Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to ....

Maxine's House on Crabby Road
she's really into the Halloween spirit!
Just listen...
to her opinions on any given subject..
Interior Decoration..
Supply of Halloween treats
Weather Conditions 
Maxine's Costume....

Have a Hysterically happy Halloween....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

My Daughter Lisa recently participated in a walk for Breast Cancer Awareness;
Nashville's Race for the Cure. Una Survivors Team..
this was the "before the start" photo..
That's Lisa, front and center, just behind her daughter Mac kneeling, holding canine child Lily..
of course, Lisa being Lisa,posed at each mile marker..
with her bottle of energy giving Coca Cola..
notice each in the final photo..

both are totally DRAINED!!!!
good job!
Just because October is over..
and the race has been run..
the fight is far from being won..
continue to do YOUR part..
daily self exams..

yearly mammograms..

and educate yourself..
listen to your body..
listen to your doctor..
and use your Google to keep updated regarding the latest advances being made!
as well as participate..

do your part to Find the cure..

to finally  eradicate this horrible disease! 

Now go forth..enjoy your weekend!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Pink Saturday

How Sweet the Sound

In the past, October and the color orange were synonymous
Orange pumpkins..
Autumn shades of orange and gold leaves..
black cats and bats.. and witches hats..
but that changed 25 years ago..
October became Breast Cancer Awareness month..
changing from Orange to Pink!

Many places are holding walks  this Saturday..
Do your part.. join in and walk!
I'm Cheering for team Davenport down in Destin Florida!
Go Kat Go!


Happy  Pink Halloween!

Please join Beverly and the gang for more Pink Saturday offerings!

A Timely Announcement!

Just a friendly safety reminder...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mikasa Flatware Giveaway!

Aren't you the least bit curious?
Beautiful you say?
How would you like to have this gorgeous flatware gracing your table for the holidays?
Well you CAN!
Far above Rubies is hosting this giveaway from Mikasa!!
Just the name speaks volumes!
but.." Time is of the essence!"
the giveaway ends tomorrow..
Click on the link to go to Far above Rubies..
and follow the instructions!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday.. with and without words..


Lazy thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon..
eye candy..
soul candy..
Visions from my reverie...

On a WHITE plate..
this to die for Chocolate cake..
reduced fat of course!
(all calories escaped with first knife thrust!)
I would send this to all my chocolate loving friends everywhere..
starting with Kat and my sister Di..
both enjoying wonderful beachy weather in Florida!
Kat needs the energy for her walk on Saturday..
Her family and friends are in town to participate as Team Davenport in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

and for those of you preferring something lighter..
how about Mille Crepe Cake?
Crepes with caramel Swiss butter cream filling
covered with Dark Chocolate Ganache..
topped with   Caramel swirls..

and for me...
this gorgeous Coconut Cake!
can you believe the birdie and nest on top!

just imagine sitting outdoors..
at the beach...
Beaches of Seaside
or at a mountain retreat in Colorado..
Autumn delights in Denver..
At home..

on the deck or veranda..
Homes in Seaside..
patio or porch..
just a swingin'
enjoying this delicious Biscotti with fave coffee!

maybe  some fresh baked cinnamon rolls..

or perhaps just some Milk and cookies?

 whatever the occasion, or event...
everything  is better when shared!
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Words in the Sand!

Nature's Notebook was born of a spiritual connection..
to the ocean and its beaches... 
 Sally Lee by the Sea is excited to partner with them at OpenSky.

Meet artist, Courtney Noelle...the original artist for writing words in the sand. 
Drawn to the soft sandy edges of the sea, Courtney,
has always felt inclined to inscribe words or names,
thoughts or dreams into the ever-changing landscape of the beach.

"Something about its tumultuous fate, 
an uncertainty that parallels our own lives, 
makes sea sand the perfect tablet for expression.
And what better way to capture that expression, 
the memory and the magic of the beach forever,
than in a photograph?" 
Courtney can inscribe anything you wish into the sandy beaches..
and turn them into a unique work of art that won't wash away. 

Nature’s Notebook has generously offered one reader
an 8×10 Express Print (a $48.00 value). 
*Contest closes at 11:59 pm PST
 on Sunday, October 31,2010. 
Open WORLDWIDE, 18+ years of age*

Hurry on over to Sally Lee by the Sea for entry details!!

Monday..Blue, Mosaic and Mellow Yellow


Colorado Ski  Resort at Loveland Basin opened for business today..

Each year the basins compete to see who will be the first to open..
and skiers have been known to wait hours and even days to be the FIRST on the lift..

and to be the FIRST to reach the bottom of the run..

Personally, I am not a snow lover,
nor an aficionado of the sport of SNOW skiing!
The weather has been delightful,
with aspens at higher altitudes at or near peak as seen from the gondola..

While in the lower elevations, residential areas are alive with colors of yellows, oranges and reds.

but soon the landscape will change as the colors become a monotone..

 I'll be seeing this: before much longer..

and then making reservations for more of this!

 home in Florida.!.

so with those warm and fuzzy thoughts..
please join the lovely folks to see their colorful Monday worlds!
Smiling Sally Blue Monday
MellowYellow Monday
Mary's Mosaic Monday