Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday..Wisdom, Words and Wonders

Wisdom and warnings..
In the beginning, when Facebook entered our world of social media, 
we all hailed this new phenomenon..
as the latest and greatest "next best thing to sliced bread!"
Friends, family, everyone always asked..
Are you on facebook?  

Befriend me?
And so it was..
We reached out..

connected ..shared..joined.. played..
And while doing so obliviously..
silently creeping into our lives like a deadly invisible cloud,
we all were mesmerized by this newest way of interacting while connecting...
We... our lives... unsuspectingly..
were being consumed by facebook!
Slowly and surely,teased into acceptance by it's tantalizing offerings,
we were the new junkies.. 
Becoming addicted with the newest and latest "designer drug"! 
If you are a facebook afficinado..
then surely you are keeping abreast of  the constant changes being made.,
some subtley..
others brazenly..
but all with .."dire" results..
Just yesterday, fb announced another change to your contact info ..

instead of leaving your REQUESTED contact email address in place, 
you've been assigned NEW facebook email address.. one of theirs!
I have that contact address there for a specific reason..
with particular filters set in place..
and do not wish to have any messages being filtered through or by facebook!
Also  announced earlier, if you use the fb MOBILE app..
anyone nearby can track you when you are ON..! 
that means YOUR location will become known.
All along facebook has been surrepticiously collecting your info into a "dossier"..
(much like the days of J. Edgar Hoover..
we won't go into McCarthyism here..but just click the link if you are curious.)
I (very seriously) am thinking of totally detaching myself..
from the tentacles of facebook..
Despite it's ease of use,fun and convenience,...
I do NOT need facebook.. 
rather it needs me..and you..
and others like you, and you, and yes YOU ..
to feed it's voracious appetite!
I can easily return to snail mail, 
telephone voicemail..
What about you?
Can You disconnect?

Words..unlocking worlds
Last evening, I picked up the telephone and dialed a number which had not used in almost a the rings reverberated through infinity,silently ..I prayed for the call to be answered..Click as the receiver was lifted and connection established..hesitantly.muttering a meek ..hello?.
the  voice in the other end..smilingly  recognized mine almost immediately!
For the next two hours we chatted as if not a moment of time had elapsed between our last chat and this one..

but it had..she, another mermaidseasisterofmyheart  had endured a tragic loss..
which knocked her for a long spiraling loop, leaving her in a pit of dispair..
Over the last few months, rays sunshine had begun replacing the darkness..
and hope was providing a way out via the sunbeams..
In may i found a photo of one of her favorite Flowers..

a sunshiny yellow frangipani (plumeria) emailed it to her.. 
to which she responded positively..
so last nite as we chatted, laughed and cried, she confessed how much she missed her blogging friends, her Etsy shop..
Just how important and precious  these components were to her.. and to her life! 
At first, she could not bear to even READ our blogs..
but slowly, she's checked several of her very faves..
so to "test the temperature of the waters"..
she's garnering her courage and will be rejoining us soon...
so blogging friends..
HEED this message!

"never underestimate  the power of your words..
either written or spoken."

be prepared for the impact they may create in your heart!

Wonders of my World..
not a single solitary word is necessary..♥

Why not reach out and touch someone today?


  1. The very things you mention are the reasons why I have never participated in Facebook and never will. Just too much personal information being flung around.

    Glad your friend is recovering from her loss. Stay cool.

  2. Glad to hear that your friend id=s recovering from her tragic loss.

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  3. I really haven't noticed my email changed on fb but I am going over to check it out! I have been way to obsessed by it the last couple of years. I have missed the personal contact with my friends.

    Wonderful post filled with good stuff! Can't believe that boy is 5 months old! He's precious!

  4. You have definitely touched a nerve with me today! I have never been on Facebook and never will. I've not trusted it since day 1. Just something about the ease with which people share their lives, thinking that it's all just one big happy family? Nada. Not me. I like my privacy and with that's gone forever. Then as the months ticked by, I found I missed my friends...they had given into the temptation of the weekly, daily..even hourly involvement with the fb world. No time anymore for our phone talks, emails, even lunches.
    Yes......I do believe FB is going to be the undoing of alot of folks. I'm glad I won't be one of them.
    I still write letters and go to the mailbox to mail them!!

  5. Oh Louie, I adore you so, your call made my heart sing and my soul do handsprings!

    AND, that baby? What a cutie pie!

    I want to thank you for being my seasister and for always holding me close, I feel it darlin', I feel it!



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