Monday, February 22, 2010

A-Z Foodie Monday..E

The incredible edible egg..

can be eaten and enjoyed in a variety of ways..
boiled and eaten right out of the shell,
or as Egg salad.. 
which forms the basis for a variety of dishes..

to which can be added, chicken, tuna or potatoes..
creating an entirely new dish!
fried..or scrambled yummy either way,
accompanied by Grits or Hash Browns
for breakfast fare..
and yes..Raw..
for a variety of"medicinal" reasons
and as in Egg Nog ,
(the liquor supposedly cooks the rawness?)

or in a Bloody Mary..
as a cure for  morning after hangover..
baked..with cheeses and vegetables becomes Quiche.

Or baked with milk,creamy custards and Flan.
but the prettiest and most prized are as Easter Eggs..

hunting the golden Prize egg ..
while hoping for a Chocolate egg instead! 

Everyone's a Foodie winner on Monday's
at Jen's Unglazed  !
Bon Apetite!!!

Blue Monday/ Mosaic Monday

My Blue Monday dreams..
It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words..
Therefore,no words are necessary for these images..
they speak for themselves..volumes!

Please drag your toes through the sand on

Friday, February 12, 2010

News Flash!

I'm Dreaming....
First..let me clarify my previous post:
Although I would dearly love to..
then, and is only in my dreams..
So, keep thinking warm, beachy tropics..
and look at what is occurring as we speak..
not only North of the Mason-Dixon Line..
but southward through Dixie..
on down to the Gulf coast!
Can you believe record amounts of SNOW?
this is Dallas Texas!
East Texas
Overton Texas
Lineville, Alabama
Samford Hall, Auburn University, AL
Atlanta Georgia
Ventress,LA (courtesy Minou)
Magee, MS (courtesy A Southern Lady)
Petal, Ms(courtesy Mcclain Farm)
DeFuniak Springs, Florida!
Panama City Beach..
where a light rain/snow/mist is falling
Grab a hot cup of something..
enjoy soup,chowder, or stew..
make the most of this cold day..
dreaming of warmer places in the world!
St Croix,US virgin Islands
Nassau Bahamas
Or maybe Bunker Bay, Australia
Bondi Beach, Australia is my choice!
It's SUMMER there!!

Dream it..achieve it!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, Outdoor Wednesday and Waterside Wednesday

NO white stuff for me even tho it is White Wednesday for some.
while the east coast is being buried in SNOW..
and the west coast has had it's share of rain and mud..
I'm headed to paradise...
water, water every where..
to drink,to play,above, below..
Can you guess the location?
YES! It's Hawaii of course!
Have a beautiful,COLORFUL day!
Now catch the wave and join
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