Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sundays ,Mondays...fundays!

Today was a typical Sunday..
slept late..
awoke to kitty kisses..

and the sound of pouring rain..
tripped out to the kitchen..

turned to coffee on..
fed, fresh watered for the furbabies..
opened the kitty door access to the patio,,

braved the elements to retreive the Sunday paper..
picture me in jammies with an umbrella.. ;) !
Lingering over those first cups of coffee..

we smile, laugh, yes even giggle..
as we read the newspaper..
solving the problems of the world..
Just another Sunday morning pleasure..
Afterwards,,we plan our day..
today was to run out to his office..

while he was working on charts,
I was measuring wall space for his diplomas..
and pictures to be mounted..
then.. out to breakfast!
This is a treat as I usually prepare it at home!

Today we tried a new place..
with the best OJ ever!!

It is shipped direct from Indian River FL growers.

Tastes just like fresh squeezed!
Breakfast done, errands run..back home for Football..
Me.. working on photo editing..
finally..I need to stretch..
take a little jaunt over to the beach..
easy task now that the number of tourists have dwindled..
still a trickle tho..access is so much easier..

The surf was rough, with RED flags indicating RIP currents..
mostly folks were ignoring the warnings,swimming anyway.

Between rain squalls, the sun would shine brightly,
illuminating the BLUE sky...
and EMERALD waters...

Next, making my way back to the car,
couldn't help but notice the colorful buildings around Pier Park..
as well as the beautiful floral plantings..
Just as I was really getting into the phototaking..
the heavens opened up...
and I beat a hasty retreat back to the DRYNESS of my car...

oh least fresh air, exercise and sunshine...
all were enjoyed AT THE BEACH!!
joining all these awesome folks for more fun and frivolity!

Blue Monday

Seasonal Sunday
Mosaic Monday


  1. I had a hard rain early Sunday morning, too, but it dried up in time for church.

    Your spot in Florida is paradise, I agree. And Indian River OJ is the BEST!

    Thanks for playing Blue Monday, and for sharing your blue.

  2. Sounds a perfect Sunday, apart from dodging the rain!
    Great wild water beach shots.

  3. PURRRfection! I so enjoyed the day with you, especially those emerald waves, for I've SO missed the coast and the ease of getting there for a soothing break after supper. Just sitting on the sand as the cool of the day comes across the water, and the dark comes in over the neon waves---better than therapy.

    And the RAIN!! We've been totally dry for more than two months, and everything is so in need of it. (though my aging eyes and that elegant script made me read " . . .the DRAGONESS of my car." What a lovely image, of returning to such an impressive imaginary transport.


  4. Gorgeous photography of a wonderful place ~ what a wonderful day ~
    carol ^_^

  5. Beautiful photos! It is always nice ot see you here and at Face Book too! Have a good week and enjoy!

  6. Although I now love the mountains, I miss being near the ocean, The sound of the waves against the shore is so relaxing. I'm glad you have been enjoying my Colorado photos, Loui!

  7. I took plenty of big breaths whilst walking along that beach Loui,
    Thanks for taking me along with was wonderful ;D
    Fabulous photos too.
    It's my first visit to Blue Monday but it's been so great. I'll be back for sure.
    Have a great week.


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...