Monday, September 3, 2012

Fun stuff for Monday

Have been working on several posts..
the continuation of the Mermaid Journey..
(editing Pics)
another about coming home..
(editing those pics)
in addition to the above, am still UNpacking boxes..
(repacking as I go this is a temporary home)
yesterday, no power from 1:30ish til way after 8pm!!!
too long to be away from my computer..
but did manage to get this gorgeous sunset..
which won an AC award on WeatherUnderground
Today, was a beautiful hot 95 degree sunshiny day..
so my sis Di brought me much needed tables and chairs..
(surplus from her home which is on the market)..
my brother and nephew came..
his daughter Jen and hubby Steve came to lend a hand..
as did Aaron (Di's son) my other nephew..
how wonderful to have impromptu FAMILY reunions..
accomplished with a simple phone call..
nope.. no pics of that..
but am sharing pics from a dear friend who is across the big pond..
in Greece..
picking grapes!
Yes.. time to harvest grapes and start the wine making process..
so will share Julie's beautiful photos..
be prepared to OOOOOH and AHHHHH!
they are exquisite..

View from their balcony on Samos Island, Greece, overlooking the Aegean Sea..

Entrance to the Wine Cellar..

Spring water straight to the table at the restaurant..

the blues are dazzling!

Manoletes,Samos Island

A beautiful fixer-upper, right on the waterfront,bike included! the bag!

Served! A loaf of bread, a jug of wine..and good friends! Perfection!

Dolmadakia..Grape leaves stuffed with rice,tomatoes on the side!

One of the many Grecian Kittens at the outdoor restaurants..
a beautiful view..

Fog rolling in from Turkey...

the harvested be stomped into juice for the wine

As the day ends..the beautiful full moon rises over Samos Island,Greece.
Used with permission..all Copyrighted photos courtesy of my friend Julie Bullock.
thanks Julie for sharing your  wonderful Grecian adventure!
Blue Monday
Mellow Yellow Monday


  1. I know that moving seems to be a never-ending chore. How wonderful that you can take a break and drool over these pictures. Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

  2. Oh, I want to go back!! Was there in 97 for 9 days (in Athens, and one of the islands). Serendipitously, we went today to a Greek day in our area, and had Lamb, rice, and salad, and baklava. Grape leaves would have been included if we had had enough cash with us:)

  3. What a wonderful collection of photos! Your award-winning sunset is indeed Gorgeous and perfect for Blue Monday!

  4. Beautiful photos.

    My blues are here and here.

  5. Congrats on the AC! The picture is beautiful and I must go see it on WU! Loved the pictures from Greece!!

  6. Beautiful captures. Visiting from Blue Monday.

    My BLUE.
    Have a great week ahead!


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