Friday, November 12, 2010

"Artistic" Tilting of Blog Photos

Many of us who Blog..
and enjoy pictorial blogs..
have difficulty with craning our necks..
this way..
\ \\\\\\\\\
and that..
to better see a photo..
or an important element of said photo..
so please..
whomever started this FAD,
it is NOT cute,
Nor eye-catching..
and post the photo STRAIGHT ^ up!
ps.. couldn't post examples because no permission granted!


  1. Hi Loui, I so agree with you but also I have had issues with posting photos because Blogger often changes the tool bar etc and some of us, uh older folks, don't learn as quick as the youngins. That said, occasionally, a photo is turned before it is uploaded but it uploads sideways. Personally, I don't know how to fix it once it's uploaded so I often delete photos. If you have suggestions on how to fix this issue, I for one would be very thankful.
    Stay warm today and have a great weekend.

  2. Noreen..
    what I'm speaking of/addressing is the cutesy rooms on a tilt, first to one side and then another..
    if a photo of a window treatment, or kitchen cabinets or a room, the photo can be straightened to where it looks as if you are standing in the doorway looking into the room..
    my photos are edited with Picasa, a free editing tool from Google. it offers cropping, straightening and a myriad of other fixes..
    again there is no need for anyone to become "artistic" with slanted photos..
    If any of you out there, have better reasons, please feel free to post your reponses for a discussion..
    Noreen.. go to your editing tools and play around.. there is always the "UNDO" button..
    that is how I learned to do the things I do..

  3. Thanks Loui for your help here. I agree with your comments about artistic slanting and how difficult it is to view....
    Glad the sun has come out; stay warm.

  4. Sadly, this seems to be the new style in picture taking. I hate it. Some of our son and dil's best pictures were taken on the slant and it made me so mad, but they loved them. I just have to think that someday they won't!

  5. Any photos sent to me or saved by me are "straightened"..
    'nuff said..

  6. Oops, I know I've done this a couple of times, but it's usually done with a photo that I'm working with as a kind of "postcard" to introduce a place I visited. More detailed photos follow and they are all straightened. Do I have to sit in the corner?

    Well, you know I've had my toes in the sand on Sanibel Island for the last week, so I had to play a little catch up here today. First, I must say Happy Birthday to my favorite mermaid! Enjoy those senior discounts and may each and every day be filled with the joy you bring to others.

    AND, I can't leave without saying how much I LOVED the photo of the snow covered jack-o-lantern! How much fun was that? Oh honey, it was loads of fun!

  7. I agree!

    Happy weekend sweet friend,

  8. I agree!
    You go girl!

    White Spray Paint

  9. I guess I haven't seen these type of photos. Interesting to know, that they are not as visually pleasing. Hope you are enjoying your monday. Warm wishes from sunny socal. :)

  10. The more I read, the more confused I am, LOL.

    At first I thought you meant posting the pics at a slant? Never liked that, but do you mean the angle of the camera is slanted. Oh my poor aching head, I just can't figure this one out today.

    Jen of aching head, @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. BTW You rock, now can you pleaseeeee post about those bloggers who have both word verification, [I hate it, makes my head ache more] AND comment moderation. It is the bane of my life, and I am so tired of having to do word verification if they are moderating comments anyways..... no one has any time left any more, and this is a time grabber.

    Jen of the aching head. LOL.

  12. I don't think i've seen that!?!?!
    But I do think straight photos would be better:)


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