Monday, November 22, 2010

For the LOVE of Chocolate!

So.. You are a Chocolate Lover?..
Really and Truly?
Boy do I have something for YOU!
Chocolate Martinis you say? check!

Tempting huh? Ultimate Decadence...check!

My friend Annie is having a giveaway!
yep! it involves CHOCOLATE!
Not just any old Chocolate.
There's all sorts of concoctions,,
delightfully packaged ..

and just in time for the gifting season!
Nuts and candies..

Chardonnay Wine Brittle!

Mini Meeces?

and something for me..a non-chocolate lover!
Spiced Sipping White Chocolate

or maybe this Coconut Chocolate Chip Smoothie?

so..head on over to Annie's..
check out all the Chocolate goodies..
you'll be glad you did!
and tell her Loui♥ sent you!


  1. wow i love those choco. my son prepared a choco and rum during my vacation. as i went back by dubai airport i saw such wine with coffee, choco or milk flavors.

  2. Delicious looking goodies! I dread the holidays because of all the goodies I will be faced with!

  3. Blessed chocolate.
    I like cacao nibs ground up in stuff. Chocolate rules!

  4. Oh my, that coconut smoothie is calling my name, loud and clear!
    It all looks delicious.

  5. Some of the goodies look great.....I just don't think a chocolate alcoholic drink is for me! :)

  6. Oh my goodness! I tasted a chocolate martini for the first time at The Christmas Affair last weekend. It was delicious!


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