Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink Saturday discoveries..

..Or a reality sanity check for cabin fever..

  After what seemed endless miserable,days of constant snowfall,streets were  were deemed passable,and my walk and driveway newly shoveled..

Alas, Even poor bored Bubba G was tired of me being constantly underfoot. Warm rays of sunshine returned to our world!Smilingly,I braved the snowy,slushy streets on a mission.I needed  to find color in this white world..soooo where did I go?

yep.. the brightest and most colorful place which always provides medicine for my favorite for all seasons...and any and all reasons.. they never turn me away or let me down,,just smiles.. 

  These guys welcomed me with ready camera was okay with them

witchy friends busily stirred their brews.

                    Pumpkins peeked from behind pretty pink and green coleus..Color..everywhere! I spied COLOR everywhere I looked!         

a friend nestled between hot pink Mary Jane gardening boots.

                            hovered near a hot pink gardening tub..

                     Nearby, I found matching gardening gloves..but I was on a mission for Pink..true Flowers! Flowers of every shade and hue of PINK! Flowers! and more sanity needed flowers..but for PINK Saturday......
                                         I NEEDED PINK FLOWERS!

hot pink mmmmummms...
Soft baby pink ruffled azaleas..

and more Azalea ruffles in pink and white..
                        .more and more...............Hot pink  again!

                         Cyclamen with pretty green and white foliage..

and bouganvilla, bright pink of course..

                          and.../pretty pink and green caladiums..

                            bright pink foliage spears of the Ti plant 

               and more still.just plain pretty variagated pink and green foliage..

            a funny pink gooney bird hiding among colorful coleus..

..there were hibiscus of every color..but pink was the preferred color today

       favorite pick of the crop grapefruit!!
as I thanked my hosts at City Floral for allowing me to wander aimlessly with my camera..again.. I caught a glimpse of a smiling face.winking at me..
Nah...can't be..too early..we've barely had Halloween ..and still there's  the day for being thankful for friends and family and counting our blessings yet to come...looking back once again....yep..just what I thought..
It is ....!!!!I'd recognize that rosy pink smiling face anywhere..

definitely..I'll be back again..and again..smiling from ear to ear..
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snowy Thursday

Tuesday began as a lovely fall day with delightful temperatures..
but by late afternoon, the mercury had nosedived ..
and moisture moved in..

Looking out the front door this Thursday morning,same view.
to the right,rose bushes under the lumps of snow.
straight ahead, the golden leafed crabapple tree.
under the snow,the front walk..
and yes,that is a clematis covered lamp post under the snow!

Looking upward,snow covered roof over garage.

the patio table and backyard as viewed from warm indoors.

to the left rear yard,my garden shed and snow covered lilacs

Not paranormal manifestations..
just blowing snow in the back yard!
Apple trees all along the fence.

..and Bubba G patiently sits and watches the white stuff fall

and Cat Ballou (recently shaved due to matted fur) could care less..
he stays toasty curled on foot of the bed!
BeBe cat would not be photographed..she hid!
the snow continues to fall as temps hover around 25 degrees.
wonderful aromas are wafting from the kitchen..
have a warm and toasty day wherever you happen to be!
I'm enjoying fuzzy slippers, jammies  and sipping hot apple cinnamon tea ♥

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday A to Z Backwards..K

K.. is for
Kitchen..which means cooking..
..which truly is one of my least favorite things to do..
K.. is for kettle..which can either be for tea or a huge cooking vessel.. 
K is also for..Ketchup...a wonderful something to dip,pour and squirt on things from that kitchen where dreaded cooking takes place.. also for Kinfolks..who love to gather in the kitchen area to add their bits of spice to the simmering mixture in the kettle while chattering about Keepsakes.. and Knapsacks.. and lost Keys..and trips to the Florida Keys..and Kayaking..
But the most favorite cook in the kitchen full of kinfolks using ketchup is none other than my wonderfully talented son Keith!
..all of this  creates the most wonderful of KODAK moments..
..remember..for the times of your life!

To pride and and hugs!♥
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, Outdoor Wednesday and Waterside Wednesday

Just one of many autumn displays seen while out and about this afternoon..
Tomorrow will be more like this..

..I'll wake up to this scene going out to get my morning newspaper..

and this.. looking towards the Denver skyline..

..and in higher elevations.. the Continental Divide..

while desperately wishing for this!!

and maybe a bit of this... scoot on over to Jens Wednesday Words Susan's Outdoor Wednesday  and Barb's Waterside Wednesday  to see all the other participating posts..
 I think the furbabies and I will just "Let it Snow".. while we snuggle for another forty winks!
Have a beautiful day wherever you are..♥

Monday, October 19, 2009

A to Z backwards Monday

L.. is for Laughter

Laughter .is the best medicine...

makes the worst pain not hurt quite so bad..

..even stange afflictions..
feel much better with a healthy dose of laughter

.Laughter is a sure help for situations not under our control..

..and some situations are so funny you can't help but laugh!

the rewards of words needed for this one...
we all can relate to this  as we laugh out loud!

so very true...
and finally.. these words to ponder..
"The most wasted day is one without laughter!"
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Blue Monday



Today was one of those perfect Autumn days..gorgeous BLUE  Colorado skies..
colorful leaves blowing every which way..

and there I sat, participating in a last minute neighborhood yard sale! 

In between the sporadic customers seeking something for nothing (valuable heirloom treasures), and my bottomless blue cup of coffee..

I perused my stack of magazines which had piled considerably..

looking up, there approached a lady on a blue bike..

She and her friend were on a scavenger hunt..
seeking an item of cobalt blue..
perhaps my apothecary bottles?

or maybe my blue seaglass turtle necklace?

later , a pristine blue 1963 chevy convertible cruised by..

 for some reason, seeing this beautiful convertible brought thoughts of  Linda Ronstadt singing Blue Bayou..
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