Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blue Monday

Blue Monday..
seems I've been in a blue funk for the past week!
Here's hoping this week to be filled with sunshine..
and gorgeous blue skies..
I heart is longing for springtime..
colorful Tulips Irises,and Daffodils..

lifting their showy heads to kiss the sunshine..
or in my dreams for a while longer..
I'll be dreaming under my latest find ..
from Chez Goode Wille..
that is if I can keep Bubba off of it..

                                In the meantime, I'll have this find to keep me warm.

                                             Brand new,,never worn!!

This cute little doll could be the perfect ad for Old Navy, couldn't he?
It was 50% off for everything in the entire store!!!
The Ralph Lauren  King size reversible Quilt..was marked $ 8.50..
my price $4.25.
Pillow Shams 1.99 each
my price $1.00 each
the U S Navy sweat suit..$8.50
my price 4.25
My total..$10.50!
The cutie..priceless!
maybe my Monday won't be so blue after all!!
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  1. What incredible bargains. Bubba looks so comfortable! I'm looking forward to Spring too! Wishing you joy all week long.

  2. Wow ... Looks like your successful treasure hunt is a combination of your being a talented shopper and Chez Goode Wille being one of the more upscale I've seen!

  3. Hard to beat prices like that! Goodwill Industries does a lot of good, for their workers and the customers both.

  4. I love bargains! Looks like this is enough to change your blue Monday into "Oh, Happy Day"!

  5. I too am longing for Spring. It has been cold in our area too. Your iris pic brought a smile to my face. My irises are up and will bloom in a couple of months. Oh happy day to look forward to. Love you kitty mosaic too and great "finds".

    Caarolyn/ A Southerners Notebook

  6. Great bargains! Our weather has been so yucky that I've had times when I fought the "blues", but today was wonderful. Blue skies!


  7. Awwwww.....Loui, you didn't make Bubba get off of all that softness did you? he looked so comfy.... :9

  8. Hi Loui -
    I was so happy to see that you had stopped by for a visit :) WOW...I'm got some great deals!! I LOVE Goodwill and miss being able to shop at my favorite Goodwill back in California. Here in Idaho I have found Savers, which is a thrift store, I usually can find a couple of good bargains but nothing like the bargains I could always find at Goodwill :)

  9. I love all your bargains, Loui. Bubba is beautiful and looks all warm and comfy amongst your new Ralph Lauren finds.

  10. Wow- what great deals. I have never been at Goodwill when it is 50% off.

    Boy I wish I could be-

    Have a great week- I hope your blueness lifts.\


  11. Well, those bargains should wash your blues away! Could you send those sweats this way? Its still a bit chilly here in Florida, but at least the freezing temps are gone.

    I have a love for orange cats and yours is just adorable. Sending some beachiness your way.

  12. Wow! Great bargains! We have a cat just that color but about 10 lbs heavier. He's so

  13. Get.Out. I LUUUURVE good deals! THanks for stopping by That's So Cuegly! And P.S. I have this internal love for mermaids. I'm almost 25 and I still think I'm going to be a mermaid when I grow up...heehee. I even dressed my 1 yr old as a mermaid for halloween!
    And the prying myself away from the next to impossible, but I limit myself. My usual hrs include 7pm (bed time) till 1am...I kid you not! You gotta do "me time" when you have the time. :)

  14. Oh the things kids will do.
    OH NO!!!

    We were running around from room to room. She has been aloud to play with scissors, cutting paper--until NOW. They have been BANNED! Her Dad was in the kitchen and she was on the other side of the bar going to town on her hair. So glad he was home, I might have heard "how did something like this happen".

    I asked her who cut your hair and she said "JESUS"


  15. YOU MUST GO READ MY POST TODAY. You have been featured. You can grab one of my "I've Been Featured" buttons (on the right hand side bar) and you can post it on your side bar.


  16. Thank you so much for ALL of your sweet comments, and have a wonderful weekend!!

    xoxo Laura


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