Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last day in Paradise

Lunching at Tommy Bahama's with Margo and my sis Di.
For the past two weeks ,I 've been enjoying Springtime in the South..
dining with friends and family,,
most always al fresco..
the weather has been positively GORGEOUS..
couldn't have picked a better time..
the spring flowers were just opening..
weather warm..perfect for flip-flops and shorts..
but today as I pack the suitcase..
download and print my boarding pass..
the heavens have opened..
tears,,or temper tantrums?
rain,thunder and lightning..
Tomorrow will find me winging westward..
home in Denver where my other life awaits..
but with the sand in my shoes..
I will be returning!

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White Wednesday

Monday, March 14, 2011


From This......

It's been a hard snorkeling day!
Have been wishing,hoping and dreaming of spring..
not a sign of anything remotely resembling Her..
not a single Tulip..nor Daffodil..not even a Crocus..
So..what's a girl to do?
Derby Day in Denver..
To THIS.....

Heading home to Florida..
see ya soon....
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Mardi Gras..
Some call it Carnival.
 Others, Fat Tuesday. 
Most Americans, however, know today's celebration by its French name: Mardi Gras. The annual New Orleans bacchanal will reach its ostentatious climax in the French Quarter this evening. But Mardi Gras isn't just a Louisiana affair. People in cities all over the world are celebrating the occasion, from Rio de Janeiro and Sydney to Venice and Cologne. 
Personally, I grew up attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans....
and also had the opportunity to experience Carnival in Spain..
Mind blowing!
but also FUN!
enjoy a few more photos of both..

Rex, King of Carnivale

From one of the Many balconies of the French Quarter..
King of the Zulu Krewe

Revelers on Bourbon Street

Catching beads on Bourbon Street
The use of masks clouded the identities of participants, effectively breaking down the social hierarchy during the celebration.
 Carnival in Venice Italy..

The Krewe of Bacchas

just another pretty face..

Love the Mask

and My Dear Sweet Sister of the Heart in her mask..Margo~!
Now.. we are into the season of Lent..
what are you giving up?
I'm thinking FaceBook for starters!
but never my beach!

Enjoy YOUR day..
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Monday, March 7, 2011


Here it is Sunday nite..
the house is quiet..
and I'm alone with my thoughts..
such happy thoughts..
today was a SUPER day..
My son called to tell me he would not be up for the weekend as we had planned ..
instead he would be joining me for the entire first week of my vacation!
Seems his company is providing surfboards for a photo shoot during Spring Break..

and before I could utter a single word..
he read my mind!
and immediately uttered the dreaded words..

can you believe that?
both my sis and my hubs said..
"Since when is a closed site ever stopped you?"
just please don't crash the scene and get arrested!
Mardi Gras celebrations have been occurring all along the coastal towns for the past several weeks..
This weekend Pensacola did her thing..
paraded, tossed beads.. 
without being rained out
It was all about the beads..
Lyndee Wilson
My beautiful Niece Lyndee and friend
What does it take to not be buried by the Mardi Gras season?

Growing up, this celebration was cause for us to go to New Orleans..
but, after the good ole drunkX turned to more serious and violent crimes..
we stopped attending..
New Orleans has always been a City of enchantment to me..
especially the Garden District..
enjoy your weekend..
as I type..
once again..Snow is falling..
and this is the view in my mind...o

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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Blues..causes and cures

As I read through my favorite blogs.
one theme seems to be a common recurrence..
many of you (and me) seem to be suffering from the  bluesy blahs..
The symptoms can be  some or all of the following..
lack of motivation..
most can be attributed to that old culprit called Winter..

as for myself, I know the cause..
and the cure..
but to be sure..
I've scheduled my annual checkup..
the girl stuff has been done.
both received clean bills of health!
my next appointment is for bloodwork and general check..
at which times my list of questions will be answered.
and medications discussed/changed/prescribed.
many of us are suffering a serious deficiency of Vitamin D..
the SUNSHINE vitamin..

You just might want to visit your doctor to see if this could be your problem.
(ALWAYS consult your physician before starting any new medical regime!)
as for the boredom..
I'm finding the preparations for my upcoming trip home have completely cured that one!
malaise and lack of motivation go hand in hand with the boredom..
so they too are being checked off my list..
and as I try on clothes for the trip. I'm also purging!
sorting for Goodwill donations and upcoming garage sale..

another goal being accomplished!!
A few suggestions for you if you too are suffering these symptoms:..
If you are having trouble finding motivation for your blogging..
take a break!
this is your creation!
it was created for fun, right?
so obviously  the fun is no longer  there..
because you are not HAPPY!
well let's go for the jugular..
what makes YOU happy?
well.. what's holding you back?
put it on and get moving! 
Painting-Figurative-dance !... The Dance
(*Ruth Greenup, artist)
so what if everyone in your house thinks you've gone bonkers..
get them into the act and join the fun!
laughter is the music of the soul..
grab your trusty sidekick and start clicking!
try something new..
shoot in black and white..
and then the same subjects in color.
try new editing  effects..
or new subjects.
Join  a .MeMe..
there are so many from which to choose..
pick a color, or a day..animals,gardening, painting..
anything and everything is there at your choosing..
surely there is something to catch your fancy..
visit other blogs..
how can you make friends if you aren't one yourself?
the idea is to be actively doing something!
anything other than lying around, 
watching TV,,
and having a pity party of one..
get up and out of those Jammies..
funny pictures-not going to get dressed today. got my kittehs. got my blue fuzzy. life is good.
into the shower..
get the blood flowing..
and eat something nutritious..
other than the favorite standby of potato chips and coffee!
Let there be LIGHT
fling open the curtains/drapes and let the outdoors in..
you might just spy a new subject lurking outside in the yard..
or in this case, a subject peering in to see who's looking out!

if all you see is either brown grass and /or snow..
take your camera and visit your favorite plant nursery..
the riotous colors and aromas of spring will assault your senses..
immediately captivating your soul ..
while transporting you to a tropical land far  away..
(this method is tried, true,  endorsed and prescribed by ME!)
afterwards.. treat yourself to a real lunch,,

not a Mickey D..
but a big girl lunch of your favorites!
topped off with dessert!

felling better?
I know i am..
the sun is shining..
I'm ready to head out..
catch you later..
oh yes,I  did the shower, and breakfast things already..
a little eye candy to whet your appetite..
Me?counting the days till I can be burying my toes in that sugary, squeaky white sand of home!!
ps..if none of the above helps with the blogging..
enlist in a friend to feature you on their blog..
I for one would love to get to know even more folks..
plus introduce YOU to my friends who are simply the best ever!
now.. get out,explore and enjoy your day and weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday! Wow!!!

I overslept this morning!
can you believe that?
Neither can I..but I did..
Opening the door to retrieve the morning paper..
my ears were assaulted by raucous "birdsong"
Gazillions of Robins filled my yard..

and the Crabapple tree out front..
either they were partying hard on the withered fruit..
or the fermentation had reached their brains!!
on my second cup of inspiration now..
still trying to make my eyes focus...
as I peruse the Spring catalogues of flowers..

such a riotous explosion of color..
am so ready for spring and all her glory..
and pollen!

But even better..
my son keith called about my upcoming plans..
he and his sister Lisa will join me at Auntie Di's..
as we head out for funfilled days at the beach!!
AAAAAAH!  I am sooooo ready!

what are your Spring Break plans?
please join these other fun places...
and a special thanks to the hostesses!
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