Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March madness..

or maybe just my coming and goings...

March has been mostly unkind with the madness of Ole Man Winter  refusing to loose it's grip and let lady Spring saunter in with her sunshiny days of warm fragrant breezes.. 

Guess we should just blame ourselves for listening to a burrowing rodent...one who obviously is cold,hungry and very sleepy!
Although we've had sunshine, the winds have howled like banshees..
creating whitecaps on the bay..
resembling the stiff peaks of meringue on on a blueberry pie..

On occasion, I've found a few times where the winds were quiet..early morning mists and fog rising..
Sunlight glistening through dewy new leaves.. 
The sunshine was gentle..and taking advantage of these brief respites..Nikon and I slipped out for a few hours of purest pleasurable delight!
Such was the day I took a detour for a much needed legs stretch and potty break..
Had said my goodbyes to my daughter Lisa and grand daughter Mac with Friend Evelyn..all down from Nashville for Spring break despite the downright cold and miserable weather....

and were spending a few more days with my sis in Panama City..
So as i'm headed back to Pensacola..whoa nellie!
saw the sign to Eden State Park..and since it IS the time for Azaleas to be blooming, my car did the quickest right turn ever!
Headed straight down the entrance road..winding, wooded with live oaks,native palmetto..opening into the most beautiful parking area  ringed with colorful azaleas..
headed down the path..saying ooohs and aaaahs as Nikon busily clicked away..

The day was perfect..one that I fondly call "Watercolor Spring"..
The leaf buds were barely visible with the faintest hue..which would be the same color of their fall foliage..
soft dappled sunlight..fragrant air from the myriad of flowering shrubs.. Azaleas, camellias..

everywhere. throughout the gardens..
.So many photos..so little time.. refreshed..
back on the road..stopping again at the official tourist info office for the Beaches of South Walton..

such a beautiful , bright welcoming place..
information for everything one needs to know  about the area..friendly knowlegable ladies..
Even picked up a gorgeous Jute bag to carry all the books, maps to be sent to my kids wallowing knee deep in snow back in Denver..
the price was so reasonable..
I grabbed two!  perfect beach bags!
bidding them a goodbye..
checked out the restroom facilities..
just as I suspected , spotlessly CLEAN!
Headed on down 98 towards home!
Such a great day to be out and about.. stopped downtown to catch sunset at the Plaza DeLuna

..first time I'd seen it with the statue..
Much has been done to revitalize downtown Pensacola..DeLuna Plaza stands where the old Municipal Auditorium stood for  fifty years..sadly Hurricane Ivan  was so destructive, the building had to be torn down..and used for artificial reefs..
Now the Plaza is frequented  by any and all who wish to view sunset..or fish..or simply watch the fishermen..
By now, clouds had rolled in, threatening a downpour..beat feet for home..
made it!..
Just in time for this awesome Mauvelous sunset!
What a perfect ending for such an awesome day of discoveries off the beaten path..We all should  do that.. follow our inner child.. play!

Joining  the wonderful Susan who hosts..
Outdoor Wednesday
Please stop by and say hi..lots of eye candy just waiting!


  1. Beautiful pix! Love the birdie friends and the one of the old home is great! Enjoy the rest of your week! Carol

  2. Gorgeous pics dear. What a fun place and the season is definitely ahead of us - not an azalea bud open yet, late this Spring. Easter weekend will remain somewhat barren around the garden. Love the plantation - and always have a place for pelicans in my heart, such amazing birds.

    Happy week - Mary

  3. I always enjoy your photos, but particularly love the ones of Eden State Park. Love that place!

  4. Beautiful as always, Loui! Love to see pics of my native Florida! And SHORTS in March!! Gotta love that! We've got snow on the ground here in CO. Enjoy your beautiful Spring!

  5. It's always nice to see a post from you - I can see you've been busy. Great photos but the last one is my fav!


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where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...