Monday, September 26, 2011


The colors of  MY world..
My niece Jen  became engaged this past weekend..

Is that one excited girl??
(when he asked her,she emphatically said YES!)

Steve is a wonderful fellow..
we all love him!
I "watched" college football on Saturday..

the term  is used loosely..
I was not in control of the remote..
never really figured who won or lost!
Same story  on Sunday only this time..NFL..

the big Guys!!
a dear friend e-mailed me these gorgeous photos from 
San Maarten, USVI..
St. Maarten
Megan's Bay
made me drool with envy!!
Nikon and I are headed to the Denver Botanical Gardens today!! Free admission!!

Next weekend, my agenda will be searching for this:

and may even go to my favorite place to find these: 
Maroon Bells,Aspen CO!
enjoy your day.. I know I will!!
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  1. Hi Loui, What a fun weekend. I'm headed to Estes this week to see if the colors are indeed changing. Have a great week and enjoy the Aspens.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Thank you for brightening this dreary and rainy Monday morning here in Mississippi, Loui. Your pictures are breathtaking, and I look forward to seeing the aspens, captured only as you can.

  3. We had the games on too over the weekend. I have no idea who won anything. I am so with you on the Aspen trek this weekend. And the beach die for...happy week!

  4. Congrats to your niece and great fall colors in your photos.

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues. Your niece is wearing a gorgeous dress.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  6. I don't enjoy watching football, but it's always on in our home. There is something about the roar of the crowd that bothers me! :)

    I love the island pics and hope to go someday.

    And the garden pictures....beautiful! It's a beautiful day here and I should get outside

    Have a great week, friend!

  7. gorgeous photos! lovely to see aspen.

  8. Wonderful pictures, Lou! I'm like you about football:-) However, I wouldn't mind watching the guy in the first football picture! ♥

  9. I love the Botanic Gardens. Your photos are terrific. Congrats to the happy couple. I love watching football. The CU Buffs lost to the Ohio Buckeyes and the darn Broncos were beat by the Tennessee Titans. Aspen is such a lovely place and the Maroon Bells are incredible. Thanks for sharing. Anne

  10. Somebody's very happy! Congratulations to the good-looking couple. I'm drooling over the island pics too. So pretty. Gotta love those freebie days. What a wonderful place to just soak in some color & recalibrate.

    Take good care,


  11. She does look excited! Cute.
    I love all your fall foliage. Beautiful!
    This time of year is my favorite.


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