Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wednesday Wonders of Colorado!

Colorado is beautiful anytime of the year..
here it is, July, and snow still covers the mountain peaks..
well sort of..
with the recent high temps kissing triple digits, snow melts rapidly..
runoff  fills the streams, rushing downward to the rivers and reservoirs..
many enjoy whitewater rafting, tubing and kayaking..
but the waters are treacherous..
Hiking is another pleasant sport , with abundant marked trails..
as with any outdoor activity..
be prepared with proper survival equipment..
communicate with friends and family about your entrance location..
and final destination..
time and place!
enjoy the great outdoors!
don't forget the camera!!! 
Bird's eye view
A bird's eye view..
Old Crystal Mill
Old  Mill at headwaters of Crystal river in Crystal Colorado.
Waterfall painting
Waterfall along the Crystal river near Grant, Colorado
Three Sisters Waterfalls
Three Sisters waterfalls Redstone, Colorado
Summer Snowstorm !
Summer snow storm down to 8,000ft elevation!
Waterfall ahead!
Heading up the trail to Spouting Rock Falls..
The Spouting Rock
The Spouting Rock..melting snow creates heavy runoff!
Double falls at Hanging Lake
Main Falls at Hanging Mountain lake..Spouting Rock Falls above..
 Pyramid Peak and valley
On the way to Maroon Bells..
Maroon Bells in the distance!
Maroon Bells and maroon Lake..Aspen Colorado..

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  1. Oh my, I'm ready to pack my bags and head to Colorado after seeing your gorgeous images!

    I'm visiting from Outdoor, Watery, & Wordless Wednesday. Hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. I've never been there but all the photos I've seen of this great state say pack your bags and come. I really would love to visit someday.

  3. Terrific shots! Thanks for sharing.

  4. So magnificient! Colorado's tourism bureau should buy your pictures!

  5. love the one with the rainbow...and the last one is so beautiful.

  6. Breathtaking! Such a beautiful state. I especially loved the picture of the mill. But the snow covered mountains and rushing streams and falls are gorgeous too!

  7. Looks like an amazingly beautiful place.

  8. Now I know where to head for when I visit the States. I'm sold. Your photos are incredible.

  9. I'd love to spend a vacation in that old mill! It has been so hot and miserable lately and these shots just cooled me right off! I want to climb to the top of that mountain and build a sun-snow man!

    Hugs sweet friend, I'm finally getting back in the swing of things.


  10. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...i like these pictures !!...enjoy summer love Ria....xxx...

  11. That first shot is just beautiful with the mountain framed by the trees.

  12. Beautiful views! Was once for a week in Colorado Springs, and if gave me a similar feeling to Yosemite Nat.Park in CA - the spaciousness, the beauty!

  13. Wow! What wonders our God has created!


  14. Such beautiful photographs. I haven't been in Colorado in about 10 years, and how I miss it. I still have a lot of family living in Pueblo and Colorado Springs area. This has been such a hot summer here in Florida and being that I love the west so much and am looking forward to the day my husband and I can move back out there, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful memories that your photos brought back to me on yet another hot day.

    Desert Dreaming


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