Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday , Monday.. colors of home

Today was such a glorious day here in Denver..
Our maker certainly knew what he was doing when creating the heavens..
and our beautiful planet Earth..
and I am so very fortunate to call two beautiful places my home.!
As you all know. the Florida panhandle is my home....
the next best thing to being there instead of virtually..
is in reality!
as that is not on the agenda just yet..
I can dream by reviewing past photos from there..
from my archives..
I just love this one..perfection in every way.. 
can you not picture yourself there...wind ruffling your hair..
as you stroll the sand.. toes making that unique crunchy, squeaky sound..
the sugary white sands of the  gulf beaches is the only place I've ever heard it.  

Just a pic I snapped because i loved the lines and shadows..

An evening shot..loved th reflections on the calm mirrorlike twilight time..

Closer to home here in Colorado,the sights were just as impressive as colorful..
These all are from a favorite photographer of mine. Scott Fricke, a native Coloradoan! His work is exquisite, so breathtakingly beautiful!
Last Dollar Road, Colorado, aspens, Ouray photo
Last Dollar Road ..courtesy  Scott Fricke Photography
rainstorm, Red Mountain, San Juan Range, Colorado, Black Bear Pass.  photo
Red Mountains from Black Bear Pass, Colorado ..courtesy Scott Fricke  Photography
Colorado, autumn, fall, Sawatch Range, Aspen, snow, mountain, colors photo
Autumn,Sawatch Range near Aspen Colorado..courtesy Scott Fricke Photography
aspen, trees, fall colors, Marcellina Mountain, Dark Canyon Trail, Raggeds Wilderness, Colorado, autumn photo
Dark Canyon View..Colorado..courtesy Scott Fricke Photography
sneffels range, colorado, ouray, snow, storm, aspens, autumn, foliage photo
Gathering snow storm.. Sneffels Range III..courtesy Scott Fricke Photography
mount sneffels range, colorado, ouray, snow, mountains photo
Mount  Sneffels Range, near Ouray Colorado.. courtesy Scott Fricke Photography
To see more of Scott's beautiful photography please CLICK here. 
It's late..I'm still so excited about being out and about in this gorgeous place today..Sleep was the last thing on my mind! Editing will have to wait til tomorrow1
I just wish each and everyone of you could see and experience Colorado in Autumn for yourself..everywhere you look..another awe inspiring"take your breath away" view!
G'nite one and all..
and now..
please join my friends for these other delightful, colorful places!

Blue Monday
Mellow Yellow Monday


  1. Wowm lovely colors and gorgeous scenery. The aspens trees are my favorite, they are so pretty. Wonderful photos, Happy MYM!

  2. I lived in Colorado for over 40 years. My sister still lives on the Western Slope, and outside her windows, mountain pass.

    Mexican Bird of Paradise

  3. Really great photography of glorious scenery!!!! Wish I were there!

  4. After seeing the photo of Red Bear pass, I know where our next trip will be!
    What a talented photographer Scott is. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi again...Yep, they're quite easy to grow from seed [the mex. bird of paradise]. Make sure you get the seed pods that are completely dry [from the bush] tho, the green ones, even partially green, never seem to do anything once planted. What I do is put about three seeds to one planting, making sure at least one will come up. And once they grow, they're perennial - the bush comes back over and over. I'm not sure what'll happen tho, with freezing temps. They might not produce. It's worth a try.

    Glad to know that you're now following I reciprocated. I love meeting new blogger friends.

  6. One day, Someday, I am going to visit you (before you move back to the Gulf Coast)to go up to see those beautiful mountains with snow on the top!
    That one pic looked as if it were taken at Alys Beach down here. Nice blog!! Always enjoy.

  7. So many blues --it's hard to pick a favorite but the water and sky win.

  8. I visited Colorado once and brought home a good-sized rock to remind me of the gorgeous mountains. Funny thing . . . the heavy rock broke my suitcase, so it "cost" me dearly!!

    Happy Blue Monday to you, Loui!

  9. amazing photos.. Have a great day..

    MIne is Here!

  10. The beaches of the Pacific Coast are where my heart is but; I have been to Colorado in the autumn and it was so breathtaking to see those Aspens shining against the pines in the Rocky Mtn. Natl. Forest! Our friends had a home in Estes Park and we would just breathe in the beauty there. The grandeur of the mountains with the fire of the leaves is something everyone should see in person at least once in their lifetime. Thank you for the memories! Our friends have just moved to Texas so we'll be checking out new scenery now.


  11. Stunning photography!!! Would give my eye teeth to get a shot at shootin' in Colorado!! Maybe next yr!!

  12. Loui~
    What a great post!
    I leave for the Gulf next Wednesday for good.. so i am thrilled!
    I lived in Vail for awhile back in my 20's...
    hence my daughters middle name "Vail"
    So you know I am digging this post!
    Have a great week!
    Cricket @gypsea nurse

  13. Stunningly beautiful pictures!
    I love the first picture of the beach so very much and would love to be there right now,

  14. Yes I can feel it. I love the panhandle and it's beauty. Lovely poem and pictures.


  15. Gorgeous! thanks for brightening my day!!

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog

  16. couldnt find true yellow on some blogs...urs is unique..nice shot maple tree..(",)..good day!


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