Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink Saturday

Today was not the best of days for photography..
There were the usual problems..
as well as an occasional snow shower!
But, there were moments of snowy white clouds sailing overhead..
against the bluest Colorado sky..
signs of spring were everywhere..
the softest green leaves of budding trees..
colorful Tulips ..
soft pastels..
vibrant reds and yellows and flaming oranges..
snowy white..
pansies and violas..
creeping phlox..
over, around , atop;
stones..stacked, or randomly placed..
and gardeners..
 busily mowing, edging verdant grassy lawns..
Spring was finally taking a bow and making her entrance!
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for more Pink Saturday offerings!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shellapuhaloosa 2010!

Want to know how all of this loot from the sea can be yours?
I won't be "shellfish"..I'm sharing the details!
Go to Tales from an OC here.
follow the rules..
and perhaps our lovely hostess will pull your name from the treasure chest!
my name is already there!
tales from an oc cottage
hugs and smiles,,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another WONDERFUL Giveaway!

Maya at Completely Coastal is having another wonderful giveaway!
Painter Gerri Hyman
I have mentioned this before, Deanna (left) from Outer Banks Trading Group (see sponsor ad) who many of you know from previous Giveaways represents many talented Artists in her online store, and now she is giving away one of the lovely Canvas Giclee Prints (24" x 36", retail value $100) shown below by painter Gerri Hyman, here with Deanna at the High Point Furniture Market.
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Art Canvas Giveaway

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday..all blue, yellow and mosaic

Today..I feel the need for spring.COLOR....
not the soft flowery  pastels of early spring blossoms...
but the bright and bold colors of flitting birds..
chirping and singing on a bright sunshiny yellow morning..
I want to see deep Indigo Bunting Blue..
Iridescent shimmering and strutting  Peacock Blue..
the Gray Blue of the wading Great Blue Heron.
Bright Yellow of the happily singing Goldfinch..
squawking Parrot Yellows and Blues..
and a soft downy sleepy Baby Duck Yellow ...
and when they all retire..
as I soon shall..
I want to see a bright moon watching over us all
from a Midnite Blue.and starry sky..

Please j these wonderful folks for hosting such fun Mondays!
 Smiling Sally for Blue Monday.
Mary at the Little Red  House for Mosaic Monday..
and the gang for Mellow Yellow Monday..
Good nite..sweet dreams!

A-Z Foodie Monday

Nope..not noodles,
nor Nuts,
nor Nougat
None of those
N.. is for Nachos!
I love Nachos..
especially Ultimate Nachos..
used to devour those at Bennigan's..
Haven't been there in years..
but in my mind..
they were the VERY best..
yummy ULTIMATE!..
I like my Nachos with beef or chicken..
some like  shrimp tossed in..
but the basic recipe seems to be:
start with a bed of shredded lettuce,
pile on chopped tomatoes,
refried beans mixed with chili sauce,
chopped black olives,
sour creme,
chopped or sliced Jalapenos
spread salsa generously over the pile,
toss on freshly chopped purple  and green onions,
next ,cover with shredded Cheddar and Monterray Jack cheeses..
and for the crowning touch..
dig in with tortilla chips..
wash down with icy cold Corona or Margarita!

best enjoyed with a family or group..
now ..let's go visit Jen at Unglazed for more N foods..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunday Favorites..

Previously Posted December 13, 2009..
in honor of my sister's 60th birthday
I surprised her by flying home  to Florida..
just to celebrate her birthday....

Monday A to Z Backwards..D many choices..but for easily decided! for December..the most delightful time of the year!
Decorations, declarations..dancing dolls, drummers..
my best friend!
The third sibling of four, a welcome relief to me after the brother..
Born on December 7..Pearl Harbor day..years later..
a real live playmate..she with the dark mysterious laughing eyes..
Being the eldest,I tested the waters of parental boundaries..
Diane, the sweet, quiet shy sister..observed and learned..quickly!
We grew up..lived our lives..
She, the healer, maintained the hearths of home..
Always a welcoming beacon for me the traveler..
Over the years, I've been her biggest and loudest cheering fan..
Achievements..she has many firsts of which to be proud.. 
College graduate,Master's degree, Registered Nurse..
all accomplished on her own with no monetary assistance from family..
Devoted Mother to Aaron..
Community leader, dear and faithful friend to many..
So each December we first celebrate her birthday..
this one was no exception..
Cupcakes and candles work just fine..
before moving full swing into the myriad of holiday activities..
My trip to Florida was just share yet another birthday with her..
A simple beach affair around a fire..
to toast sunset..
Her dear and cherished friends and I..
to wish her many,many more happy birthdays..
a sunset to remember the day we celebrated your day with you..
on that chilly December nite in smoke got into our eyes..
...which rapidly turned into your birthday wish come true..
I love you little sis..and the beautiful intelligent woman you've become!
Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart!!!

Please join Chari at Happy to Design for more Sunday Favorites..
and while there, be sure to enter her  giveaway!
have a wonderful Sunday..

Sunday Favorites..

April has always been a time of new beginnings..
and that is so true in Blogland..
Another Birthday celebration!

Head on over to Happy to Design for all the details!
winner will have their choice of ONE $50.00 gift card..
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hurry on over and congratulate Chari for this wonderful Sunday Meme!

A celebration party!

Please join the party @ Artfullly Graced!
In celebration of her  One Happy Year Blogaversary,
Jane is offering  a chance to win one of her  personal paintings..
the winner will select one of her choice!
both are beautiful !

Please click here for all the details of how you might be the lucky winner at
Artfully Graced!
Happy Anniversary Jane..and wishes for many, many more!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Saturday

Just a few favorites from last  year..
weather has not allowed these awesome beauties ..yet.
These I did discover in one of my secret gardens..
which is a favorite to photograph..anytime..
always a spectacular display for the season..
May your weekend be warm and cozy..and in the pink!
warmest hugs, laughing smiles..
Please visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for more Pink Saturday!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gray and Gloomy..

Is not always bad..
I am thankful for the  wonderful April rain which fell softly throughout the nite.
Having NOT yet turned on the sprinkler system, the freshly first mowed lawn welcomed the moisture.
Colorado soil requires aeration,and the little holes are like cups for the raindrops..
the lawn sips at its' leisure...nourishing thirsty roots starved by winters cold...
The newly planted roses also are enjoying the soaking rain,.while the older established roses are putting forth new leaves and promises of beautiful blooms..
the crabapple tree, so full of buds is ready to burst open as soon as Sol  warms their fancy..
but mostly, I am so thankful for the April rains..
for washing away all the pollen..
and relieving my itchy eyes..and sniffly nose!!
but when outdoors is all dark and gloomy,
I have ample opportunity for indoorsy stuff..
like clearing closets, preparing donations and recyclables..
sometimes I use this time for me..
doing the things I really like best..
editing my photos..
scanning old photographs from times gone by..
remembering  those who are no longer here with us..
preparing memory books/cds for siblings and nieces and nephews..
I am the keeper of the stories in my family..
the one who has all the old photos..
the one with more "time on her hands" than the others..
the one who lives fartherest away..
Me in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado..
they in beach cities along the Florida panhandle..
It's hard being away from family and native!
always have been..but I'm the one who always wrote home the most..
tried to share everything about my abode wherever Uncle Sugar plopped us..
so.. on these gray days, I've nothing but warm and cheery thoughts to keep me company..
as I busily go about my "tasks"..
with my constant company..
my furbabies are underfoot,  or asleep wherever they plopped after playing..

so.. yes I am thankful for April rains....
for all the right  reasons..
a time for recalling beautiful memories of the past..
and anticipation for  glorious blooms of May yet to be..
 Warmest hugs..Laughing smiles..