Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday..color me....

my last Monday in Denver..
sad.. yes..
closing this chapter of my life is hard..
in all the downsizing,de-cluttering,de-crapifying..
I've come to several conclusions..
this is the absolute last time I will do the packing..
Our new home is temporary..
what is not necessary/needed..
will not be unpacked!
a nine month lease..
during those months, we will make a decision.
we together will decide on our final home...
whether to purchase, or to build our dream home.
so for today..
enjoy a bit of both my worlds...
Goodbye Denver........

Hello Florida...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a birthday party..

For the most special Mermaid of all..
Rhonda Renee..a/k/a Shellbelle..
seasister of my heart...

Enjoy......♥ feel the love♥....for you!♥

was just a year ago when a group of us friends..
really seasisters of the heart..mermaids all..
well one of our most favorite mersisters was celebrating her 60th birthday.. 
or rather.. was not the happiest camper with the thought of hitting the big 60!
this is what WE thought of her..beautiful!
 Vintage Mermaid Pinup
so we got together and showered her with love and gifts befitting such a sweetheart..
To revisit that memorable event just click the hearts ♥♥♥♥..

now..what do we have up our sleeves this year?..

the Party of the Year will be held at an undisclosed location..
on the Atlantic Ocean
oh but what a residence...
cottages,by the sea...
with rooms for everyone!

Each invitee will be picked up by private jet..

mermaid airlines....piloted by...

his distinguished twin...
escorted from the plane and whisked away by...

their dapper cousin..
to the lavish private accommodations...

to rest , 

beautiful, tropical bedrooms
relax ....

and prepare for a nite of revelry..

Mermaid by Athena-chan on dA
Mermaids - stacy galios-mcdill - Picasa Web Albums
Deep Blue by ~Saphica8 on deviantART
Mermaids - stacy galios-mcdill - Picasa Web Albums

MERMAID<3Starfish  by *adelenta.mermaids
celebrating with our sweet sister of the heart..


at midnite..we'll have cake...
Shell we sing? #mermaidcake
and this sweet lady will be singing Happy  Birthday dear mersister of our heart!
Caribbean Mermie. $12.00, via Etsy. Signs you MIGHT be a mermaid!
memaids - stacy galios-mcdill - Picasa Web Albums
Dear sweet Shellbelle... have a wonderful day
enjoy your gifts from friends..and mersisters of the heart..

we love you and miss you..come back to us!
we love you!!!!

Here's the link.. lets all swim across the pond.. right up to her doorstep..
and sing Happy Birthday dear Shellbelle


Happy Birthday dear Shellbelle...
a/k/a.. Rhonda Renee..we love yoooooooou!
see ya at  shellebelles....
(or on Facebook Rhonda Renee)
time to party!!!!!