Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday A-Z foods for Tomato!
bright red..vine ripened TASTY!
and boy!
have I ever been craving all things Tomatoey..
a tall Bloody Mary..

an icy cold chilled bowl of Gazpacho..

a Southern delicacy..A Tomato sandwich!
or just plain, sweet little grape Tomatoes..

one right after another!!
Please join our gracious Jen at Unglazed..
for more Tantalizingly Tasty T foods!
warm sandy hugs from Florida..


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  2. Nothing like a home grown tomato! I just picked my first bunch of grape tomatoes. Waiting on the bigger ones to ripen.

  3. Love those tomatoes! Can't wait until they get ripe again!

  4. Love tomatoes right from the garden. One of my childhood memories is going into the garden and picking one to eat on the spot!

  5. Oh yum. I'm craving a tomato sandwich now. All those photos looked just so yummers!

  6. I am so glad that it's almost summer. The "good" tomatoes should be in soon. I thought of doing this for my post too, because I love tomatoes. Your pictures make me drool!
    Hope you had a good Monday

  7. Excellent choice - although we have a few weeks to wait before anyone around here has fresh ones! I'll have to settle for a good Italian dish for now - some spaghetti or such.

  8. Hey Loui
    I just eat the things made from the tomato.
    Hope your vacation is going well! lots of sunny days to you.


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