Monday, May 28, 2012



The day was cloudy,extremely windy and not very warm..
Given the day was Memorial Day, I had forgone the usual shopping extravaganzas being touted as the Next best SALE by all forms of media..
instead.. remembering  the meaning of Memorial Day was that of honoring those who had died in the line of duty for our country,I chose instead to visit nearby  Fairmount Cemetery.
I was not alone.
Many families had come to  visit their loved ones.
Some were 
others were solemnly freshening the graves.  

Heading to the Military section..I found various monuments  honoring our military fallen. 

Much the same as the times I'd visited Arlington National Cemetery on holidays, the granite gravestones  were each adorned with an American flag..some had extra floral offerings..the air was one of somberness..

I happened to be alone at the moment, with camera observing ..and preserving..
my thoughts would later return while editing  the photos.. 

My thoughts are a Southerner, where in the month of May, this tradition was called Decoration Day. Families would meet at the cemetery prepared to clean the grave, leave fresh flowers and have lunch together. As a child the day was one of festivity, of seeing again all much loved,the far flung cousins and aunties /uncles.
Later in high school  history class, the date would come to have more meaning as origin was more deeply explained..
"Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on 5 May 1868 by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, in his General Order No. 11, and was first observed on 30 May 1868, when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. The first state to officially recognize the holiday was New York in 1873. By 1890 it was recognized by all of the northern states. The South refused to acknowledge the day, honoring their dead on separate days until after World War I (when the holiday changed from honoring just those who died fighting in the Civil War to honoring Americans who died fighting in any war)."
Finally as an adult,married to a career Navy abroad at a time when Americans were not the most favored..watching as he and his fellow squadron members were flying off at dawn to do their duty at preserving freedom for us all..watching and waiting for word their mission had been accomplished..and were safely returning home..
Even later, as a spouse,stationed at the Naval War College in Newport Rhode Island..meeting then Secretary of the Navy John Lehman serving during the Reagan well as many of the ex- POW's and their spouses and learning firsthand the price they paid while serving and protecting  their country..
Now as a senior American, remarried to a former Navy Flight Surgeon, I look back .. 

remembering those days of doing my part, by doing my very best  keeping the home-fires burning , maintaining and supporting ..when my heart knew I was an unpaid goodwill ambassador wherever I went.. always trying to reverse the image of the Ugly American..
Sadly, with History not being taught as frequently in the curriculum..along with the National Holiday Act of  1971 being passed.. making this yet another  "three day weekend" to be spent BBQing..or Beaching...or Shopping.. the true meaning has almost been forgotten...
With a long list of family members who honorably served their country during war and peace, through Draft or as a member of
 the present day all VOLUNTEER  military, how could I ever forget?  It is ingrained  in my very being!
But for me having lived and breathed the active duty military life, picking up moving wherever, whenever directed for as long or short the need..I for one shall never forget that freedom is not free..
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom.. ..

Joining Blue Monday..            
            Mellow Yellow Monday

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to You....

Dear Beverly..
thanks for the many hours..

you so generously give..
week after week..

by hosting  Pink Saturday..
my gift for this  fourth birthday..

is from my garden..
picked especially for YOU..
presented with love..
good wishes..
for many more Pink Saturdays to come!
Happy Birthday Anniversary!!


Please join me as we attend the celebratory party  for  Beverly.. our "hostess with the mostest"
at Pink Saturday

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday..What's going on??

My day started as any other..
just a wee bit earlier..
the felines  for some reason or other..
decided I'd been asleep long enough..
didn't matter that THEY get a LOT more sleep than I do...
Any way..

there were kitty kisses..
along with taps on the cheek..
until my eyes opened and slowly focused..

once i sat up,feet on the floor in slippers..
kerthunk! Bubba bounded off the bed..
followed by BeBe..
with furry pitter patters scurrying in front of me..
and one nearly tripping me..(Ballou)
we make it out to the kitchen..
where I punch the button starting my morning wake-up Jolt! 
Next..first things first..FOOD for them!
fresh water.. for them..
and clean the poopie parlor..for them!
open the drapes for weather check..for me..
open the patio door for temperature check.for me...
gaze fixedly at the glorious morning roses..
all glistening with dewy kisses in the morning light..
ahhh the aroma of freshly perked coffee..
wafting..calling me..
back to the kitchen for that first ..cup..of the morning!
Heaven in a cup!!
that first hot sip...blissdom!

first cup finished calls for a second..
now my eyes are able to focus..
the ROSES!! The Columbines..
grab the Nikon...
your subjects await!!
I did just that..

and now..will share what Nikon and I captured..

This gorgeous PINK rose is for Beverly,who so graciously hosts Pink Saturday rain or shine..
who incidentally , will be celebrating her FOURTH Blogaversary this Saturday!!
Please join us to CELEBRATE on Saturday May 26!

Can you believe those felines..
all three..are back in the bed..sound asleep!
go figure!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday Thoughts...

Monday , Monday...
My love~

how do i love thee..
let me count the ways...
how about from width and depth of the ocean?

in my case.. the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico?

Grayton Beach
Or from the smiles of my favorite fella?
had dinner with Brax and his parents..
what a wonderful evening..
good folks, good food and good baby kisses!!♥

not too shabby pics of a fella running quite the temperature..
he'd just had his shots earlier in the day..

but he did smile and laugh out loud.. love my fella..♥
One of these days, once the move to Florida is complete..
he and I will be doing this...^..from this :

..with those sweet thoughts running through my head..
gonna link with these fun folks to see what they are doing 
on this glorious Monday! see ya there!!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Pink Saturday..

Mother's Day edition..

What a delightful day today has been..

slept in despite the fact knowing 'things' needed to be done..
perhaps this extra bit of time lying in the bed was what I needed..
with furbabies sleeping soundly..
I tiptoed out to the kitchen and turned on the coffee..
as I turned to bring in the newspaper..
greeting me were 3 sets of eyes..
complete with morning hello meeoows....
meaning feed me.. NOW!
after tending their needs of food, fresh water,

and a clean poopie parlor..
I settled in with my first cup of the day..

If anything other than the Peony was blooming..
grabbed the Nikon on my way out to the back yard..
still in jammies and house slippers..
Oh my goodness GOSH!..
Roses were open where just last evening were buds..
pretty pinks..
and yellows..
and more Columbines..
a few lingering late blooming Tulips here and there.
(yes.. I did tiptoe through the Tulips.smiling at the thought!)
yes.. taking those few stolen moments of pure bliss..
was my gift to ME for this beautifully delightful day..called the Present!!
Just wish my Mom was still around to share these!
guess she and Ernestine (my Mother in Law)..

are celebrating together up in Heaven...they each so loved beautiful flowers..
I love and miss you both! ♥ ♥
Thanks Mom..guess it was from you that I inherited the green thumb!
Hope you've all enjoyed your Present also!
Here's wishing all the Moms and  Mothers, past and present
the happiest of Mother's Days..filled to the brim and overflowing with love and joy from beginning to end! ENJOY!

joining Beverly for Pink Saturday..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday wonders and words..

the wonderful middle of the week day..
forecasters say weather should be just delightful!
a dramatic change from yesterday..

which was cold, gray, damp, rainy..
I decided to take my Lemons..

and turn them into Lemonade..
Similar  to taking Limes..
and making Margaritas..
had gone to Arthritis doctor for  check up..
she called in a prescription for me..
drug store did not have it ready..

decided to visit City Floral while waiting....

my oasis..
the place I go in the dead of winter..
when the cold and grayness tries to kidnap me..
I walk in, smell the fragrance of tropical flowers..
wafting on the heavy humidity laden air..
medicine for my soul.
and my body is instantly rejuvenated!
so was the case yesterday..
once the medicine had been picked up..
Seeing so many irises, and roses,
every color and hue..
my camera clicking finger was itching to click..
heading home in the rain,
self told me to stop the car..
don't worry about the wettness..

get out and smell those dripping wet Irises....
Yes.. the fragrance is still heavy and potent!
and wet flowers make for excellent subjects..
would you believe I wandered about in the cold..
38 degrees cold, drizzly rain..
here, there, everywhere..
nowhere in particular..

snapping photos of flowers..
once took forever to thaw my hands!
miracles do happen..
I did not catch a cold!!!
chilled a bit..
but no cold!! 
I did catch a healthy dose of cheerfulness..
still smiling as I enjoy the flowers again.
without the cold and rain..

just all warm and fuzzy feeling!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday..this and that ..

Playing Catch up..

Yes...It has been awhile since my last post..
NO..not yet in Florida..
I've been very busy swimming against the current so to speak..
hopefully will begin making significant headway soon..
For starters..

Details of pending move to Florida:

*Packing..progressing at a fair speed..
 the de-crapifying is what has slowed me down!..*Painting.. still on hold..
 Till the packing is finished.
 And boxes moved to Garage.

*No new address yet for delivery of possessions.. (catch 22 situation looms....

Being hindered by feline furbabies..
landlords want MEGA BUCK$ ..
in non-refundable pet fee$)

Can't  purchase a new home..until this one is sold = RENT!

*House not on market yet..
too much packing  clutter still !

Health related matters:

*Follow up with Retina Specialist.. diagnosis: unchanged.
keep a close watch,any changes, call emergency ASAP!
* Annual check  with primary doctor. ALL GOOD!
I'm in good shape with BP and Thyroid level back to normal..
(Dr's wife recently had same experience with her eye..
she used the same retina Dr!
She had laser repair Surgery!
NO problems with vision, in fact ,better than before!
My Dr says the Retina Dr is the best in her field here!!
and she referred me to a classmate of hers..
practicing in  my home town in Florida!)

Dermatologist report..
* healed very nicely.. scar not noticeable at all..
*Hairline covers it perfectly!
*How sad our Youthful ignorance catches up with us..
when we are most vulnerable..
*am much more cautious now by using Sunscreen ALWAYS..
and limiting my time outdoors to early morning..late afternoon..
*New appointment with Podiatrist/surgeon
*Have had recurring pain in the same foot which  had the Neuroma..
That surgery was a SUCCESS! However,current prognosis not so good!
*Another Neuroma  between the NEXT two toes.. caught early!
treated with injection of antibiotic and numbing agents..sweet relief!
some people are just more prone to this condition than others..
I possess most of the causes: very high arch, and instep,
am well over 50 years old/young!
Too many years working in high heeled, pointy toed shoes on hard floors..
Now, I'm paying dearly for the then unknown damage I was doing to my feet!
all in the name of FASHION! 
(My job REQUIRED my attire to be like  this!)
So with health issues weighing me down,
I've simply Not been in the mood to talk / share just yet.

Now this subject, I can talk all day long and never tire..
Our sweet fella  will be 4 months old on Mother's day!
Here's the latest  of my personal photos made last week:

how awesome!! He is getting so BIG now.. will get exact details next week..
finally have made some ME time..out with  the Nikon.. Spring is so gorgeous here..
will post a few now.. then do a spectacular Spread for Pink Saturday..

So with these beauties fresh on your plate..
I'm heading out to lunch with my neighbor!
have an awesome weekend!
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