Sunday, January 24, 2010

Favorites in Silver

Although I've only recently become an afficianado of Silver jewelery in the last  twenty years, I am finding it more to my  my taste.
I do have one piece, a bracelet given to me in September of 1975 by a very special person in my life. I wore it continually until The fastening bar finally broke a few days ago. The history of the was a graduation gift to him before starting college.

My next favorite piece is only fifteen years old..but it too has a story.
the necklace is a simple yet flexible band of silver with a hook clasp.
I first noticed it when my best friend was wearing it..and she let me try it on..
of course I loved it! and Surprise..surprise..a few months later I was proudly wearing one of my own..a gift from her.. what makes this necklace so unique an special is  that attachments can be worn on it.. for momentous occasions or celebratory events.. or for "just because"..we exchange pendants with each other throughout the year. Whatever we find, we buy two.. one for ourself..and one for the other.. it is a way  we keep our friendship fresh and alive even tho we are thousands of miles apart.. No matter where I wear it with what ever pendant attached, compliments galore are received.

 We each have a box of pendant attachments exchanged over the years.
This could be a graduation gift, a bridesmaid many possibilities.

endless choices  can be worn with either elegant or casual attire..
But my MOST favorite piece is  this necklace..
silver beads on a silver chain, lobster claw fastener..
this was an "I love me" gift to myself for my 50th birthday!!!
and I do wear it often!

It looks heavy..but is rather light in weight..
and again, can be worn with any attire.
there are matching drop earrings.. 
but I prefer wearing the hoops shown below:
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  1. I like the top silver bracelet the best. Rich in beauty, rich in memories.

  2. So fun to take a peak at your special jewelry pieces. Lovely.


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