Sunday, March 21, 2010

A-Z Foods on Monday

In the beginning, after all things had been created..
and God was fully rested..
he became thirsty..
and as he thought of the cold sweet waters flowing..
 from icy headwaters high above on the mountain peaks..
He decided there was a need for ICE...
down here below ..
so the Ice Cube was created..
and all the cubes were quite happy chilling drinks..
tall glasses of delicious sunny Lemonade..
refreshing glasses of Sweet Iced Tea..
somewhere along the way..
Hamiliton Beach designed a Blender..
into which those chunks of ice would be crushed..
and flavors added,,
to make frozen treats..
shaved ice SnoCones..
fruits and liquors tossed in..
making Frozen Margaritas..
and tall Hurricanes..
and other tropical delights topped with colorful umbrellas..
Mostly tho..
I enjoy a simple cold glass of water...
especially on a hot summery day..
Nothing quenches thirst as does water..
which, when frozen, becomes ICE!
So grab a tall cool one,
thinking of all the ways Ice has improved your life..
and then let's join Jen  at Unglazed ..
for more Items of food beginning with I..


  1. Hi Loui!
    Thanks for turning up on my beach blog! Glad to have you aboard. Love YOUR blog and will attach myself to your follower gadget as soon as I post this comment. Thanks for the fun post about ice--festive!
    So you've gone from Pensacola to Denver (my sister recently moved from Fort Collins to Minneapolis)...the world DOES go round. I was in Pensacola a year ago, styling a kitchen for Kitchen + Bath Makeovers magazine on my way back to Des Moines.
    We go back and forth between Venice, FL and Des Moines, May, I'll be finding new beaches up north, then go south again in October.

  2. All the drinks look delicious. I have to agree, ice water on a hot day is wonderful. I do add a little lemon to mine, though.

  3. Hey Loui, Just found your blog via Sissie. I am now ready to go fix me an iced drink!
    smiles, alice

  4. I love it! I almost picked Ice...but it wouldn't have been as creative as yours.

    on a side note, I can't decide if all this recent "global warming" weather will change my mind about driving to Denver this Spring. flying is cheaper but driving via the 40 and 25 is much prettier.

  5. Hi!
    Ice is an awesome thing! I like lots of ice in my fountain cokes. Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  6. You're making me thirsty! Have a great Monday, Loui!

  7. Happy Monday Loui
    Great I post!!! :D

  8. Ice? After the record-breaking snowfall here in Virginia this winter, I have trouble thinking good thoughts about ice ... my grandson's snowman made me smile, though.
    ... Connie

  9. Now yesterday was warm and sunny, and I'd have welcomed any one of those icy drinks -- today, a hot toddy is more what I'd like. Chill and rainy -- VERY rainy!

    I love ice; my husband likes his drinks without ice -- I always tease him that it's because he wants to get more of the drink in the glass!

    And yes, we could do up the Delmarva in a great way, couldn't we? :-)


  10. Fer Sure!! I'm so glad you cleared up how ice cubes came into being.hehe. As a kid I couldn't wait for winter so I could break the icicles off from our eaves and chew on them. Ugh...dirty old ice.What a dumb kid I was!

  11. Where would so many other "i" items (including my selection, iced tea) be without ice? It's a critical element!

  12. Nice to meet you ! Now I am thirsty ! Have to wait a little for ice cubes here it's still too cold for that ! lol !

  13. I want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Now I have met you and will be back often to visit your lovely blog.

    Right now, I'm ready for a big ole glass of iced tea, southern style of course, with tons of sugar.


  14. You have a such a great blog!! I am so happy your dropped in to see me! Thank you! Would love to sit and have a nice glass of tea with you and just visit!


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