Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday, etc.

A LOVE Affair..
I have always LOVED shoes..
guess it all started in my formative years..
When school started in September..
I always had a new pair of INDESTRUCTIBLE..
saddle oxfords..which I hated..passionately

They were heavy,
rubbed my heels,
and were "too big"
I was expected to "grow into "them..
which I never did..
I secretly envied the girls with cute ballerina flats,

patent leather Mary Janes..

But my all time favorite was  the Penny Loafer.

remember those with the buckle on the heel..
buckled if you were going with someone..
unbuckled if you were available..
I digress..
I vowed if I ever survived and reached adulthood..
I would never, ever wear an uncomfortable shoe again!
when fortunate enough to find the perfect shoe..
I purchase one in every color available..
and if  RED..then I buy several pairs.. 
so.. when I found this comfy pair at Good Will..
of course they fit..check!
were 50% off,,
they are looking better and better!
yay! I contemplated..
put them into the buggy as I perused other sections..
and then..I found these purses..

 RED shoes..this time!
2 Pair of shoes @4.00 each..X 50% off=4.00
3 purses @3.99 each X 50% off = 6.00 
total $10.00
one tired, happy shopper..priceless!

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  1. My foot was very narrow growing up and saddle oxfords were about all that fit me - I had them in many colors!!! I love your thrift finds - what great bargains. Hope you have an enjoyable day.

  2. You were certainly in the right place at the right time, Loui -- and what bargains! Everything looks brand new!

  3. I hate shopping. (Unless it takes place in garden center or nursery.)I think my sisters got all the shopping genes. I got the mall phobia gene. But your thrift store finds makes me feel I should rethink that whole shopping thing.

    PS I never knew that about the loafer buckles. No wonder I didn't date much in high school.

  4. Hmmm.... I haven't visited Goodwill in awhile. I used to live really close and dragged home plenty of bargains!
    Those shoes are super cute!

  5. You got some GREAT Deals! LOVE those. I also love your blog name and header. I have a thing for mermaids. But your blog name makes me want to sing the John Denver song, Country Roads and change from Mt Momma to mt mermaid! LOVE it.
    Great work!

    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!


    Tales from Bloggertiaville

  6. Love your shoes and bags deals!

    I have to tell you though, I loved my saddle shoes (because Marilyn Monroe wore them) and when I started designing custom Keds for my Zazzle store one of the first pairs I did were a replica of saddle shoes onto Classic Keds. They were an instant hit and my second biggest selling shoe design. I did them for the fun of it and had no idea they would take off like they have.

    After reading your post I realized that there are many of us out there who will never forget our saddle shoes. btw, my sister hated hers too!

  7. Ah...saddle oxfords, how I hated those ugly, clunky things, but they were a parent's favorite shoe for the child, they never wore out!
    Great deals on the shoes and purses!

  8. Lou, I guess I must be crazy, but I loved my saddle oxfords and penny loafers, but I always had a pair of ballerina shoes for Sunday. Guess I had the best of both worlds.

    You got some great buys, they are very attractive shoes and a great purse.


  9. Geeeez, I think I need to pay attention to the purses and shoes when I shop Goodwill. I never look at that stuff, or the clothes. I wonder what I've been missing? Great deals, Loui! :)


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