Monday, November 25, 2013

Smile! It's Monday!!!

Monday, Monday...
how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways...
You start my week right on time..
it's a get up with hubby..feed him..

send him out the door.. with a kiss and a wave..
You are MINE..all day long..
to do with as I choose..

Typically, I grab a second cuppa delicious yumminess..
plopping down in front of  the computer..
First check the weather to see if it looks like what I see..
looking out the window works for me..

Next checking emails for  important messages...
then on to check in with the Sistahs..
then on to correspondence (snail mail variety)..
by now, it's 3rd cuppa time..

finishing that.. shower dress..
and see what's on the dreaded yellow pad "to DO list"
check the things I WANNA do,
XXXXing  out the don't wanna dos!
then get busy..
On Mondays.. if have not prepared my Blog post beforehand..
I work on that while I am fresh and caffeinated..

so today is Blue Monday..
(I'm still in my BLUE pajamas and fuzzy BLUE slippers..)
The last Monday of November..
The Monday before Thanksgiving..
and exactly one month til Christmas..

My day will be one of last minute errands..
(many retailers will be open on Thanksgiving..
Thanksgiving is a FAMILY holiday..sharing being THANKful!
I also believe in celebrating this holiday before moving on to Christmas..
so...enjoy this Blue Monday...!

Joining Sally and the gang for Blue Monday..
see ya there!!!

Blue Monday

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday!

To Me!
yes,, today is My day..
but..once you've crossed the 50th mark..
your birthday holds way too much to celebrate on just one day.. celebrates every day the entire birth month!
awesome idea!

My day started sweetly..
hubby was attired in a favorite BLEU shirt..
with RED tie..

made me smile!
especially when I sat down and joined him with my coffee..
a beautiful Birthday Card was waiting for me!!!.

( X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X !!!) ♥
After sending him off with a kiss..
here I sit, checking messages on email and facebook..
enjoying my final cup before tackling the tasks of Monday..
Once done..I'm free to cruise the beach with Nikon..
or..maybe I'll get an early start on my Christmas shopping..
but today is my day to enjoy...gonna do just that!

Starting with this awesome bracelet of sea treasures...
Joining my friend Sally who is always smiling..
Blue Monday