Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Swan Song/ Paradise Lost

I so wanted to share some of my upbeat fun memories of my vacation in Florida..
But how can I when this story dominates  the entire world news.....
This week saw even more sadness rendered by the oil spill in the Gulf..
The president came to the Gulf Coast, meeting with Governors from  coastal states..
In addition to folks cancelling vacation plans to the region,
the economical impact is being passed down to employees..
small businesses are closing..
employees are being laid off..
The end of an era is here..

No longer will families frolic along the shore..
or fishermen enjoy a freshly caught meal from the sea..
no longer will our beaches be known as the most beautiful in the world..
where Photographers.. both amateur and professional, abound..
capturing happy families memories of a lifetime
No longer will our beaches be know as the whitest in the world..
the sugary white sands will be tainted with alien globs of tarballs..

our sea creatures from the deep are coming closer to shore for oxygen..
trying to escape  the oil polluted depths..
fewer turtle nests have been found..
every day the "news" is not any better..
after two months.. the oil still spews forth..
yellow booms are everywhere..

destroying  life as we once knew it..
I was asked if my trip was a swan song..
in  a way it was..
I needed to replenish my senses with the feel of the beach..
to hear the rush of roaring waves..
and the gentle  lullaby of softly lapping waves....
the smell of the sea air.. both daytime warm..
and nighttime cool..

I needed to feel this heavy  humid air on my body..
caressing , and teasing my cheeks with soft kisses....
fluffing my hair..even on an overcast rainy day..s
breathing it deep  in my lungs..
carrying the essence of pure BEACH to my very soul..
to feel the texture of the sand between my toes..
hearing the squeaky sound like no other..
as I scuff my feet through the fine sugary white granules..
and the wet sand stuck to my feet from wading..
I needed to drink and absorb the changing colors of the crystal clear waters..
from emerald greens, to turquoises..
finally blending into the deepest shades of blues from purples to navy.
all set against the bluest Florida skies...
often punctuated with billowing white puffy clouds..
I needed one last look at perfection.. I knew it..
before it became lost forever..
Sand sculptures say it  all..

a special thanks to my sister of the heart Margo who graciously allowed the use of several photos..
other than the Presidential related photos, all others were taken by Moi..


  1. I am glad you got to come an enjoy it. Destin pass is now closed. They are deploying the boom and more tar balls are coming ashore on Okaloosa Island. Just heart breaking. I was in Destin shopping 2 days ago and noticed there wasn't the traffic that normally should be there. The businesses are really going to suffer without the tourist.

  2. Oh Loui, you know my heart is breaking. The photos you've shared of your trip bring such memories for me, as you well know. To think that our precious beaches will become a distant memory is just too much for my brain to comprehend. Then add to that The Gulf and all its critters and those whose livelihoods are being so impacted and it is more than I can bear.

    I've been watching the BP CEO testify today before the Energy Panel. Rep. Sullivan of Oklahoma ask him why in a 5-year period they had 760 safety violations while in the same period Sunoco had 8, Conoco had 8, Citgo had 2 and Exxon had 1.

    HIs answer and smugness made me want to reach through the TV screen and slap the crap out of him!

    Oh Loui, I have no words.

  3. Well said sweet friend. Beautiful photos!

    Praying a BIG miracle happens...and soon.


  4. Really beautiful and truly captures the sentiment of many who are witnessing this tragedy unfold. Lovely photos!

  5. what a beautiful job you did on this!
    I started crying...I am going over to the Island now to see what I can see....almost sunset time.
    I'll wait until tomorrow to drive over to the Destin East Pass...I do not think I want to see that since it is my most favorite view of here for 40 years.

  6. I'm so sorry that this beautiful area will be marred by the oil. We used to spend our vacations there just admiring the natural beauty.

  7. I heard this from someone never to be mentioned. But a marine biologist who said stay out of the gulf....they are finding tar on our beaches. Cleaning it up at night and saying nothing on the news so as to not scare away the tourists. I've even heard they're finding them on Tyndall beaches. My heart just breaks!

  8. Glad you got to enjoy it again before it gets tarred up! It's such a tragedy that such beauty has been damaged! I wonder how long it will take 'till Nature repairs the damage? And how much will humans be willing to help?

  9. Oh Loui, this has me in tears. My sister just emailed me this morning that she, her daughters and grandkids are going to the beach today. They usually go to Mexico Beach...wonder if any has washed up there.

    Me and Maddy are going up at the end of July...hope we can still go in the water then.
    If not, there are gorgeous freshwater springs that feed the Econfina river, and we will go there.

    My heart is heavy. I am so glad, though, that you got to make the trip to the beach while you could still enjoy it.

    Still praying for a solution!!

  10. It is horribly heart breaking to think that all of that will be gone someday.

  11. It is sad. I keep praying it won't be as bad or long lasting as they say but until the spill is stopped I can't see how the outcome will be good.

  12. Tears in my eyes after reading your beautiful but sad presentation of the Gulf disaster. This story leaves me speechless and incredulous that it happened in the first place.

    To answer your question, yes I do come to your blog to refresh my senses! I do not often leave messages but I do enjoy your beautiful blog.

    I hope that your Sunday is a good one and that the week to come will be all that you want it to be.

    Hugs, Maria

  13. It is beyond sad, beyond overwhelming, and tragedy. We have almost no words to describe what is continuing to happen.

    And that's the hardest part, it is continuing to happen. Most of these disasters have some sort of ending, a final moment when the world can move in and start the recovery process, there doesn't seem to be a end in sight.

    What a terrible legacy they have left for generations.....forever.

    Heartbreaking, troubling, and very upsetting.

    But I am so glad that you managed to hold good memories in your heart. What beauty you once knew.

    My heart goes out to all the animals, birds, sea life, and people effected by this disaster.


  14. Loui, I hope your beach paradise isn't ruined forever. Jimmy Buffett thinks this too shall pass...I sure hope so.

  15. This is a very thoughtful and beautiful post, best of luck to you guys over there! Happy Blue Monday <3


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...