Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Valuable Lesson Well Learned..

Today, as always, I checked to see if I had any new comments..
waiting to be published..
and I did.
I've posted them below to share,
I've also complied with the author of those posts..
removed her photos as she requested.
You see,in my earliest days of  blogging ignorance..
I often "Googled" for photos to illustrate my blogs..
Before removing the photos, I did want to apologize..

and give her full credit..because the photos were beautiful!

but upon following back by clicking on her name..
I hit a dead end..
there was no way to contact her..
So Bonnie Woodson , if you are reading this..

I do apologize for using your photos without your expressed or written permission.
I also apologize for sharing with my readers wonderful photos ...

which so perfectly depicted the beautiful Landmarks on our Emerald Coast..
which so perfectly conveyed the emotions I feel about my native soil.
And dear readers..a valuable lesson has been learned..
when using Google Images..
there are only two right choices from which to choose:
always either give credit to the owner..
or do not use..
Finally, when leaving a comment..whether good or bad..
ALWAYS have an email listed..
Duh! so the recipient will be able to contact you!

                                                    Actually, now that I read your "about me" section. 
You are representing these are your photos. I am no longer flattered. Remove my photography from your blog. Bonnie Woodson on Sunday, Sunday memories..

I'm happy you like my photos of the Pensacola Beach Island Cross. They are both my photos, but I don't see where you gave the photographer credit..Will you be adding credit to my photos? Bonnie Woodson on Sunday, Sunday memories..

I'm glad you like my photos from Pensacola Beach of The Island Cross. But where is the credit to the photographer, who would be me..Bonnie Woodson on Sunday, Sunday memories..


  1. That is too bad she felt that snitty about that. You have always given credit where credit was due. Since Day 1 when you began your blog, you asked me if you could use a photo of mine that you liked and you have continued to do that a few years later into your blog.
    I am glad you wrote this for other bloggers to learn from. You did a really nice job in the Southern lady-like manner which is so You!

  2. Loui,
    I am so sorry you went thru this. I'm very certain you had no intention of any wrong doing.

    I will however heed your words and follow the example you have given for using Google photos.

  3. Whoa......I google pictures all the time! There was only one time that I contacted a cartoonist and she gladly gave her permission to use a cartoon and for free. It was on a "for sale" site...she was very gracious and I did give her credit on the post.

    I guess I'll learn my lesson too! Sorry it is at your expense!

  4. All I can say is be very careful if you use a photo that is not originally yours.

    Merely crediting the photographer is not enough, there was a post written by a blogger who was still sued by the photographer, even after she removed the photo, and she claimed that she had no idea that was illegal. If I can find it I will send you the link.

    I have a very clear, do not copy policy on my blog, every one of my photos are original, and watermarked because they are mine. I have a Creative Commons attribution on my blog, it can't be missed. Some blogs will allow you to use the photo with permission, some will go after you.

    Please be careful, it's not as simple as just giving credit to the photographer.

    You might like to read up on the creative commons attributions that some blogger use to let others know how and if they can use their photographs.

    I do agree, there are better and nicer ways of asking if the photo could be taken down, or used with permission.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. She sure wasn't very nice about it, was she? I would consider it an honor to see others using my photos, but that's just me. We live in a sue everyone society, so Muddy Boots is right, you could even get sued for doing this. (shaking head) So sad.

  6. Anyone whose familiar with you and your lovely blog knows you do not claim ownership of the photos/artwork that you share. If this photographer looked at you the way she does a landscape, she would see a beautiful lady. I'm sorry her art is more gracious than she is.

  7. Sorry you had to go through all that, Lou!

  8. Whoa!! I have missed alot while my computer was down. sorry about all of this and I definitely do agree that her way of stating her opinions sure could have been done in a much nicer way. Geeze........rudeness is so unappealing.
    thanks for the comment...I've got you back on my list!

  9. Loui,
    Please, don't let this take the wind out of your sails. I once had an similar experience. I did give credit with a link to the blog...but I did not see that I needed to ask for permission before posting and linking. The blogger was one of the biggies. I fired off an email and apologized for my oversight. She immediately emailed me back from her IPhone. She was gracious,accepted my apology, and granted me permission. I felt so relieved. Mistakes happen.

    I wish that I was walking on your beautiful white sugar beach right now!
    Thank you for visiting and becoming a friend of 34th Street!
    I'm your newest follower!

  10. Hi sweet friend!

    So sorry this happened. I guess she should have signed her photos to protect then. Knowing you, I know you would NEVER intentionally try to hurt someone.

    Let's get together soon, okay?

    Love and miss you.

    BTW... I'm back to blogging! I might not post or visit as often as I used to, but I promise I'm back. Loved catching up with you.

    Life is so good for me right now. I'm loving life and going "full steam ahead", so time on the computer is limited.



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