Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On Friendship and Photos..

My friend Margo..
You've often heard me giving credit to Margo regarding photos I use..
today, I'd like to share a few more of her gorgeous photos..
and a link to where you may peruse even more..
Margo and I met  over the internet..
yes, you heard me correctly..
We both were newbies/novices at this wonderful world of digital photography.
I had been a member of Weather Underground for quite a number of years..
WU is one of the best weather sites in my opinion..
up to date, real time weather maps etc..
but the also offer a site for photos..
amateurs and pros can post their work..
all posted must be weather related..
by viewing, and studying, and receiving  comments..
both constructive and critical..
I learned so much more about Photography!
Margo posted a photo,of  which I immediately recognized the location..
In my comment to her, I mentioned my familiarity of that area..
one thing led to another and we corresponded..
when I decided to go home one winter..
we scheduled a meet-up/photo shoot ..
My sis, being skeptical, insisted on accompanying me..
she was worried Margo might be an axe murderer..or serial killer!
when we met at the designated spot, enjoyed a delightful meal..
it was as if we'd been reunited with another long lost sister! 
such a wonderful fun day to begin a friendship/kinship!!
Di and Margo keep in contact as they too share many friends in common..
each trip of mine back to my native soil includes at least one whole day spent with her..
sometimes shared with Di..
sometimes solo..
but always so much fun and laughter!!
Margo, my sister of the heart, sister of the sea!
Click the link  to see more of her beautiful photos..
Margo's WU photos
Please enjoy a few of my favorites...

African Blue Lily
Sea Oats
Sea Oats at Sunset
Gulf Roars
Hello WU from ksmom & cincobayou in Seaside FL
Margo and me at Seaside in 2009
Do you have a best friend?
a newfound  friend?
how and when did YOU meet?


  1. I've had several best friends depending on which period of my life I was in. They all have a special place in my heart even thought we're not in touch as much as we used to be (some of us, others are close by).

    I've made several blogging friends, but none as close as you and Margo. How wonderful for you!

    I look forward to seeing what you'll have ready for World Oceans Day! ;o)

  2. I love the last two the best!
    & I am so glad you two met.
    ; )
    I've met a couple of fellow bloggers & they are the sweetest people.

  3. Great story!!!
    We get so many wonderful gifts through our mutual passions and connections in blogland.
    I just love it here!!!
    Thanks for dropping by today.
    I bought that painting at an estate sale a few weeks back because it reminds me of the beaches that surround UCLA where my son goes. It grabbed me the minute I saw it... I want to give it to him someday when he's got his own place.
    It was wonderful to see your comment and sweet face... I've missed you!!

  4. O wowwwwww great pictures.....!! o yes more than one......!!...lovely day...love Ria...xxx..

  5. I have known Margo for a long time personally, she is a wonderful person and someone I treasure in my life.
    Rita Margo's friend

  6. I've been enjoying photos by you and Margo for quite a while now and I love seeing even more of yours on WU. I didn't know that's where the two of you met. How wonderful that you got to meet each other and that the friendship has blossomed.

    I have a new found friend, well, actually not so new any more and she is more of a sister of the sea. I do believe you know of who I speak. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing, bringing together friends we never would have known? I couldn't imagine not having you as a friend, my dear!

    Tell Margo that first photo of the shore is STUNNING!!!!!!

    I started a new job, finally, and have to rush off to work, but I had to stop by and tell you Happy World Oceans Day my seasister, I adore you and your love of the sea!


  7. There is something very special about bloggy friends, especially those we are fortunate enough to meet in person.

    So glad that you had a chance to visit.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. I agree with all you said about WU and about Margo. She is one of the cyber friends I met on Weather Underground's Wunder Photos, too. Love her photography.....the beach and sunsets are my favs!


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