Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On the road again..

Hello friends..
yep.. officially in Florida...
ummm.. I mean Paradise!
was so tired last nite..
after a delicious dinner of OYSTERS..
and an icy cold brewsky..
at my favorite place..
Hunt's Oyster bar..
and frustrated..
laptop decided to NOT cooperate..
am using my sister's computer..
unfortunately NO PHOTOS!
In about an hour, will be on the road..
have a 6 hour drive to my property  in Alabama..
will be there until Friday..
small town USA!
so forgive me for not checking in..
or entering all these fabulous giveaways..
I so miss all of you..
Love sharing my adventures with you..
So as Willie Nelson so eloquently  sung back in the 80's..
I'm "on the road again"
see ya Friday!!!
hot summery Florida hugs..
laughing smiles..
love you all!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Curious yet?


imagebeach themed necklace
tiny mother bird necklacechalcedony drop earrings

Tracie@Beneath My Heart is having another fabulous giveaway!
One of these gorgeous pieces from Chantelle Nicole Designs..
Could be YOURS!
go visit Tracie for all the details....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday,,.All in One

Recently while  rafting on the river,
reminiscing about reunions of the past.
Recalling  red food repasts and recipes....
Red wine accompanying Roasts,
both rare, and Standing Prime Rib.
Remembering  Red Beans and Rice..,
from the Redhaired cousins in Louisiana.
Red hot chili peppers ..
adding even more zest to the  already spicy recipes.
Red potatoes and green beans from the other Southern relatives..
Rices.yellow and  even well as white..
Delicious Rice puddings,
Rhubarb pies..
By now I was ready for  a frosty, ice cold beer..
Root Beer..float?
and maybe a red delicious apple to munch..
I left the raft at the ramp and rapidly responded to another request...
My flight on American Airlines was ready for boarding!..
MY FAMILY reunion was underway..
and my presence was requested!
Yep.. Leaving the Mile High City in the Mountains..
for sunny beaches of  The Emerald Coast of   Florida!
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and Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday..
and Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday..


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Waterside Outdoors

Alternative NameOutdoorWednesdaylogo5544444

Welcome to Wednesday..Outdoors, Waterside 
and a Seabags giveaway from the Willows Home and Garden
See the Fabulous bag? It can be yours!
Visit Willows for all the details..
but hurry ..entry must be made by  midnight Friday, May 21st!
winner to be announced Monday 24th!
Water, water everywhere..
beautiful emerald greens to turquoise to deep sea blue..
Just cruising a bright yellow boat..
..on a beautiful day in Paradise.. signs to protect the fragile dunes.. with a friend.. ..  
Hobie Cat.. waiting to be launched ..again
 Miles and miles of clean sugary white (oil free) sands along the Emerald Coast..
The only oil permitted here  is ..suntan oil/lotion!
Just counting the days until I'm there...

Please join  Susan at   A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday..
and Barbarbra  Jacksier for Waterside Wednesday
enjoy your day wherever you may be..
or are longing to be!
*photo credits courtesy my friend.. MSJB Photos..Destin, Florida*

An Adorable Giveaway

An  adorable giveaway..
 From Sandi at Wayside Treasures..
such a delightful blog..
In her words:

"Just leave a comment on this post and
post it on your blog or your sidebar as well and
you will be entered.
It is that simple...that easy.
Drawing will be held next Thursday...the 2oth.
{this is only open to US and Canada. Thank you."


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Summer Life..

Flipping through my current issue of BH&G,which is  themed, The Summer Life..
The magazine is chock full of fun things to do if you are planning a "staycation" this summer.
The issue features a bit of something for everyone..
grilling, gardening and get-togethers..
  I came across an article  about Mary Kay Andrews.. the author. who just happens to be a favorite of mine!
Well, it was more about her beach home The Breeze Inn on Tybee Island, Georgia.

I won't divulge the details, but I will say the place is gorgeous..
in a delightfully comfortable , yet colorful,  beachy way.
Also mentioned  was   the Pink Flamingo screen door..
Love it!! Brings back so many childhood memories of mine..
 Now being a FOLLOWER  Diane Kaufman of  Mermaid Cottages
 who are the contacts for rental of the cottage,and also Layla and Kevin Palmer  of  The Lettered Cottage who recently stayed in the cottage while doing an article themselves, as well as the author herself, I was more than familiar with details mentioned in the article.
It was an informative and  interesting read,  seeing the behind the scenes efforts photos which turned the cottage from a wreck into the whimsical and lovely beach cottage of today.
A framed collection of best selling books covers by the author.
This latest page turner. The Fixer Upper will accompany me next week on my trip to Florida 
 I would LOVE to visit Tybee Island sometime ..
perhaps touring on something like this?
Or maybe an Island Bike like this? it's a "penciled in in ink" someday event on my "Bucket List"..
or should I call it my "sand pail list"?
Have a beautiful day wherever you are..and please..
keep  on dreaming..
I know I DO!
warmest hugs..laughing smiles..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A-Z Foodie Monday

as Jen so eloquently stated..
she's NOT in a Quandry for a Q food..
and neither am I ..
Being a seafood lover, gifts from the sea rate very high with me!
Quahogs are clams..only larger.
They can be prepared in a variety of ways,including stews, broths,as well as baked.
 Personally, I find this delicacy a bit too tough for me.
And then there's Quince,,
a strange lumpy yellow fruit from  the apple family..
combined/mixed with apples, it is said to make into a fabulously tart pie..
Or delicious jam..
I prefer another type of Pie..
well it resembles a pie..
and is just as delicious..
and can be made from a variety of ingredients..
basically, eggs, cheeses,meats and vegetables..
and a perfect food for Ladies Luncheons .
or whenever the occasion demands..
Maybe not a true French classic, but delicious nonetheless! Fill a flaky pie crust with crispy bacon, Swiss or cheddar cheese, caramelized onions,eggs, cream and fresh herbs and bake it to perfection. Quiche Lorraine - perfect anytime!


 Veggie quiche with garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheddar, cream,eggs & fresh herbs in flaky pie crust. Vary the veggies & invent a new vegetarian quiche!


Savory quiche with spinach, garlic & onions, crumbled feta and fresh herbs, overflowing in a flaky pie crust baked to a puffy, golden brown. Make a large deep dish quiche or make and serve mini quiche at your next brunch!


Do real men eat quiche? They'll love this tasty chicken & cheese quiche, loaded with chicken, onions & garlic, cheddar cheese spiced with poultry seasoning. Elegant enough for a party, but hearty enough for a real man!


Fill the flakiest pie crust with basic quiche ingredients; eggs, cheese, cream, broccoli, ham and onions, and what do you have? The best Broccoli, Ham & Cheese Quiche ever! Easy broccoli quiche - It's what's for brunch!

And lastly,dessert..the fabulous Queen Cake...
.. which is basically a yellow cake with fruit and nuts baked into the batter.
The filling between the layers is again a mixture of fruits and nuts with preserves.
The icing.. Sweet butter Creme .
.an old tried and true combination of sweetened condensed milk, butter and powdered confectioners sugar, and vanilla flavoring. so hungry..I might just have a Quick bite of something from Quaker's..oatmeal or cereal!
Please join all the others at Jen's Unglazed for more Q foods! 

I've got the blues....

and dreaming about my upcoming trip to Florida..

I've a new Memory book for the photos I'll be taking..
there's shells from past visits..
and of course my beloved jar of beach sand..
that jar has held sand  from home since  1975..
It has resided in a place of honor in every house in which I resided since then.
It has crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice..
spent three wonderful years in Spain before returning to America..
and numerous locales since then..
The sand will be replenished again upon my return..
My suitcase is not yet packed..

Sis says light clothing as it is hot there..
as well as very humid..
 my shades..

so  there's flipflops, ..

A couple of blue swimsuits..
a blue and white floral..

but mostly whites..

knee knocker clam diggers..
or whatever they are called these days..
in between..not shorts..not long..

tee stripe, white strip, blue stripe..

solids.. yellow, red , blue..

and yes.. my jammies.. soft, cuddly and warm

because I'm not accustomed to Air Conditioning...
and she keeps her house quite cold!
just hope I don't turn BLUE!

guess I'd best wake up now and start packing!!
join Smiling Sally, our delightful host..
and Mary at Dear Little House for Mosaic Monday
and have a super wonderful day!!
hugs and smiles..