Monday, March 8, 2010

A-Z Foods on Monday for grapes...

Goodness gracious! I love grapes..
as a delicious juice,
as yummy jam in my PBJ..
as bubbly Champagne ..
or wine..
with cheese..
or frozen and sugared for special treat..
or the leaves encasing wonderful meat..  
but most of all..
popped into my mouth..
one right after another!!
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to see other G offerings..
And to Little Red House for Mosaic Monday


  1. I love concord grapes. It's one of my favorite parts of fall.
    Your post is making my mouth water.

    Have a great Monday. (Love the header picture, too)

  2. Happy Monday Loui
    Good choice for G--
    a versatile fruit indeed.

  3. Hi!
    Love grapes! I really like them all. Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  4. Ooooh j'adore grapes! They taste like summertime fresh! And they taste like ANYTIME in a glass! ;)

  5. One of my favorite things at our house is our grapevine -- it's ancient and produces like a son of a gun! Masses of grapes, no care at all -- my kind of gardening.

    Yummy post!
    Thanks for visiting -- I'm both thrilled my dad is coming home, and more then a little nervous --but mostly grateful!

  6. Yummy grapes! Yessirree, I love them too. The pictures make my mouth water. When the sweetie gets home from work I'm going to say,"Hey honey, would you peel me some grapes?" hehe. x-c

  7. ahhhh grapes. Mother natures' idea of candy. Yummy delish. Sweet!!!!!

  8. I agree with all the others, your post makes me yearn for grapes! Have a great week.

  9. I share you love of grapes, however they are served, solid or liquid. we even grow some that aren't bad if the raccoons and possums don't beat us to them!

  10. in this part of the country, august is grape harvest and ooooohhhh, the fresh grape off the vine is sooo sweet! can't wait.

    great mosaic!


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