Saturday, July 30, 2011

PINK Saturday

Just beautiful PINK wedding flowers from a new found site for weddings : Style Me Pretty
if you are like me, you will  lose track of time while becoming totally absorbed in the delectable eye candy of beautiful weddings!! 

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Steve Steinhardt - Photography
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Shutters on the Beach - Venue
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Warning! Warning!!

A terrible virus circulating!
It  is called Housework.
If you feel the need to start housework. 
Stop immediately.
This virus wipes out your social life. 
If you should come in contact with housework,
RUN straight to the nearest store! 
Purchase the only known antidote ..
Please forward this warning immediately to a least 6 friends. 
If you realize you do not have 6 friends you are already infected
Begin eating CHOCOLATE immediately!
 Happy Tuesday!!

the Birthday Girl..

No intro needed..


Florida, USA
You'll be picked up by this fella...

(definitely a Merman!!)

whisked to the party site..
But first, a Plumeria Lei..for the beautiful birthday lady..

and seated....
Our Mermaid sea sister of the heart..
a few pictures..
of then and now....

 Can you believe it was just 60 short years ago on this very date,that our beloved heroine was born? seems like yesterday..

"As most of you know, my family had a place at Paradise Cove in Malibu when I was growing up and this is where I spent most weekends and summers. I wrote this in a post from 2009, "We had a modest home in the San Fernando Valley, so that we could also have a weekend/summer getaway at Paradise Cove in Malibu. The Cove was strictly a trailer park at that time and our neighbors included Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Edgar Buchanan and Frank Cady (both of Petticoat Junction) and many friends. We bought our trailer from Lana Turner, better known as the Sweater Girl in those days. By the time we located to The Cove, we were already known as The Lazy G's from our many years of beach camping." I have many, many wonderful memories of our time spent in Malibu" 
(quoted from the blog Shellebell's Tiki Hut"
As a child, her early life revolved around her Daddy, family ..
and the beach!
She was a movie star, often being cast in the crowd scenes in the Gidget and Beach Party movies of the 1960's!
Fast forward to Love
and the first of two babies!
Fast forward to the present..
photos with Daughter..
Son and his friend..
 And ever the camper, still camping .forgoing the trailer...but now  in a TENT!
I cannot remember exactly when  we first "met", just that we clicked instantly..with such intensity! 
Our love for the oceans,all creatures above and below the waters..our passion for creativity.. 
our joie de vive!! bet!! We laugh, we cry, we love..and sometimes dislike with intensity creeps in..
we can be very stubborn as well as generous to a fault..
Surely there is salt water in our veins! 
Our Maker, the keeper of the stars, knew when our worlds needed to collide..
and wow! am i ever thankful he sent dear Shelle to my part of the world..
friends yes..but even more..
she is my Mermaid, sister of the sea,  and for always..
sister of my heart whom I love and adore..
sight unseen..but soon!!
Now..let the party begin..
Music Maesto!!

All your favorite music masters..
and yes, Jimmy will sing to the birthday girl..
(he has to be a Merman!)
we'll continue eating, dancing, partying.. till the sun goes down...
my toast to the sunset..
to our sisterhood..
and to you special lady!!!
Party hard...
love you  Shelle...
for always..

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Almost ready!

The big day is drawing closer..
and closer..

RSVP's are arriving by the truckload....

the caterer is putting finishing touches on the delicious menu..
( not a single calorie anywhere!)
beach themed wedding programs
so much many cakes!

mimosas flowing from a fountain..

flowers are being arranged..
how heavenly the plumeria and jasmine smell!

we have a tent

on her beach....
bonfires  will be lit after the toasting of sunset

no shoes needed..
Ukeleles for everyone...
we have a dj..spinning The Beachboy's music..
as well as Don Ho's Tiny Bubbles...
Jimmy Buffett has said he would try to drop by..

he might even sing the Happy Birthday to our dear honoree..
so hard to wait..
but wait I must..
as  shall you...

see you tomorrow...
Don't be late!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

You are cordially invited..

To a surprise virtual birthday party!
on Monday July, 25, 2011

the guest of honor is a secret..
but all of you know her very well..
Like me..she is a Mermaid..

loving all things coastal.
wet, watery, 
a bit on the "wild" side..
not really wild.. 
but her drum has a different beat for marching..
our mystery lady  was born on the opposite coast from me..
she spent many years on a California coast..
(was only away from the water once  when in Arizona!)
a song was written in her honor?
she has ties to all things southern..
loves delicious seafood..
especially in little out of the way places..
she hails from a military background..
married a Vietnam vet..
two children..
I've never heard her speak of pets..
however, she loves all critters as gifts from above..
is creative,so delightfully funny..
but is dearly serious about preserving our our planet and its oceans..
she is such a talented, remarkable , loving person..
and to me... 
she is  my mermaid sister of the sea, sister of my heart..

                "The tide recedes, but leaves bright seashells on the sand,
                 The sun goes down, but leaves its warmth upon the land,
                 The music stops, but lives on in sweet refrain,
                 For everything that passes, something beautiful remains. "

Please RSVP by blogging with a beachy post..
(anytime between now and Monday)
be sure to a link back to me..
Mountain Mermaid
this can be anything relating to the beach..
of a favorite beach..
place, activity, attire, food, drink ,memory..
photos would be awesome!
let's see who comes closest to guessing her  Identity..
which will be revealed on Monday 
There will be a gift from me to the lucky winner...
hope to see you there!!!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday Colors..

Denver Historical District
Whittier-San Rafael

As I often do,when running errands,I try to take different routes to and from my destination.
This was no different as I leisurely drove through an older historical area of Denver..
My errands completed, i found a shaded spot to park,grabbed the Nikon and started clicking..
My attention had been captured by this magnificent  home. The house was locked and barred tightly.
I curiously prowled the grounds, discovering an array/abundance of flowers..although the yard was landscaped, it needed tender caring to reach it's beautiful potential.. 

Miller House
2501 High Street
2501 High Street Whittier Neighborhood DenverBuilt: 1902
Architect: Robert Russell
Style: Romanesque
This striking residence was home to Byron L. Miller, a banker and realtor, until 1948 when ownership changed to Talbert Bartholomew, a railroad worker. After a period of serving as a boarding house, the house was purchased in the early 1970s by the current owners and returned to single-family use.
This corner-lot house stands out as much for its building materials as its design. The austerity of its rusticated gray limestone blocks are offset by red sandstone detailing surrounding the narrow arched windows, creating a fine visual balance. 2501 High Street Whittier Neighborhood DenverA widow's walk atop the house gives a commanding view of the surrounding neighborhood and two gargoyles are ever at their post to overlook the goings-on on High Street.2501 High Street Whittier Neighborhood Denver

           ~ * ~  
Another intriguing house in the same general area is this one..
Quite lovely to look at.. and very photogenic..

Schulz-Neef House
1739 E. 29th Avenue
1739 E. 29th Avenue Whittier Neighborhood DenverBuilt: 1881
Architect: unknown
Style: Gothic Revival/Carpenter Gothic
Built for German immigrant R. Ernst Schulz, a bookeeper at the German National Bank and real estate investor, the first residents also included prominent architect Frederick C. Eberley and family.
The house then became home to Max Neef and family after his brother Fred (whose house on Grove Street is also a Denver Landmark) acquired it at public auction in 1883.
1739 E. 29th Avenue Whittier Neighborhood DenverMax and Fred Neef were liquor and tobacco wholesalers as well as saloon owners. They later owned and operated the Neef Brothers Brewery, one of the largest in the West. Max Neef died in the house in 1921, but his family continued to live there until the passing of his wife Carrie in 1945.
The house was briefly converted to four apartments, but returned to single-family use by The Nonakas, a Japanese family displaced during W.W.II who lived there from 1946-1967.
In the 1970s and 1980s, this was the home of Reynelda Muse, Colorado's first African-American and first woman news anchor. Her husband Daniel Muse was the Colorado Assistant Attorney General, and later served as City Attorney of Denver.
The Schulz-Neef house is one of the oldest homes in the Whittier Neighborhood. Its steeply-gabled roof, ornamental woodwork and pointed finials stand out as a fine example of the Gothic Revival architectural style, a rarity in Denver residences.
Perhaps one of the most famous homes of all in this district...
Cody House
2932 Lafayette Street
2932 Lafayette Street Whittier Neighborhood DenverBuilt: 1892
Architect: Smith
Style: Victorian Eclectic
Home to Mary (May) Cody Branford Decker, sister of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Cody, known as a frontier Indian fighter and Buffalo hunter gained international fame for his wild west show, died here in 1917. Mrs. Decker lived in the house until her death in 1926.
A metal buffalo sculpture adorns the front yard.  
2932 Lafayette Street Whittier Neighborhood Denver

The day was perfect in the early morning hours, but soon turned steamy..
After walking several blocks in either direction, and retracing my steps back to the parked car, the air conditioned car and my waiting jug of ice water beckoned me! Fully rested, refreshed and cooled down, I headed home to edit my pics of the day..

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