Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I am NOT being a party pooper!
Thanksgiving seems to have been trampled by  the media promoting the shopping frenzy called Black Friday!
To me Thanksgiving has traditionally always been about family gathering together , sharing the bounty of foods lovingly prepared in remembrance of the pilgrims celebrating having survived their first year in America.

Sitting together at the table, remembering those no longer with us, praying to our Maker for blessings bestowed..

..full tummies watching football games,
or napping as the dishwasher hums..
quietly addressing Christmas cards..
instead, from the ending of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade,

Christmas has music permeated the house...
Blaring T V commercials constantly brainwashed us with Black Friday this..
and that..
and the latest on who's opening the earliest..

not to mention the morning paper weighed at least 5 pounds with all the additional ads..
I for one am not forgetting Thanksgiving..
The TV was turned off  early..
the computer was not turned on past 10 am..
The bed beckoned, my unfinished book calling my name..
the furbabies were ready and waiting..
what a blissful nite's sleep..
am up early today..
determined to bask in memory of Thanksgiving..
will enjoy the leftovers..

again savoring the delicious recipes..
thankful... and blessed..not subjecting myself to bodily harm..
either on the roadways..
or in the stores..
by sleep deprived,
coffee fueled maniacs..
seeking  frantically  the advertised  BEST good deal of the hour!!!.
My mantra has been..
NO SHOPPING  for UN-neccessary,
UN-needed ,
purchased with worthless plastic,
prices jacked up to support the __ % off,
because it is supposedly ON SALE!..
Today is my...

sorry.. I prefer  being safe at home..
getting my decorations together  in preparation  for trimming the tree NEXT weekend...

Knowing I am READY..
(well almost, still have some wrapping  to do..)
MY shopping was already done  :


  1. I totally understand and agree with you!

    One of the things that really puzzled me when I lived in the States was everything getting into high Christmas gear the weekend after Thanksgiving... woah people! There's still a month to go!!! Putting up your tree a month early? It'll lose a lot more leaves! Give it at least until the first weekend of December!!!

    Here we don't have Black Friday, but it c=kind of sounds like the first day of major sales in Spain (January 7th and July 1st) when some people get up really early to be first in the doors of the Corte Ingles and it's all over the news that whole day. Anyone in their right mind knows never to go shopping on the first day of sales, if you value your life that is!

    Anyhow, hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving! I had given up on it (not feeling festive when you're far from family in another country and drowning in work), but finally rallied at the last minute, invited a friend over and improvised a dinner. Was fun and delicious! :o)

  2. We enjoyed a quiet day-after-Thanksgiving at home, too. Sleeping late, playing with my pictures, Jeep talking on the HAM radio, a late lunch of chili, lemon icebox pie and sweet iced tea, of course! This afternoon, a little football and more blogging, etc. I honestly had no desire to go shopping!

  3. Loved the cartoons. I'm in retail and I am so glad to be home from work. Today was a madhouse. Can't wait to see your tree with those reflector ornaments.

    Take good care,


  4. I'm with you, well we have had our Thanksgiving last month, and are still recovering from it..LOL.

    Sad to see all those Canadians go over the border to shop, when they could be supporting local business. And local residents like me, who work retail year round.

    It just doesn't get into peoples heads, if you spend your money somewhere else, your own economy will suffer....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. I have only bought one gift. One! I haven't started decorating. And I haven't addressed one Christmas card. BUT...I plan to begin tomorrow. Can you hear Annie singing...Tomorrow......


  6. HaHa....never truer words! Thanksgiving is my fave holiday. Sure, because I get to have all my babies eat my cooking again and make those yummy sounds and talk about how much they miss "home-cooking"....which us moms all know how much that means. But after our meal....I get to get in my car and drive back to our house...alone....for 4 days. They stay at the deer camp. it's a family tradition, been doing it for 40 some odd yrs.
    So, I nap. And nap. Read a bit. Then, on Friday, I slept till 9. Had coffee with my sophie and blogland....then leisurely got dressed and went to one Christmas store about 1. But not to buy...just to see how they've decorated this yr and to get new ideas for my mantle. Stopped and picked up some fried chicken....went home and got back in my jammies and watched a movie till it was time for bubble bath!!!!! yes, I guess you could say I bummed it all day and thorougly enjoyed every minute of it!
    Today, I've decorated my mantle, a table here and a table there, watched my LSU tigers lose and just opened some wine. So...girl, I hear ya on the hustle bustle of turkey day. There will be so much to do in coming weeks that I really take this holiday to chill.......just as I want to! I guess another way to explain it is........L-A-Z-Y!!! and lovin' it!!

  7. I so agree! It seems as though this "Black Friday" frenzy gets more and more ridiculous every year. Our local news featured one family that started camping out at Best Buy a week or 10 days ago! I can't help but wonder what heck they thought they needed so badly. I'm glad we've scaled way back over the years for Christmas. I only have one thing to buy...a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner for my daughter. ::chuckle:: She's not going to be very thrilled Christmas day but oh well, I feel she needs a really good vacuum to keep her new house clean! lol.

  8. Amen, Loui! We spent a quiet weekend at home enjoying the spirit of Thanksgiving.


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