Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts..

Moving 101..or Decisions, Decisions!

Good snowy morning from Denver!
sitting here, enjoying second cup of hot delicious coffee.. nearby.. cats are asleep.. Ballou at my feet,, Bubba in the other chair, and BeBe snuggled in the chair behind me..
Outside, snow continues to fall..big floppy wet beautiful.. floating against the gray sky..
this beauty speaks to me..
making me want to grab brushes.. and canvas.. and paint..
to lose my artistic self in the moment.. thoughts are running rampant!
While I SHOULD be up sorting the guest room STUFF, deciding which books to take or donate..
and jillions of other THINGS TO DO, 
I am not forgetting, most importantly and much needed:
taking a bit of time for myself..
In my many years as a Military wife, with as many moves, some across the big pond, others simple door-to-door moves, all required careful planning and execution to insure a hopefully smooth and trouble free move. 
(Trust me..I've had my share of moving nightmares!)
Military moves were inevitable..just part of the big picture careerwise..
In my case, only two duty stations afforded the luxury of a three year tour...others were as short as one year! BUT.. the military was in charge..they assigned a pack date, a moving date.. all the rest (preparation) was up to me. I knew we had a weight allowance, also items which were classified as  "professional items" were not counted in this category.  
I could prepare for a move in my sleep..and upon arrival at the new location, have my home back in order and ready for entertaining in just a few days.. and I was so much younger in those days..
In the here and now.. 
I am almost overwhelmed..not quite..but getting close..
I've interviewed Realtors..
down to two now, a choice will be made tomorrow.
Also interviewing painters.. 
the last one today.. decision tomorrow. In the past, I would have simply bought the paint and equipment, and done it myself! ( I love to paint!) ,, again.. age and arthritis are my enemies..unfortunately, I do not have a large group of folks to assist me (for free or a homecooked meal).. so to profe$$ional$ I must turn.
I've chosen my mover..
now to decide whether to put everything in storage either here or there, or to wait a bit longer here..then do a door to door move  to the new home.(at present, still looking!)
Sis will fly out and help me drive  (with the furbabies) back to Florida. They present minor problems..but those can be re$olved..
I've secured temporary lodging for Hubby..
so a big check mark for that one! 
A separate list of things (for survival) to pack for him is ready.
A new atlas for the car.. with routes clearly marked.
Plus info on  location of new bank, nearby grocery and pharmacy.  Directions and requirements for establishing residency in Florida.. DMV requirements for vehicle registration, Driver's License.. voter registration..
plus, a place for all expenses/receipts incurred/notes while making the trip.
these are all in a folder..with instructions for him.. 
By now you must be wondering.. "how on earth is she keeping everything straight and running smoothly?"
A list-maker I have never been..until now! 
I found the neatest  spiral bound binder while shopping Goodwill is perfect with "to do" sheets, dividers, and plenty of pages/sheets for notes..diagrams etc. 
This will also serve as our TAX RECORD for job related moving expenses, house sale, and eventually the purchase of a new home in Florida before years end...
okay.. back to is now cold..
time to get up... get sweats today..and get busy!
I see the sunshine peeking through the grayness..
an omen.. a light at the end of the tunnel!!
Enjoy your shall I!


  1. How did I miss a post that you were moving? My goodness, what a busy lady you are going to be for awhile. But does this mean you are moving away from your new grandbaby?

  2. You have such a bright and positive outlook, Loui, and you sound very organized {experience teaches us that, and you have had a lot!}. I wish you all the best! :)


  3. If you need help staging your home, let me know! Seriously. No cost. Just because. Email me. I'd love to help.

  4. well good luck with everything going on...a new adventure, right?!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Is the mermaid coming back to Florida? Moving & the ensuing changes are always overwhelming but it sounds like you have it hammered into an artform.

  6. Oh the excitement (and work!) of moving! It sounds like you have it all rolling along quite smoothly. I can vouch for making lists, I do it often. When you get a chance to take a break, I've posted a short 1 minute video of the beach. Take care, and don't overdo it. How's that foot?

  7. Heading back to Florida?! You'll be delighted to be back with the ocean I'm sure, but you'll find after a bit that you miss the mountains... I'm still trying to find the perfect spot to live that will let me enjoy both!

    Moves... an exhausting nightmare! Most of the ones my family did were also with professional movers provided by the US Embassy, and things were so much easier! Since my dad retired my parents have moved home again four times (within the the same city) and I've done a few moves myself... major headaches!

    Best of luck with the choosing, packing, unpacking etc! Bon voyage and enjoy getting settled into your new home! :o)

  8. I have to go take a nap just reading all you are having to DO!!! I'm also thanking the good Lord that I am not moving! But you can do it and you will! What an adventure ahead. So blessed to have your sister help, plus that makes it fun!

    You'll be in my thoughts and prayers as you sort out all you have to sort out!

  9. Back to your beloved ocean...that's wonderful, just think of all the sand you are going to be able to sprinkle in your shoes.

    Hope that it all goes smoothly, you know we are here if you need to vent, tell what's happening, or just de-stress.

    It's hard when we get older, I know that this one was a big move for us, and I am still feeling it.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Oh darlin', this Ozark Farm Chick simply poped in 'cause I wanted to meet a 'Mountain Mermaid'! Golly gee, I've been pokin' 'round (don't worry I put everything back the way it was. I'm twisted like that.)in here and found that you've got your plate full and flowin' over!!!

    God bless ya on this move and I sure hope it goes smoother than Granny Walden's French Silk Pies!!!

    Now when ya get down to Florida will ya grab some of that warm sunshine and squish your tootsies in some nice warm sand just for me???

    God bless ya from the happy hills and hollers of the magnificent Missouri Ponderosa!

    Have a beautiful week and a safe trip to your new home!!! :o)


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