Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodwill Meet-up

i <3 Thrifting
What a fun day!!!
New friends..
Delightful finds..
On Saturday, a group from Denver met up at the Cherry Creek Goodwill store.
The group made up of several bloggers and followers participating in a NATIONWIDE event to enhance the image of Goodwill Stores.  ..and those who shop there! 
If automobile makes and models were true indicators, then it can easily be said shoppers of Goodwill are from across the  spectrum of financial status.
Our group met at 10 a.m., 

introduced ourselves (,l to r.. Anne,Gena,Diana, Kath, and Dee) and donned name tags.

 Chatting and smiling and Tweeting,
 ready, set, GO!  we began our mission!
There was no mistaking the group led by team leader  DeeAnna..
 who wore the black " i <3 thrifting"  tee. 
She also had the perfect western boots completing her attire..
We wandered about, looking for "finds"..
so much to choose from as it was 50% off everything in the store!!
and jeans were .99 a pair!! quite a few shoppers were taking advantage of the tremendous savings of quality  name brand clothing for back to school clothing!
As we chatted, we were learning  different methods to our madness,
what appealed to us individually, 

what didn't and how we utilized our finds..
I met many of the shoppers who were curious as to why we were dressed alike, and why I was taking photos. From several,I learned they shopped daily,posting their finds on CraigsList as well as e-Bay for extra income. Others had retail shops where their items were re-sold at much higher prices!
After two hours, we regrouped, posed for group photos and tweeted to Rashon from Denver..
I stayed behind as the next stop was across town and I had another commitment later at home..
The group continued to the second of three stops in Denver, where the same process would begin again.
What a great way to start new friendships..
and hopefully start a monthly meet up for shopping..lunch..who knows?
I do know Bloggy friends are great!!!. 
and now..
My personal finds...
only 1.00 each!
..Pottery Barn..original sticker price 12.99 each,Goodwill price 1.99 each,my price 1.00 each!
both angels.. 1.00 for the pair!
a sampling of other items..
Loved this artwork for only 4.99..
Loved this intricately beaded ball gown..can you believe for 50% of 4.99, it can be yours!
even at 150.00, this beautiful wedding gown is still a bit steep for my budget.. It was worth it for someone, as it sold right after I took the photo..and it was a gorgeous gown, with train and veil.
Loved this blue birdie cup...25!
..more blue and white collectibles..
Luggage..3.50 Sold!
a collection of yellows..the shelves were full...
an adorable honey bee pitcher..
this precious kitty stole my heart..but...someone else purchased it before I could put it into my cart!! 
Valuable lesson learned: when thrifting  Goodwill (or any place).. toss the item into your cart while "thinking about it"..otherwise..someone else has already made up their mind..
To learn more about Goodwill click here..
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I am sharing with these delightful folks:
P.S... Thanks to all participants for such a fun filled morning!!
 please email me .. louiewindom@


  1. I love to find a good bargain!!! This must have been a fun day!

  2. It looks like you all had a great time, finding treasures and making friends.
    The plates you found are terrific!

  3. Hi Loui-

    Looks like you found a treasure trove of goodies from clothes to decorative items. You are what I call a Thrifting Rock Star. I am looking forward to next year as I am sure it is going to be even bigger and better - if that is possible.
    Thanks for sharing.
    My best- Diane

  4. So great to meet you Loui! Wasn't it such a blast? You must have hidden those plates from me as you know I would have arm wrestled you to try and get them for myself! :) Hope to meet up with you again!

  5. Oh Louie.....I'm dying here. I tried to order those Tuscan plates from Pottery Barn a while back only to find out they didn't have them any more. I would have jumped on those things so fast!!!!! You found a real treasure there...looks like ya'll had a blast!
    (love the lady artwork too. so chic!!) :)

  6. Looks like you all had fun. I love the plates!

    My Blue Monday.

  7. What a fun shopping experience! I love the birdie cup that you found...and that beaded gown is amazing! Wonder what size those cowboy boots were! You all looked so cute dressed for shopping and photo taking of course! I'm glad I got to see all the good stuff you found! ♥

  8. We should practice the thrifting lifestyle.. I like the thrifting shirt.

  9. Looks like you had fun. Thanks for entering my give-away and have a great weekend!

  10. Wow that was fun! I love to thrift and mostly I find Goodwill here a little high on prices and never 1/2 price...oh well. Your bargains were spot on!

  11. It was so much fun and I had a Pottery Barn find as well later in the day (see stampinwithgina dot com). I had to laugh when I came across your home page and I'm assuming that's you in the wedding dress. I have one VERY similar from the early 90s. It has all the lacy layers, just poofy sleeves and a few more appliques.

    Let me know when you want to go thrifting again.


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