Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monday colors..

On a lazy Sunday morning..
enjoying my first cup of inspirational yumminess..
random thoughts..
started with "Beachy"..
and Pinterest did the rest..

A definite need for  the beach..

a little wave action...

Beachy friends forever..

turquoise sea float bubbles....

whipped cream topped crashing waves..
my mantra.. along with sand between my toes..

The colors of my world...

Life is like a beach..just dive on in..

You never know what treasures and delights await you..

no need for words...

If this is on Earth...what can Heaven be like?.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Ghostly photos Fixed!

Blogger, oh Blogger how I do Not like thee!!

Randomness prevails..

the song God Bless America spins through my mind..
as I scroll through photos taken since coming to Colorado six years ago.
"from the mountains...

I had planned on majestic snow covered mountains..

white aspen trees with soft green leaves..
to the prairies....
white Columbines..
to the oceans, white with foam..
against  my sugary white sandy beaches of home..
crashing waves..

leaving foam on the shoreline... in a RED swimsuit..
walking the shore..
searching for white sand dollars...
God bless America...
My home
dewy white roses...
sweet home...
my white cup of yumminess..
Life is good!!!
But Blogger has betrayed me..
(I tried the suggestion of using html,to no avail!)
somehow the pic above was all I could manage..
hopefully, SOON Blogger will have the problems fixed..
or will be seeing a mass exodus led by yours truly!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Denver Botanical Gardens: The Atrium

Denver Botanic Garden entryAs promised, today we continue with our visit to the Denver Botanic gardens..
After a delightful lunch al fresco, we headed to the atrium which housed the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory..filled with tropical rain-forest varieties.. There we encountered heated humidity due to the required constant misting ..

tropical conservatory

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I so hope you've enjoyed this visit to the  tropical rain forest as much as did  Deb and I!
there simply were too many varieties to name.. 
suffice to say beautiful Orchids, and  Bromeliads  were at every turn.. 
so many familiar (to me)tropical fruiting trees, as well as colorful Gingers covered the forest floor! the only thing I found to be missing were colorful parrots and monkeys swooping and chattering  overhead!
oh YES..NO BUGS! not missed at all!!

Becoming a member now allows me unlimited visits  to the gardens.. either solo or with a guest!
If you should find yourself here in Denver, let me know (via e-mail) and we shall make a fun day of it!

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