Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pink Saturday

Dearest Beverly..
Wishing you much love..

and many,many more happy PINK birthdays to come!
what fun these past three years have been!!
thanks again for being such a delightfully gracious hostess!!!
warmest sandy hugs..

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday..Color my world!!!

June 8,2011
Every year, more people take action to celebrate and protect our planet’s ocean, which connects us all. In 2010 alone, over 300 events in 45 countries around the world were held in honor of World Oceans Day.

Hello world!!
what an awesome Monday already!!
Looking out my OPEN window..
I see Blue sky..
Sunshine filtering through NEW  leaves on my neighbors' 45 year old Maple tree..
I love that tree in all seasons..
even when  the golden  leaves are falling..
As lovely as my world happens to be here in Mile High Denver, Colorado..
My thoughts are those of Florida..
My true home..
my native soil..
the sugary white squeaky sand..
crystal clear turquoise waters..
and the abundant seafood produced there..
livelihoods gleaned from  the depths..
and the shores..
It has been just one year since my  visit right after the the oil spill..
I, like many others raced home to photograph..
bury our toes in the sand..
swim in the the warm waters..
one last BEFORE the OIL reaches our area visit..
being home  in March,earlier this year..
the beach looks much the same as always..

pristine and beautiful..
BUT..where once thriving businesses prevailed..
doors are shuttered and closed.
economic losses were just too great  to endure through the lost season..
everything  on the surface appears to be NORMAL..
who knows what lurks below..
this I do know..
it is up to us..
you and me..
to continue the fight to preserve our Oceans..
Our Planet..
recycle.. reuse.. re-invent..
take pictures..

enjoy today..
take out all the trash you bring..or  find..
make memories..
leave only your footprints!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday thoughts..

How does your garden grow?

As previously mentioned..
both constant ,much needed rain..
and the onslaught of my dreaded predator..
Arthur Ritis, 
rendered me a pitiful mess..
leaving me unable to tend my gardens..
This morning, was periodically sunny yet still overcast..
I wandered the yard as is the norm on early mornings..
and viewed the most healthy crop of weeds EVER!
some of my flowers have managed to escape their stranglehold.!
The tenacity of weeds never ceases to amaze me..
their ability to survive year after year,
despite the seasons of drought, 
rain deluges,..
and months of being buried under snow and/or ice..
But, our Maker knew  when He created this masterpiece..
beauty would abound..
even in the lowly weeds..
what a sight after a long, cold dreary Winter..
to spy those first shoots of green..
even tho they they are simple dandelions..?
A scourge to be reckoned with later..
while at the same time ..
bringing beauty to the barren landscape..
the symmetry of the leaves..
the variations of green..
all beautiful in their own right..
as gifts from our Maker when our eyes need color the most!
the weeds will be tackled as I continue to improve/recover..
in the meantime..
I'll sit back  thankfully..
with my cup of inspiration on the patio..
enjoying each and every part of my God given vista..
for another day..
enjoy yours!!
How does your garden grow?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear friends..
I know I've been absent for over a week now..
That dratted Arthur Ritis reared his ugly head Into my life again..
His has been a royal PAIN in the Arse..
foot ..
and shoulder..
literally and figuratively..
I have been dealing with excruciating pain in my left hip joint..
(this turned out to be an acute Bursitis attack)...
It felt like a red hot boil ready to erupt!!
My physician injected the hip which has brought some relief..
down from the excruciating level ..
to the TOLERABLE level..
yesterday was X-rays..
today the results indicated normal degeneration.
but possibly an MRI to see if I have a disc problem in the lower back..
which could be radiating pain..
who knows?
what I do know..
My hip hurts continually during the waking hours..
and sleepless nites are becoming a norm for me..
 the damp, cold, rainy , dreariness has not helped my spirits in the least!
am now on Prednisone..again ..
which makes it tolerable..
I do NOT like being inactive..
nor being curtailed by this predator..
Today, am on my way out the door to visit a fitness center nearby..
which offers Silver Sneakers fitness program..
this program is one of my  "Wellness Benefits" from my insurance..
I really want to put the JOY of living back into my life..
by being able to move..
and doing what I do best :Photography!!
Will  update when I return!!
thanks for being so understanding..
I love you all!!
warmest sandy hugs..

Friday, May 13, 2011

In the Pink!

The relentless has rain finally finished..
leaving heavenly blue skies instead...
INeedingly , I ventured outdoors...
inhaled deeply the fresh, rain washed clean scents..
because I was in dire need of  some D's..
as in sunshiny vitamin D...
also high on my list while outdoors..
Remember to keep hydrated..
Drink LOTS of water..
(in my case, Iced Tea!)

for digging..
dark and rich..
filled with all sorts of wriggly worms...
Dreaming ..planning 
of new plantings..

dug up and removed!
or perhaps more roses?
Pretty pink ones..
definitely need more Columbines.
of every color..
such as these Red and pink Columbines..
or maybe more of these delicate pink and yellow Columbines..

plenty of Coneflowers for sure..
Here's the cutest flower of all in my garden!

Now for more Pink Saturday fun..
Please visit Beverly...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday..Colors or lack of..

Current: Drizzle
Wind: N at 15 mph
Humidity: 100%
47° | 41°
Chance of Showers
58° | 40°

Looking out my window..
I see wetness..

not the soft, gently falling spring rain..
more the cold gray raw and wintery wet day..
a mix of rain, slushy snow..and sleet..
a day calling for a warm blazing fire in the fireplace..

steamy hot cup of tea or cocoa on the side table..
an open book on the lap coverlet..

snuggly socks..
and furbabies nestled nearby..

all to the soothing sounds of beautiful music..
this is my picture of reality..
In my mind's eye..

beachy colors of home..

sunshiny yellows....
puffy white marshmallow clouds..
sailing across the bluest of skies..
emerald greenish to turquoise waters..

dotted with sailboats wearing colorful sails..
folks frolicking or just being..

colorfully bedecked in rainbow shades..

against the shimmering whites of beach sand..
back to reality..
time for a refill..
now a snow hail mix..
ahhhhh the joys of Colorado in the springtime....
but..this is today..
tomorrow will be brighter..
and warmer...
with the colors of Colorado springtime FLOWERS
and..with very low humidity!!!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Joy of Surfin'

While visiting my favorite Blogs,
I often  surf through THEIR list of favorites..
never knowing where I'll end up..
that happened again  this morning..
Jen, of Muddy Boot Dreams and Blu oom
has some very neat friends..
seeing her  button for "Word Verification Free Blog"..
Curiousity got the better of me..
I let my fingers do the walking..
clicked the button.. 
which led me to..
Beatrice Banks..
another delightful blog..
which addressed one of MY PET PEEVES!
I borrowed her post to share with MY Friends..
Beatrice  opened the subject with photos..
to read her delightful post..just click the word Buttons above..
and then visit Jen..
I adore the antics of Bootsie, her Cat....
and  her exquisite photos... 
(we both are lovers of the color Blue)..
especially in the garden..
like this GORGEOUS Hydrangea 
Blu oom

Now for the borrowed post from Beatrice:

Blog button: n.  a graphic online icon.
To copy this button, take the html on my right sidebar.

After hearing much feedback about the word verification device, and the apparent disdain of it by many, Penny Lane Designs has helped me create a new "button."  If you do not know what word verification is or how to remove it, read about it herehereor here.  We are not advocating lack of security. Research security measures and decide for yourself.  For those of us who like to comment a lot, word verification is a pain.  Some bloggers will not even comment if they must go through the deciphering process.  And believe me, it is a process. One mistake and it's back to the box with letters harder to decipher. 

Help spread the word by identifying  your blog as a "word verification free blog."  It's a courtesy to those who take time to comment on your posts.
Now get going..
be sure to leave comments!!
make a new friend!!
I did!!! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday..far from Mundane

How about a bit of sage advice from Mr. Twain:

“Twenty years from now you will be more 

disappointed by the things that you didn't do..

than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines...

Sail away from the safe harbor...

Catch the trade winds in your sails...




Follow your heart..
Enjoy living Life!!!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays

While waiting for my Dr. during a routine appointment,
I flipped through a back issue of O magazine..
found this fantastic article...
Being a Mermaid myself..
I read with great enthusiasm..
and just knew the article had to be shared with you..
my Mersisters and lovers of the sea..

Isn't science amazing?
Here's hoping your Wednesday is full of awesome wonders..
just waiting for your discovery!
For more wonderful Wednesday fun..
Please visit these gracious hostesses!!