes.. time to harvest grapes and start the wine making process..
so will share Julie's beautiful photos..
be prepared to OOOOOH and AHHHHH!
they are exquisite..

View from their balcony on Samos Island, Greece, overlooking the Aegean Sea..

Entrance to the Wine Cellar..

Spring water straight to the table at the restaurant..

the blues are dazzling!

Manoletes,Samos Island

A beautiful fixer-upper, right on the waterfront,bike included! the bag!

Served! A loaf of bread, a jug of wine..and good friends! Perfection!

Dolmadakia..Grape leaves stuffed with rice,tomatoes on the side!

One of the many Grecian Kittens at the outdoor restaurants..
a beautiful view..

Fog rolling in from Turkey...

the harvested be stomped into juice for the wine

As the day ends..the beautiful full moon rises over Samos Island,Greece.
Used with permission..all Copyrighted photos courtesy of my friend Julie Bullock.
thanks Julie for sharing your  wonderful Grecian adventure!
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