Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February recap

Warning..photo overload!
For such a short month, February has been non stop jam-packed for me.. but before diving into the doings for this month..
Let me share THE EVENT of January..
handsome BIG BOY BRAX..

Both mommy and daddy  celebrated their birthdays ..
but Brax commanded front row center for activities..

Moving right along into February, Mardi Gras activities have dominated the coast from New Orleans on..
To get into the spirit, I've photographed  Mardi Gras Trees,

and even a Mardi Pooh!
Then..my darling daughter celebrated her 50th birthday on the 4th! Grand daughter Mac supplied me with pics of the fun surprise for Lisa..

If that isn't enough,I did get hubby situated at my sis Di's place..
on my return Nikon and I had a field day playing along 30A..
that awesomely beautiful  scenic by-way meandering along the coast..

On the 10th, remembered my mom on her birthday with flowers....she would've been 94! Below is the last photo made of us together..I was headed back to California..
This was June 1971,she was 52..I was 26..
she passed away a week later..
Now, on the last nite of Mardi Gras..we change gears for Valentine's Day.. Yep mailed all my cards to my grands, their parents,my kids, my sis Di..and one to my hubby! But we will be celebrating the event this weekend!

 Joining these fun Wednesday parties..Come on..join us!
Outdoors Wednesday