Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday nite..wee hours of Monday..

Yes..out of the depths of Pheonix..she arises..
or so I feel that is what is happening..
PACKING FOR MOVE! in full progress!
house is in utter chaos..furbabies know something is up..
they each have at various times sniffed the boxes,lifted their tails and sprayed the boxes..and have on several occasions  HISSED at the boxes!
They've discovered new places to hide, and then in complete reversal, cannot let me out of their sight..or have to be in my lap for petting/reassurance that all is well..
less than 4 weeks till we close on the house..

movers are coming Thursday for a better "box count" to more accurately estimate total cost of move..
on another note..Spring has well as pollen and then rains.. so for a day or so..fabulous  weather to be outdoors..
took full advantage..Nikon and I had a blast:
here's proof!
Victorian houses in the North Hill Historical District:
beautifully restored..

A day at the beach..sand between my toes..shells in my pocket..a huge happy grin on my face! 
Those Gulls are called.."Laughing Gulls"!

YOLO Boards,,my favorite color BLUE!

Awesome sunsets views from every direction!..

there you have it..a hint of my world..
I apologize to my followers who may have bailed ship..
I can sympathise..
for the faithful..
truly appreciate your loyalty and longevity..
at present, my blog has to be second in my list of priorities..
in the meantime.. get up and out!
enjoy the day!

joining Sally and the gang..
Blue Monday


  1. I was wondering where you were...and look at you--in the seat of luxury! lol
    Hope the move goes smoothly and you're settled into the new home without a hitch!

  2. Its sure been a hectic year for you. I bet you'll be thankful to finally be settled in your new home. Looking forward to pics of the new house!

  3. Been there, done that--moving, that is. It's rough, I know, but soon, it'll be over. HANG ON!

    That third picture has me nervous. Don't they need a railing around the "balcony."?

    Thanks for joining in to Blue Monday.

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

  4. Hope everything's going well with your home removal.
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  5. Lovely serie of photos. A great post for the "Blue" theme!

  6. I love touring and looking at historic homes and these are beautiful. You will make it through the moving process and all will once again be organized and feel like home.

    Now I'll get up and out and enjoy my day, just like you advised us to!

  7. The beach looks wonderful, not to mention those magnificent historical houses. Best of luck with your house move.

  8. Glad you found time from your moving to share these interesting things with us. Moving is hard on everyone, including the pets.

  9. Hi sweet friend

    Boy, I know all about what you're going through. This time last year I was in your shoes. You can do it! Keep repeating that. This too shall pass. I promise.

    Looking forward to things calming down for you so we can do lunch and have some fun :-)

    Big hugs,

  10. Lovely photos! Happy Blue Monday :)
    Autumn greetings from Australia ~Pernilla

  11. Those houses are so gorgeous. I love houses like that so I enjoyed your photos.

  12. Marvelous ocean photography for ODW ~ ^_^

  13. I loved viewing your corner of the world this week. I like the script writing instead of courier type that everyone else seems to be using on blogs. Enjoy the week ahead.
    JM Illinois

  14. Love those houses! Wouldn't mind living in one of them! But like the marine photos even better! ;o)

    Moving again?! I think I must have missed a chapter somewhere... Didn't you just move from Denver to Florida??? Or is this the final part of that move??? I'd better keep on "catching up". I hope the move went smoothly!!!


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