Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

Have you seen this Front Door in Coastal Living's October issue? Two things make it so gorgeous -the bright aqua color and the very unique Starfish Wreath. 
starfish wreath for front door
starfish wreath
The creator of this eye catching Starfish Wreath? Non other than the talented Shari of Beach Grass Cottage! As you can imagine, she is super excited to see her starfish wreath featured..and to celebrate,Shari is giving away 2 dozen 4-5" beautiful White Starfish!
 Imagine what you can do with 24 starfish!                                                                         !
To enter the giveaway,Go To Completely Coastal for complete entry rules and details .
A bit closer to home, I was out and about in search of local color here in the Denver area..Mostly golds and yellows are predominate in the Locust  and Maple trees..The Trumpet vine on the back fence is beginning to turn 

shades of crimson, reds and orange, Pyracanthia berries are bright Orange..
Also, now is the time for planting fall bulbs....the local nursery and box stores have an ample supply..
as well as an array of colorful Mums..and Pumpkins..

.My Roses keep on trying to bloom, especially the white ones.. it's time to trim them back!

They are beginning to look quite scraggly..wouldn't you agree?

Would love to be doing this!

Might even hike up this creek this weekend..with Nikon of course!
The weather should be very pleasant for autumn leaf peeping!!
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  1. Beautiful photographs!!! I love the beauty of autumn:) And I really love that front door! It's fabulous!

  2. Those starfish have captured my heart. Gorgeous. And I hope that you have a great hike.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. And happy autumn leaf peeping!! The leaves have not turned yet here in coastal RI, it's been quite warm actually. Not complaining at all.

  4. Waiting patiently for the leaves to really change here. Just a few trees so far. Love that wreath. Must go visit her site next. I am a happy new follower from White Wednesday.

  5. Wow so beautiful there i like all of them. Happy WW!

  6. I am wishing for some beautiful leaves changing here soon! Gorgeous photos.

  7. Love the door!!! and I LOVE the fall photos. The only change in color I am seeing is the fake leaves I am putting around the house. I miss fall...but I LOVE the beach!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. Love the starfish wreath! That is so beautiful and so is all the foliage around your area! I know the beach is wonderful, but you surely do live in a different kind of paradise!


  9. Gorgeous! We are so blessed with nature and all the creatures great and small.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog! I love yours. :) Oh yes, the aqua door with the starfish wreath is dreamy. Just adore it. Thank you for sharing all the pretty pictures.


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