Sunday, March 28, 2010

A-Z Foods on Monday

S for Java..
the Indonesian Island known for Coffee..
In the United States
Java and Joe are both slang terms..
for Coffee..
the morning eyeopener..
and..I love my coffee!
Hot..Sweet..and Creamy..
first thing in the morning..
guess one could say..
Java jolts and jumpstarts my morning?
so..grab a mug 
and let's head over to Jen's unglazed to see what's brewing!

Monday, Monday!

After repeated snow storms, and generally miserable weather..
Las Vegas offered the perfect destination for R and R..
Rio style!..
Three days of pure pleasure after almost NOT departing Denver ..
A spring snowstorm dumped 9 inches of heavy wet snow  Tuesday nite..
leaving many travelers stranded at Denver International Airport..
fouling plans of many spring breakers on holiday..
but the weather cleared,and our Southwest Airlines took us away..
to warm and breezy Las Vegas..
The Rio staff welcomed with smiles and open arms..
For several days, sleeping late, dining at will and playing favorite games..
and all too quickly..poof..back to reality..
Denver welcomed us back home with sunshine and blue skies..
Now..just maybe, I can concentrate on finding Spring!
make the most of your Monday!!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A-Z Foods on Monday

In the beginning, after all things had been created..
and God was fully rested..
he became thirsty..
and as he thought of the cold sweet waters flowing..
 from icy headwaters high above on the mountain peaks..
He decided there was a need for ICE...
down here below ..
so the Ice Cube was created..
and all the cubes were quite happy chilling drinks..
tall glasses of delicious sunny Lemonade..
refreshing glasses of Sweet Iced Tea..
somewhere along the way..
Hamiliton Beach designed a Blender..
into which those chunks of ice would be crushed..
and flavors added,,
to make frozen treats..
shaved ice SnoCones..
fruits and liquors tossed in..
making Frozen Margaritas..
and tall Hurricanes..
and other tropical delights topped with colorful umbrellas..
Mostly tho..
I enjoy a simple cold glass of water...
especially on a hot summery day..
Nothing quenches thirst as does water..
which, when frozen, becomes ICE!
So grab a tall cool one,
thinking of all the ways Ice has improved your life..
and then let's join Jen  at Unglazed ..
for more Items of food beginning with I..

Happy Colorful Monday

Most of these photos are dreams of mine..
which have at one time or another..
come true!!
Am so looking forward to more blue skies..
sunshiny days..
blooming flowers..
and Springtime..
Who knows what discoveries and dreams I'll find along my journey?
Want to join me? 
what are you waiting for?
Come on!
Let's go!
Smiling Sally for Blue Monday
and Mary for Mosaic Monday

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Pink Saturday

A trip to city Floral for Pink Saturday
In my snowy white world..
of blowing,swirling dancing snowflakes outdoors..
All warm and snuggly,  I reviewed and edited my latest floral discoveries ..
City  Floral , in Denver Colorado always, always..
welcomes me warmly..
Generously allowing me and my trusty Nikon to wander aimlessly.
through the mazes of colorful blooming flowers..
overhead.. hanging baskets of  vine-like  foliage...
oohing and aahing...
while snapping photos of each new discovery..
aroused senses find delight in each and everything....
citrus blossoms wafting on the warm humid air..
instantly transports me home to southern Florida..
exotic gardenias gently capture my attention..
the aroma captivating..
colors of every hue and tint..
from subtle..
to vibrant screams..
call to me.. and I readily answer..
Nikon preserves for posterity!
Now that we  are hopelessly drugged on beautiful flowers..
gather an armload to share with our friend Smiling Sally ..
as we head over to Beverly's  at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday..
Hope this cheers and brightens your day!!
warmest hugs..

Snow snow go away...

Yesterday was a perfectly delightful day here in Denver..
temps ranged upward near the 70 degree mark...
sunshine, soft blue skies..
birds finally returned to my backyard..
fitting here and there..gathering stuff..
nest making stuff..spider webs from the eaves,
twigs and grasses..whatever debris to make their nests..
but that was yesterday..
Today..a whole new story..
temperatures barely reaching  the thirties..
Landscape swaddled into a snowy white blanket..
bare tree  limbs softly coated..
spruce boughs weighted by neverending drifts..
big floppy snow flakes..
tossed about by the wind..
forecast called for four to six inches by nightfall..
well, four inches is here already..
no sign of letting up..
oh yes.. my dental appointment for 1:00 today..
the office called and cancelled ..
due to impending bad weather worries....
Knowing he is a native Coloradoian...
I think he just wanted to go snowboarding!
warmest hugs, laughing smiles..Loui♥

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marla @ Always Nesting Giveaway!

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Hugs and laughing smiles..

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blue Monday/ Mosaic Monday

Look what I found shopping at Goodwill..
a replica of Me!!! and only .99 cents!!!
Didn't have to think twice..
Scooped her right up!..
She is so happy sitting on my desk watching me type..
Please Join Smiling Sally for Blue Monday ,
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A-Z Foods on Monday/Mosaic Monday

Hershey chocolate..
no words needed!
..I prefer Hugs..

consider yourself hugged! 

grab one for the road....
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


awoke to kittie kisses..

and sunshine..
seems everyone in the world is having weather..
not to their liking..

(photo credit mellyweb)
Where last week unseasonal cold was gripping the South..
today those friends are unhappy with the spring rains..

Instead..they are wishing for picture postcard pretty..
balmy beachy days..

Here in Colorado, with fresh now in the mountains.

skiers and snowboarders are in blue sky heaven!
 I'm just grateful to be enjoying a sunny March day..
and knowing, eventually,
precipitation here will again turn from snow to rain.
and the rains will bring an abundance ..
of colorful flowers..

green lawns..
leafy trees..
as the cycle  of seasons begins.anew..
and then....
my beachy dreams will come true..
rejuvenating my soul.. I once again bury my toes in the native soil of my home .
Enjoy your day..
live Life!
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