Monday, August 9, 2010



Good Monday morning..
I'm inviting all of you dear friends along for a stroll through my world'
My day begins by hopping out of bed, opening the shades to usually a glorious sunrise..

.. and sometimes with the moon still visible!

next into the living room to open patio drapes for furbabies..
gotta have that dewy fresh morning air..

Bubba G and BeBe guarding the screen from intruding squirrels..
excellent security system..
leaving them in charge..
I grab th Nikon and off I go for my morning stroll..
out the door..
I first spy the blue Plumbago has more blossoms..
nice and cool..

Next..bright red geraniums and fern planter bidding happy day!

a new addition to another garden is this plant..
can't determine whether it is a Thistle.. or not?

Delightful clump of Black Eyed Susans

and what a sunny  greeter!

a lone red and pink columbine..

More sunny mellow yellows..

... brown daisies..  love these colorful hardy perennials!

and more pretty blues..

such a pretty!

and my neighbor's colorful Clematis!
so after the stroll.. we return..
BeBe still on post.. good girl!
Bubba hard at work guarding the bed...
and I'm ready to prop my feet up here..

more to come on this corner...
today s links:
Have a beautiful beginning to your week..


  1. Love your colorful flower pictures! Beautiful morning!

  2. Loui
    COLORFUL! Love the splashes of Red in there.
    Have a great week.

  3. Interesting and colorful post, Lou! Enjoyed the walk.

  4. You are quite the multi-tasker, taking in all those links! I see the red pop of a geranium in there. All of your pictures are bright and sunny. Happy Monday!

  5. What a lovely blue day you're experiencing!

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

  6. Wow, Loui, your mornings are gorgeous! Thanks for your sweet visit & I hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. Hi there, Such beautiful flowers to brighten a day. Loved seeing your world and your appreciation for the colors.
    Have a great week.

  8. Just beautiful Loui.

  9. What beautiful photos! Just gorgeous sunrise. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Beautiful photos sweet friend!


  11. What a beautiful and colorful morning you had. Even the kitties are beautifully colored.

  12. Hi Lou, all these pics are just beautiful. Love your header too!

  13. What a beautiful way to start your day, Loui. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. My favorites are the Columbine and the cool-looking blue Plumbago. Beautiful photography, too!

  14. I tihnk you've covered a pretty big portion of the spectrum all in one post! Gorgeous sunrise.

  15. Those photos are beautiful,and I love your kitties! Marcia

  16. Heavenly sunrise. Shades of red there too. All your photos are so purty! Your guardcats look like they have the life of Riley.hehe. Have a good week Loui. x-c

  17. Loui,
    What cute cats! I always have cat envy. I have been feeding my friend's cat while she is out of town. She thinks that it is hardship for me to do it but I LOVE that little kitty.

    I also enjoyed all those blooms! Blue and yellow look great together. My kitchen used to be those colors and I kind of miss it now.

  18. I love your header and your flower pictures are so pretty! happy blue Monday on my First Blue Monday!

  19. Wow! You are a very talented photographer. Those images are gorgeous. What kind of Nikon is that?


  20. Beauty, yes and Bootsie is out there right now guarding the potting bench. Gar guards the door, Bootsie the patio.

    My life is good! LOL

    Great shots,



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