Friday, May 13, 2011

In the Pink!

The relentless has rain finally finished..
leaving heavenly blue skies instead...
INeedingly , I ventured outdoors...
inhaled deeply the fresh, rain washed clean scents..
because I was in dire need of  some D's..
as in sunshiny vitamin D...
also high on my list while outdoors..
Remember to keep hydrated..
Drink LOTS of water..
(in my case, Iced Tea!)

for digging..
dark and rich..
filled with all sorts of wriggly worms...
Dreaming ..planning 
of new plantings..

dug up and removed!
or perhaps more roses?
Pretty pink ones..
definitely need more Columbines.
of every color..
such as these Red and pink Columbines..
or maybe more of these delicate pink and yellow Columbines..

plenty of Coneflowers for sure..
Here's the cutest flower of all in my garden!

Now for more Pink Saturday fun..
Please visit Beverly...


  1. Loui, you living flower is just adorable! What a beauty she is. Your garden florals are lovely.

    Have a beautiful PINK weekend.
    TTFN ~

    5 day GIVEAWAY, pop over

  2. Such lovely, lovely flowers ~ just divine! I'd gladly enjoy a glass of iced tea in your yard.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Enjoyed so much your pretty flowers. However, the little one is the eye catcher.

  4. Oh my what pretty flowers. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Your flowers are indeed gorgeous but your little one more so! Hope you have a beautiful Pink Saturday!!

  6. She is so sweet!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  7. Your flowers are so pretty. The little one is adorable, the prettiet flower in the garden. HPS. hugs ~lynne~

  8. What a sweeetie!

    I'm a Florida lover, too. Miss my Winter Park terribly. We spent four years in Vermont and now are in California. A bit more like it, but nothing every really is the same.

    Do love your flowers.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. what a lovely post. Happy Pink Saturday. Please feel free to visit my blog

  10. Loui: We spent the best 7 years in Winter Park and vacationed in Destin. Our neighbors were great, the school (Lake Highland Prep) was THE BEST!, and the weather was wonderful. Not to mention my love affair with all things mid-century modern, the best garage sales, the city was built up by New Yorkers (which we are originally) so it felt like home. I spend way too much time on and zillow looking at zip code 32789. And, don't get me started on the ice tea thing! on and on the list goes.

    Our son is a Florida boy going to school in New Orleans which was our second home, too, since family lives there. Okay, I'm stopping, really. :-)

  11. Sweet flowers!!!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  12. Mermaid Louie- Oh how lovely your garden grows

  13. Love, love coneflowers! You take gorgeous pictures. And that last one is priceless.
    My Blog

  14. Happy Pink Saturday Loui Sweetie...
    Oh my what a gorgeous share. Your gardens are absolutely exquisite. I love the blooms. They stole my heart right off the bat.

    Now I love ice tea, and your pitcher looks absolutely delightful. I had to stop and go pour me a glass, you so inspired me.

    Love that little cutie at the end as well. That little face is just priceless.

    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend sweetie. I am Country Wings in Phoenix, your newest follower. Many country hugs, Sherry

  15. Ladies!
    you've outdone yourselves with delightful comments!
    you've made this Mermaid blush!!
    love and warm sandy hugs to one and all!!
    Please visit often..
    the door is always open..
    and I serve tea..
    iced or hot..all year long!

  16. How pretty, I am a black thumb so I had no idea that those were dahlias, how lovely! and that sweet little girl is a cutie too. Hope you had a great weekend.

  17. Beautiful photos, especially the last one of your little garden angel! Adorable!


  18. Dear, sweet Loui, I see my comment on your last post went away with the rain. I'm so glad your skies are blue and that the flowers are blooming.

    Now you don't even need to ask me why I'm not in the least surprised to see Columbines in the mix, seems we are earthsisters also! I always grew them in California, but they don't like the temps here, so now I can enjoy yours.

    The last picture reminds me of a love letter I got in the Summer of '69 from my boyfriend, he wrote, "In a field of flowers, the flower in the center is you." What a doll face she is!!!!

    As far as the iced tea goes, about the only time there isn't a glass close by is when it's been replaced with a coffee cup. With that said, I raise my glass to yours and say, "Welcome blue skies, stick around as long as you'd like!"

    Hugs my seasister


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where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
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