Friday, January 13, 2012

Pssst!Hey guess what?

I've Fallen in Love!!!
There's a new fella in my life!

Stardust picture

Snips and snails..
and puppy dog tails..
that's what little boys are made of,,

Had a call around 4:30 Thursday afternoon from son Bran..
he and wife Jamie were out looking at something or other for their home..
His Message: " hey, Jamie's water just broke!"
Of course,as she was scheduled for a C-section for this Saturday, this minor event caught them totally off guard!
They had not a clue as what to do!
We asked,is Jamie's hospital bag in the car?
Are you closer to home than to the hospital?
Then drive carefully home, retrieve the bag..
and get to the hospital! 
which they did..
Daughter Heather called around 5:30..
as she was finishing her Nursing class at another hospital..
Bran had called for her to come and stay with him..
(they are very close, always have been)
Heather called again at 9:30..
or rather  she picture mailed me ..
the photo of the most adorable little fella..

Braxden Thomas..
weight 5lbs 4oz..17.5 inches long

Altho there was little sleep or rest due to hospital routines..
here's the happy Daddy Bran and baby Brax,,..
Mommy Jamie is trying to rest a bit..
if all goes well,they will go HOME on Sunday!!

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  1. So very excited for you! The photos didn't open but I know exactly how you feel! Last April this happened to me at first sight. Congrats Grandma!

  2. Boo Hoo! The pictures didn't come through for me:(

  3. Congratulations to all! What a gorgeous little guy.

  4. Oh! Congrats Grandma! A new grandbaby is a wonderful way to start out the new year!

  5. I can see the picture of the baby, but none of your son - he's adorable. Many congrats and best wishes - what a blessing. That was a quick delivery too, wasn't it? Nice. You must be walking on air tonight! Hugs!!

  6. Congratulations to your whole family. Babies rock!

  7. God Bless... I worked L/D for only about 2 years... Every baby is a miracle...
    My best to you and your family!
    Gypsea Nurse

  8. what a cute little fella..
    I am so happy for this new blessing to your family.

  9. Love that new baby look of total relaxation.

  10. Oh my goodness! Congrats Loui! He is so tiny and sweet!


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