Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday Colors

Color~~on Mondays


this word brought so many images flooding my mind..
Black was evil and white represents purity and goodness

my childhood tv programs were watched on a  set receiving only Black and white images...

.of cowboys and Indians..
Black for the bad guys..

white hats for the good guys..

John Wayne.
Roy Rogers..

.. under one of the white hats was a black mask..
the Lone Ranger.

but Zorro dressed in all black.. and he was a a good guy.

Then we had the fabulous Fred Astaire..
dancing the night away in top hat and tails..

How thrilled I was  with NBC..
 introducing Living Color with the Peacock logo

Initally cars were only made in black..

I  remember my hideous black framed glasses..

am so glad for the numerous choices available today..

the little Black dress..

can be dressed up,

 or down ..

depending on the time and the occasion..

adding pearls..either black..

or white..

short.. or long..

or why not both?..

and of course Black patent shoes..
For little girls.

..tween girls..

and big girls..

Black..can denote  so many things..
most  pertaining to color ..
Black Russian

Black Caviar..

as black birds..

black onyx

black eyed peas..the vegetable!

or even lack holes of space..

driving on pitch black night..

depths of despair..

but black can also represent fun..
as friend's listed  in my Little Black Book..

to call on my Black telephone..

or converse via e-mail on my Black dell computers..

while sending photos from my Nikon camera,,

maybe.. eating Licorice (yukky)

or drinking black coffee..

..thinking about Black cats

 and witches for Halloween..

PRAYING I don't get a lump of coal in my stocking at Christmas..!

Hope your Monday is as colorful as mine....
gonna be missing my Monday colors with Jen..
Maybe she has another fun thingy for Mondays.
Thanks ever so much!!
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  1. glad to be here.....saw you on blue monday!

  2. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

    My Blue Monday.

  3. Great post! You make black and white very colorful! I remember NBC in living color :)

  4. Wonderful post love the orange pumpkins and black cat. So right with Halloween just around the corner.

  5. Thanks for blogging along with the Color meme Loui-
    You made it a lot of fun! Joy to you! -Jen

  6. Love your "black" post for today's color. Great photos! I remember black and white tv. Black is all around us but it doesn't have to be evil. Black pearls are beautiful!

  7. Oh my, the memories come flooding back. They really were the good old days. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Wow. What a great selection of photos today. Enjoy your week!

  9. Whoa, I think you covered it all! Great photos!
    I'm late at posting today, but I made it.
    It was fun to see everyone's world through color these last 8 weeks. I'll miss it.

  10. It really is amazing how much black there is in this world. I enjoyed seeing all your pics girl.

  11. Caviar, black eyed peas and black licorice: I love 'em all!! I had those black glasses too...didn't everyone at some point in the 60's?? Boys & girls alike! Have a good week kiddo.

  12. Well, you pretty well summed it up for the color black! Although I am now confused about the good guy/bad guy thing...

  13. Wow! You thought of all kind of black, Loui! Great job! Happy Monday to you. :D

  14. You know those glasses are back in style now?
    My kids think they are cool. Ha ha.

    Nice post on black. If you look in my wardrobe you find a lot of that!


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